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I am a 29 year old woman, never had children. I...

I am a 29 year old woman, never had children. I just lost weight and gained weight for many years now and i seem to always keep the weight on my tummy!!! My stomach is the worst part i hate of my body..it prevents me from fitting into clothes and to me it looks disgusting! So now after many years of thinking of a TT i finally quit smoking and went for my 2nd consult as my fist consult was declined because #1 i was a smoker...Well now i went and he accepted to do the procedure even though i am still over weight..but i am 5'10 and have a big built to me...but he said he wasnt going to do the procedure when he saw me walk in his office but after looking what was under the clothes...he agreed to do it..i say i have 2 tummies not one...because of the big fold..I dont want this perfect body like a model..but atleast have that flat tummy and no big rolls!!! u know what im talking about?? Now im getting really nervous as my surgery is January 26th almost 2 weeks away..all these thoughts are going through my mind..on what it will look like? how much pain will i be in?

But tonight i found this site...i am so happy and greatful i did...so much needed information on here...i will be posting pre op and post op pictures...i am so ashamed to do this...its unreal the pre op pics!! but i want to share my story with everybody and if i can help anyone i will be happy! well here i go looking at the site and will post often!! thanks everyone in advance!

Ok so now im panicking.....OMG....im worrying all...

Ok so now im panicking.....OMG....im worrying all about after the surgery...My friend took 4 days off to help me out at her place while i recover..but im scared that ill be alone after and wont be able to care for myself...or have trouble..I have family that live 3 1/2 hours away from where ill be and they said they can come get me and bring me with them but i dont know when my drains will be coming out...on my paper it says 10 to 14 days!!! its all the unknown thats making me panic here! was any of you left alone after??

i been taking advil for headache and i aint suppost to but man my head is gonna fall off...hahaha!! too much thinking!!!

Ok so today i am almost 4 days PRE op!! oh my its...

ok so today i am almost 4 days PRE op!! oh my its getting closer...i find myself looking in the mirror grabbig my stomach and lifting it...and seing if this is what he will do..or how it will all look like..I guess im starting to worry if it will be what im looking for...because i have alot of fat there and i worry it will be still all flubber.but again i tell myself it cant be as bad as what i have now...all worries!!! im scared i wont be satisfied because i am overweight and wanted to loose 10 -15pds but couldnt do it...im feeling very anxious because of that..and dissapointed in myself for not loosing weight! i just cant wait for it to be all done and over with and i hope to be happy with the results...im stressing!!!

Hi everyone!! Oh My god...the hospital called and...

hi everyone!! Oh My god...the hospital called and the told me my TT is done earlier...so i am going in to the hospital in 8 hours but the surgery will take place in 11 hours!!! wooooow!!! This day has finally arrived..i was looking at my stomach and told my friend "this is the last time i will see this stomach" its weired but its like a part of me i totally hate and has made me no enjoy life what so ever..has made me so unhappy with myself and life..but at the same times its like a part of me that will be taken away..dont know if this makes sense..? .. But dont get me wrong it has to goooooo ..well it is going to be gone! U know i dont know if this is normal, but i feel IN DENIAL!!!! i know im going in soon, i get anxious and nervous when i really think of it..but its like my mind is blocking it as of now...it will most likely change when i go in the hospital (since thats where they are doing it) im just sooo scared of the pain its unbelievable..

I went out today and bought that arnica cream that Trena suggested...and i bought stool softner too..wich i started tonight. The pharmacist told me it was a natural product and well very little medication in there that cream...but i shall try it and see what it does..i hope i dont go crazy with pain!! im having back pain as usual but its more intense today because of all the travelling i had to do ..and sleeping in someone elses bed..its causing me more stiffness and muscle pain then usual! all this at once!! I just pray to god that he will be with me and everything will be alright!

One thing i been telling myself is "what am i doing to myself?" u know being fat is not easy especially when u carry it in my tummy area and now needing this to take some off..Any how...thats where im at tonight...I hope i get some sleep..wich i doubt! I am so thankful for everyone and all the kind words of encouragement...and sympathies!! Thank u so much everyone!!

Well here it goes...I had my TT Done January 26...

Well here it goes...I had my TT Done January 26 2011 at 11am! I am 1 day post op! so basicially i got to the hospital at 8am..they did my registration, did blood work, then i waited to be called in when the time had come to prep me for my TT in the operating room! Once in the operating room i was a nervous wrech. The anesthisiologist ( i think its called) asked me questions then he administered a sedative to relax me. The funny part is that while he was doing that a nurse came into the room and said "well we are doing another BREAST REDUCTION TODAY?" oh my god, i was like..dont take away whatever i have left of them..lol..thats the only part i cant afford to loose!! she thought it was funny...but afterwards i don't remember a thing...

Next thing i knew i got up in the recovery room with a high pain intensity! I didnt think to be able to handle it...they kept giving me drugs over and over again until it was controlled somewhat..Then i told them i had to go to the bathroom to urinate. They put me on a bed pan but i couldnt urinate..no matter how hard i tried...or how much it hurt me because my bladder was soo full...i was left on the pan for aprox 20 minutes and nothing..so the nurse called the doctor and he got her to put in a catheter..WOW i must say what a relief that was...the nurse replies "wow its coming out like a hose" im like yeah i really had to go it was hurting me! I guess when u are put down like that..(a sleep) this complication can happen because you are put to sleep for 3 hours..atleast i was and well the excess amount of pain afterwards and tension can cause that as well...But then my heart rate was up at 130!!! So i got medication for that but it never settled under 105. So i got admitted to a bedroom in the hospital because of those 2 complications *bladder and high pulse"

Now because i was admitted by the doctor and this was not a planned stay on my part...i didnt think i was going to be billed for this...but this morning the doctor told me yes i would be. But i will have a discusion with ohip (insurance here in canada) telling them it was due to complication i had to stay and it was the doc's descision! i cant afford this...so i stayed the night..wich was good as well cuz i got to manage my pain more then if i had went home last night! i was placed on a morphine pump. I didnt sleep much last night since i was itching and well its seems that the narcotic kept me up!!! and of course position was NOT comfortable at all...being on my back with lots of pillows, but then after i found a good position on my right side..slightly to the side i layed with pillows in my back..that was a good position for me! the night nurse was great!

Now i am 1 day post op and just released from the hospital..today was not a good day at all..the nurse i had was so uncaring and all she wanted was my discharge!!! i started having a high heart rate again , i panic it went to 155 beats/min then i got hot....so i rang my bell and i told her and she said..." i just took your vitals" i said yes but my condition has changed..my pulse is not normal and i feel odd. She gave me this look, put the bp machine on but not the oximetry..i was like " dotn i need that to see my pulse? " she so didnt want to help me at all...meanwhile in side i thought i was having a heart attack and with no help! so scary!! i wont forget that. I told her i felt like a nuisance here..and that i didnt ring the bell for nothing..that this is serious. She says "oh im not a doctor" then walks away! what kind of crap is that??? then she goes on afterwards when she comes back to the room about how she has been having heart palpitations and had a ecg test done and it came back that there was nothing...Last time i checked in nursing u dont act this was towards a patient! making me feel like i was making this all up cuz my discharge was coming! She asked me 3 times when my ride was coming...can u believe that? then i asked her if she called the doctor to warn him and she said NO...i told her i guess its normal this happening! but not long after she had called him and he prescribed a ativan for me..cuz she must of told him i was anxious..yes i was cuz she was making it worst by not doing anything..but that did help and i went home!

The first time i got up from the bed was awful..dizzy and lots of pain. i am not going to lie...it is very very painful! I am taking 2 kind of narcotics one is 1 pill every 12 hours and the other one the percocet 2 every 4 hours! i feel buzzed and all drugged up..so if some of this doesnt make sense its because of that..i just wanted to put in my first day today!

So the procedure went well..i saw my stomach during the dressing change...the tummy is GONE AND ALL GONE as what i can see...lots of swelling and lots of bruising. he wanted to do more liposuction but he said he had to stop cuz the fat was too hard to suction out...but he told me that he took out 14 pds!!!!!! the sides of my tummy where my flanks are is very swollen and doesnt look smooth right now...there are rolls still..but he said that may stay cuz he couldnt do it all but i dont think it will be that bad...but i know that it will make atleast 3 months for the swelling to go down and see some good results...so im gonna wait patiently!! I can actually see a BELLY BUTTON lol..which i never saw on me in sooooo many years because it was all hidden!!! But i am wearing a garment at all times! I have one drain that will be taken out february 8th! I shall stop here for now..as i am sleepy and in pain. I shall post pics the pre and post when i can do it...

Today i am 5 days post op..i took my second shower...

Today i am 5 days post op..i took my second shower...was very exhausting!! but i managed to get clean...haha! i looked in the mirror again today and WOW...the tummy is gone!! i cant believe it..its almost like i am not looking at my body! the swelling has come down on my flanks i have noticed..as where i was worried before where the stitches are ..i can actually see now...so im getting less worried about that area...I am sitting a little longer in a chair..but then i get exhausted and lay down again..my back is hurting right in the middle since i am bent over still....but i placed a ice pack there today for support and coldness...and it seemed to have helped a bit! Im actually taking less painkillers, meaning less often now...every 6 hours abouts instead of every 4 hours!! its amazing what a day can make in a recovery period!!! This are going well for me so far...and pray that it keeps going like this....Oh yeah..when i eat i get nausea..so i eat less..which is good for me, more weight to loose!!! lol..I have posted pictures now of my pre and post op!!!

Hello everyone! well today i am 12 days post op!!!...

hello everyone! well today i am 12 days post op!!! i can get in and out of bed smoothly now..but just cant sleep in any other position but my back as of now..i sleep in a 30 degree angle with 2 pillows under my knees!! The thoracic part of my back is what is killing me..i guess because i am still bend over forward when standing. But it does get very annoying! Up to date i have lost 18 pds in total...the ps told me to be patient because more will come off as the swelling comes down!! But im amazed by when i put on my lazy pants how they fit now...no more tummy in the way and my tshirts well no more rolls buldging :) i hated that sooooo much!!! On sathurday, 9 days post op 2 of my steri strip fell off from the bottom of my insicion and that caused me to have some leaking from the incision and well the incision opened a little about 1/2 a inch aprox. But today i went to see my PS and he did confirm it was open but to keep a close eye on it...for increase redness or pus. He has me on a second dose of antibiotiques again..he was happy he started me on them last week when i saw him!!!! He said this is common in plp that are not at the goal weight at surgery because for me he had to make the incision longer more towards the hips and blood flow is poor at the bottom of the incision *pubic area* wich makes infection more prone or opening of incision! and of course it goes with gravity as well...he has told me that the next 2 weeks will be very important to determine if my incision will get worst or better!!! i hope it will get better and close up!!! but he told me to keep washing everyday and let the water run on it slightly then put the dressing and garment back on and to rest still!!! Today he was suppost to take out the ONE drain that i have but he didnt, because im still draining alot of fluid...more then 30cc a day! He said the down fall to keep a drain longer is the risk for infection..but i hope that wont get infected! This surgery TT is soooo costing me alot of money with medication afterwards eg antibiotiques and pain killers!! :(
I also have my grand ma with me helping me since i am not home since the surgery i am staying at a friends house since the surgery was 6 hours away...and well i got to support her in food too..and im getting discouraged at times because i have alot of bills to pay at home and EI hasnt kicked in yet and it wont even pay my rent!! i tell myself that this is what i wanted soooo i got to be patient till i get better and get back to work.
One very good thing my ps told me today was that he was amazed how under the abdominal fat how great my figure looked...he said Julie if you loose all your weight you will have such a beautiful figure..he said he was surprised to see that and he showed the medical staff there my abdomen...i was surprised but very motivated when im better to get that hour glass figure...but if i dont its ok...my goal was not to be in a bikini..it was too look good with clothes!!thats my update so far...hopefully this incision closes up soon!!!

Hello everyone..i am now 3 weeks post op tommorrow...

hello everyone..i am now 3 weeks post op tommorrow...My drain was taken out yesterday and it went well...pinched a little didnt tickle thats for sure..but..im ok!|! Im still dealing with this open wound :( its draining a bit less..but its still very open..about 2 inches with one and one inch with the other wound..im so discouraged today..I cant take this laying down anymore..im sooo sore everywhere..i can never get comfortable anywhere i sit or lay down. Im getting irritable and frustrated! at times i wonder why did i do this? but again i hated my tummy sooo much and it had stopped me from living a life...I like the look im getting from my tummy now even though im still very swollen..because its much better then what i had before..but in my mind its this long recovery process now for theses wounds to close up that is frustrating me as well...how long will this take? i took 2 months off work returning march 25..is that possible? to me its not right now..i can barely shower or anything...no energy..and tired mentally and physically! I just pray to GOD that he gives me the endurance and strengh to pull through this...because right now im seing no end to this self inflicted pain i did to myself. if i only knew how long it will take for the wholes to close up...oh well im done for now...

Hi everyone, i am now 9 weeks post op...I am still...

Hi everyone, i am now 9 weeks post op...I am still dealing with the open wound at the bottom of my tummy where the pubic area is and one little hole on my side..i thought by now everything would of been closed up..but its not!! :-( Ive been off work now for over 2 months..I am just dying to get back to the gym and loose some weight...i hate my legs (since the TT i find my legs look bigger now) and i got to work out the rest of the fat off...Im feeling a bit depressed because i cant do any exercise really..and when i get depressed i tend to want to over eat..im so scared to gain any weight..i get mad and sad...i guess ill have to stick to making salads and meat to try to loose weight without exercise till these wounds are closed up...Im telling u dealing with weight is not fun at all..it affects u in all ways posible..But i am reading a book on..you can heal your life...it helps you build your self esteem and how to love yourself...because im finding alot of my old patterns before the TT are coming back..where i start to hate other parts of my body...Oh well..i hope things get better...other then that..things are good..not really any pain or discomfort..i still cant sleep on my tummy, on my back it is since the TT..grrr i cant wait to be able to sleep normal...U know i never had children yet and i got this done because i wanted to enjoy life right now and look good right now...now im debating if ill ever want to have that child i always wanted..im sooo scared to gain weight and have very loose skin...i wouldnt want to get a TT again thats for sure!!!! all different thoughts are going through my mind right now..i guess because i am not working and have all this lonely time to myself...ha ha ha! hope all of you's are good...

Hello everyone!! i am now 4 months post op...guess...

hello everyone!! i am now 4 months post op...guess what?? my wounds are finally closed...just 1/2 inch left from the big one in the front..of about 5 inches horizontally!! yahoo!! after what 3 months and some of being opened...took soooo long to close! but now i can sleep on my tummy can u believe it? much better!! I still feel tighteness in my abdomen when i get up from the bed or simply try to tighten my tummy...but i can do all activities now..will be finally going back to work after 16 weeks off!!!! never thought it would be this long! I am not 100 percent satisfied with the results because i still have fat and a roll on the sides...but its to be expected i guess since i didnt have the full circumference TT..and i wasnt at my ideal weight either! but he did what he could i guess? now its up to me to do my part and loose 30-40 pds! its sooooo hard and stressful..as i been trying to loose but..nothing is loosing! As for the swelling i get some at times...when i sit too long..when i come to get up it pulls on my incision line i noticed! ive got to take new pics soon! i hope all is well with everyone!

WOO HOO....the wounds are all closed 100 percent...

WOO HOO....the wounds are all closed 100 percent now...:-) finally after all this time...cant believe that a big hole like i had and so deep is actually closed now...that means..back to work i go now...after being off since january!!! The gym here i come...lol...

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he is known here in sudbury for plastic surgeries and his success at them!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Hi I am having issues with my wound and my doctor wants to close at it. Some doctors dont want it closed im confused do you hve a photo of how your incision is healed
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You look amazing! My surgery is in 3 days and I'm so nervous... I pray I get the results I want.
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Hi there! I was wondering if you could post more recent pics? I'm scheduled to have a tummy tuck in Sudbury also, and by looking at how much you paid I believe it would be with the same doctor so I was really hoping to see more pics (would like to see pics of maybe 6 months post op or so). I would really appreciate it!!
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thanks so much for the nice compliment!!! It isnt perfect my TT but its what he could do with what i had...since i wasnt at my ideal weight..but im trying to loose more...but i shall take pics and post them this week..so stay tune..hahaha!!!
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WOW!! You look so great!! Do you have any new pics you can update with?
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Wow, you look great
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thank u dso much for the compliment :) i looked at yours and u look great as well.....
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Wow our stomach or should I say stomachs look a like lol. My doctor calls it a double bubble. I'm scheduled for June 7th and getting a bit nervous. keep us posted on your post op.
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I am thankful for your honesty. I have dealt with weight issues since childhood. I am very scared to gain the weight back! I have lost this weight before and was left with a saggy mess but would literally have to starve myself to achieve it. We'er talking small size 4. I was up to a 14 in highschool so you can imagine my weight fears.
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Once u get that TT done u wont have that loose skin anymore...as i was over weight still and i still have this roll on the side wich i hate but got to do my exercise to bring it down..the ps can only do so much eh?? but for you since u lost all that weight..im sure that you will be very pleased with the results!!!! You will feel alot better about yourself and your body trust me!! Everything will work out just fine im sure! ah being off so long i dont know what to do with all my time...ha ha..i get bored and today i thought to paint some cuboards and wooooooooow a big NO NO...it was too hard on my tummy! i just cant wait for this to be all healed! Here there isnt really sunshine...there is snow..hahaha!!
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I agree we have to do our part. I was just talking to my hubby about how my body is worse from the weight loss. My flabby tummy rest more on my legs because it is so flabby.Also my breast are flatter and hang more :(. I am so glad that we opted to do this makeover, or else I would rather gain the weight back and be fuller not so flabby. Of course, I don't want to be heavier again. But I couldn't imagine living with this lose skin. Still people look at me and act like it can't be that bad, then if I show them they are astonished. I can't believe you have been off for 2 months and still have another month off. I am sorry about your incision problems. I know that must be horrible to not being healing properly(a fear of mine). Of course I would love 3 months off of work to do and rest as I please. I think I could sit and read, enjoy the sunshine, ahh to dream.
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that was my fear as well..what if im not satisfied and want more done to my body...wich i wont lie..it is in the back of my mind (like lipo my legs because now i find they are buldging out more because before they were hidden by the tummy i guess) my arms..and so forth..but u know..im telling myself STOP!!!! once i get to the gym i will loose some more weight and tone up!! no point on going under the knife again and PAYING MORE MONEY when that can be fixed with exercise and weight loss!!! But i am happy with the tummy though wich was a huge area that made me not get dressed anymore! You will see drastic change with a TT thats for sure!!! my TT is not perfect as i was over weight before the TT but i know that once i drop a few more pds that extra fat will come off!! we got to do our part as well right?? Just the whole recovery period from this TT is exhausting..i have been off work for almost 2 months now..and another month off due to complication with my incision!! so just thinking of the long process of recovery for another procedure to be done...doesnt appeal to me...
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That is awesome to hear. I am glad that you feel better about yourself. My one fear is that after I get my tummy fixed, I will still be critical of other body flaws. I can deal with my arms and legs. I am working on toning them and have seen some improvement since working out. However, there is a bit of me that is afraid I still might not be happy. I am trying not to expect too much, so I will be more surprised and pleased at my outcome. I see pictures and think wow- unbelievable outcome, I want to look like that or close to it. I just hope I look better than I do now.
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You are exactly right! No matter what anyone else thinks or says. It all comes down to how we feel. I hate how my belly is, yes I've lost weight and I can continue to loose, but no matter what my skin won't go back. It is completely stretched out and covered with stretch marks.
I had 4 consults and I picked my PS. I have follow up consult because my surgery isn't until June. So my PS wanted to see me about half way between when I first met him and when I wanted to have my TT done. I get to go back and see him in a little over a week and I can't wait. Especially now that I know what exactly to say. That first time meeting a PS, being naked while they examine your problem areas is so humiliating.
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oh dont i remember the feeling when he took a picture of me with my belly hanging...i was soo embarassed!! unreal! Im glad to hear that you will do your TT for yourself as this is something u really want for yourself!!! u know i use to hate going out of the house..being young still i was trapped in my own body! now yesterday i actually went out to this book store alone..and sat down and had a coffee!! i was amazed at what a confidence booster it does!!!
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hello Orlando, thanks for the kind words!! Yes i feel much better now that i have one tummy!! ha ha! that was a part of me that stopped me from living my life! im just healing up from the open insicion wich is taking forever but other then that..its ok!! I myself still have to loose 30 pds..because there aer still lots of fat in that area and my back and legs and arms,lol...but as soon as i can get my butt in the gym i hope to shed them pounds! Orlando, if you want a TT go for it..its a long recovery and difficult but its worth it...its not a matter of what others think,,its how u feel about yourself and your body! some plp may be jealous as well!!! When do u plan on going? did you have your consult?
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HI Julie,
Just read your posting. Congrats on your successful TT. Amazing how you look. I am sure you feel so much better now that there isn't the bulge. We are very similar in body types. I am 5'10 too. I also am big boned (what I call it). I think no matter how skinny I got, I still could never be smaller than a size 8 or 10. My smallest was a size 8, but my hips are pretty wide, also my rib cage is big. Sadly I hate feeling like an amazonian woman, but that I how I feel most times. I have always been super envious of petite women. I just wanted to say congrats and enjoy your new look.
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THis is a great REVIEW! I definetly want to stay in touch... I'm waiting to hear back about my date... I want to get this over with... anxious and nervous... I'll be under for 6 hours... YIKES! OH AND YOU LOOK BANGING! I can't wait to look as good as you!
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Hey Julie,
just wanted to shoot over and see how you're doing! You look great, from your pics!! :) I know, I have a spot that's skin necrosis, so I know how you feel about looking everyday to see if it's healing! It just takes time, it'll eventually get there. :) Other than that, how are you feeling? Hope everything heals fast for you! :)
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hey marinewife...so happy to hear that you are doing good!! yes im obsess with looking at the open wound and to see if its closing inside..hahaha!! its like a dream im waiting to happen!! but aside from that..im much better...i actually been going to this little mall here, walking around..im getting more energy walking now..dont get as fatigued! Im also standing up straighter i noticed so its less stress on my sore back that i had before!!! Im seeing my ps tommorrow morning to see if i get the go aheads on going home...FINALLY!!! where i live im alone...but i rather be in my house and in my things u know...Hows the swelling for u? me its my hips and and outer thighs that get bigger...other then that im on the road to finally seeing recovery...i dont know how i got passed them first 3 weeks...it was horrible looking back...!!!
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hello kimmers..thanks for the words of encouragement :) My body today is sooo sore i think i pulled a muscle or something on my right side of my right back lung..it hurts when i breath is deep..so it cuts my breath...and i pulled something in my neck as its pulling now..:( too much tension...and causing all this..i put a pillow under the middle of my back to give me more support there and i still have pillows under the knees and head..but the doctor told me to stay bent but i cant no more...im somewhat bent not straight thats for sure but the wound is not together at all times like this..but i just cant do it anymore!!! I took robax platinum for the muscle and my percocet about 30 minutes ago..i hope that helps and heating pad!!
I just cant wait to feel better even though the wounds may not be closed up...
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Oh goodness....I feel terrible for you.   Keep medicated at all times! 

What about going in for a mild chair massage of the back and neck.  I think that would feel good.  That may help the muscles that are causing you so much pain.   My back hurt like a bugger for the first month and it actually brought me to tears. 

Hang in there.
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hello kimmers..i actually used a massager today it felt ok...but the pain is still there...im feeling now that im complaining of pain and my grand ma is here right...which i am sooo greatful for but i know she talks to my mom about this and says things...example..oh she complains but she cant do anything./.so today i felt so angry inside i just didnt complain of any pain after that...i feel like crying...but i dont want her to see me! i guess my grand ma is getting frustrated too being in the house and not doing anything..i dont know...im so trying to hang in there but its so hard...
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Ohhh - I am  sorry. You just do whatever  feels at least half way good to you. 

And don't worry about complaining because you are entitled to fuss right now.  This shit hurts and if you want to fuss and cry you go right ahead and do so.  I had many of cry sessions during my recovery.

You will get there..
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well kimmers today i had a big sad moment and a moment of "wow" my grand ma that is here with me..was on the phone with my mother today and told her " yeah shes laughing now but shell be whinning later" i was soooo insulted. i told her today i felt a little better from the pulled muscle..and that when im better a little it will show but when im down it will show. she didnt know what to say because she didnt think i over heard her...many times i wanted to cry so far but i dont because im scared of what she will think and tell my family!!! she just doesnt see or understand the severity of this...but god..i have open wounds isnt that enough to prove im not well?????? im so frustrated right now and hurt. Id rather do this alone if im going to be laughed at for complaining when i have too...this is such a hard procedure cant wait for it to be all done
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