Two Years of Invisalign and Now I Need Regular Braces -Sudbury, MA

I was excited when I started this process two...

I was excited when I started this process two years ago. I was 60 years old and should have had braces as a kid, but didn't. Six months in it was clear I needed a refinement - two front teeth had the braces slipping off the attachments. A year later and braces will be needed afterwards because they could never get those attachments to secure to the teeth. Sigh :-(

BTW -- they don't tell you about the attachments until you're in the chair. They are ugly and annoying but bearable.

It is common sense for all dentists to mention attachments at the consultation phase. The reason that your aligners would not hold onto the attachments at the front is that you needed more retention at the back with more posterior attachments. Otherwise as you pull the front teeth back, the aligners slip forward instead.
That wasn't the situation at all. The attachments were not shaped properly. As a result the aligners couldn't pull down on the teeth the way the needed to without sliding off the attachments. The aligners held fast to the teeth on either side and did a fine job on all the other teeth but those two. The two teeth in question needed to be pulled out and down - not back. Had the attachments had a reverse slope on the top edge, I'm confident they would have done the job properly.
Ok, Invisalign is not ideal for extrusion to a large degree. I normally fix some premade attachments and then use elastics at night with the Invisalign
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