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Since I was 9 I have cried over how my labia...

Since I was 9 I have cried over how my labia looked . At 12 I asked for surgery because I thought no one would ever love me..but I was too young. I realized now at 18 that someone will love me with it and it isnt too big of a deal when it comes to being with someone, but it was still very physically uncomfortable.
So I got it done yesterday at 730 am. Procedure was so easy! I was awake but did not feel a thing and the narcotics made me feel happier then ever I just listened to the radio and talked to the nurses. I was in dream land. After 20 minutes of them making sure I was ok I went home
I was very timed from the medicine so I went to sleep for about 5 hours I woke up and went pee for the first time and it was akward but not too bad ..but after lying back down something started happening....
I started feeling massicve pinching and pain I could feel it blowing up.. and popping of stitches. I was screaming in pain and it wouldnt stop I didnt know what was going on. We called and drove back into the surgeon and they took me under care right away.
What happened had nothing to do with how they performed the surgery your told not to lift anything heavy or do anything strenious because you can pop a blood vessel. Sometime getting back into my bed I moved a certain way an a vessel bust and was filling up my right labia like a balloon and was pulling my stitches. Right when i got in they cut open a couple stitches to relieve all the pressure and drain it all out they gave me pain meds and iced it down and all the pressure was gone
But then I had to go back into the operating room, get freezing put back in and they had to go in and find the vessel that broke and sauder it closed. After they found it they stitched me back up out ice on it and kept me for a bout an hour. All my pain was gone.
I returned home and was exhausted from stress so took a nap.
Its not the next morning and everything seems to be fine. Im sore and it is swollen bur not atall like it was when there was an issue I apply cream twice a day and take T3s and antibiotics throu the day. Pain level is low and it seems to be going smooth hoping to see swelling go down in the next couple days!


I got mine done by dr Barr on the 8th. It took a long time for the swelling to go down but I had barely any pain. Hope your healing goes well!
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its doing muchhhh better thanks!
i did have someone! i was dating my girlfriend for 2 years and wasnt a huge fan of me doing this, but never told me not to because its somthing i really wanted for myself.

so much better!

the swelling is still there, but still nothing to bad. and even with swelling almost smaller then before surgery! the itching and some sting sensation are annoying but go away more everyday. the stitches are getting annoying tho so im hoping they will dissolve soon. had a bit of pretty bad scabbing on my lower right part because it got partly ripped away on a pair of underwear and made it 100 times worse. i think its going to scar there now but i dont even care, as long as it wont cause an issue and i heal properly. all is going great. first week back at work today! and i can barley even feel it :)


Can you post a picture of the final result? I am also from Ontario and looking for a good surgeon to do mine :) thank you
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When its fully healed I will! Im having a bit of issues at the moment but hopefully itll get better
I had mine done on 8/22/13. Swelling and pain has been so difficult to manage. Ibuprofen and Vicodin didn't help. Four days I laid on my back with my hips elevated. Standing and walking to the BR was painful, it felt as if i had two hot water balloons increasing in size with each step. Urinate while pouring tepid water helps, pat dry. Today swelling and pain is about 40% improved. However, sitting is very uncomfortable. Can't wear pads, they are too irritating. I put spread a large amount of bacitracin directly onto my panty, that help for a little while, but 99% of the time I have no panties on and my legs are open. I have relief taking long,long bathes. Yesterday I used Neosporin, the one that has topical pain med in it, that really works. Tucks cooling pad are really good!! I used them by covering every part of my incisions, and I slept great the entire night.
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Its been weeks since my operation. Besides me screwing up once and causing some excess scabbing cause im clumsy, it was all going fine. But the past week it has been getting sore and swelling and for some reason some stitches just are not dissolving and its bothering me. Thought it would be quicker then this!


Hey do you have after pictures?:)
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hey did the swelling and pain go away? I'd like to see a recent picture, I'm looking to have this done by him
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The swelling did go down and it is all healed! I totally forot about this site for so long! After my complication it made part of my healing go wrong so on wensday im going for a verrrrry minor surgary to fix it but other then that it all went very well
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