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Fleur De Lis Tummy -4 1/2 months Post Op (uploaded all old photos again)

I've been wanting a tummy tuck since I lost my...

I've been wanting a tummy tuck since I lost my weight but have never had the courage but I have the best support from my husband and now I am going to see what it feels like to have a relatively flat stomach. There isn't much info on the internet about this procedure so it's great to finally find some ladies who have had this procedure that I can talk to about the process

16 Days until my surgery and I've done as much...

16 Days until my surgery and I've done as much research as I possibly can do now. This site has been a plethora of information. I have my pre op appointment on the 30th November and I'm armed with a list of questions especially as I'm having the Vertical T Tummy Tuck and there are only a couple of ladies on this site that have had it done. I'm so not looking forward to having to go without exercise for so long as since I've been on my health kick I've turned into a gym junkie..lol I'm sure I'll suffer withdrawals. So I'm just keeping everything crossed and hoping like crazy I'm like one of the lucky ones who has a quick recovery with no complications. Roll on the 12th December when I go to the flat side!!! I'd also like to say a big thank you to the ladies on this site who update their reviews constantly. You are all wonderful.

16 days until I have my TT and because of this...

16 days until I have my TT and because of this wonderful site I'm ready as I will ever be. I've been really uptight because of the type if procedure I'm having but thankfully there was a couple of ladies in here who have helped. It doesn't seem to be very common.
Have my pre op on the 30th Nov so I am armed with loads of questions. I'm not looking forward to not being able to exercise - think I've turned into a bit of a gym junkie which is hysterical because I hated exercise about 12 months ago. 21 kilos lost later I now love it. Anyway thanks to everyone on here for your advice. It is greatly appreciated.

Pre Op Appointment today - feel great now! No...

Pre Op Appointment today - feel great now! No anxiety at all. PS explained the procedure he said u won't need to wear the binder 24/7 for 6 weeks because I don't have alot of muscle separation and they way he does the procedure he keeps most of the blood vessels attached which makes healing better. 3-5 days in hospital and I will have a catheter for 24 hours and no binder. That goes on when I start to get up and move around. He even said I will end up with a smaller waist so gotta love that!!! He was excellent! He was so impressed with my questions he scanned them to keep. I have Cystits attacks so he went over the procedures to combat that and drew a diagrams on his computer of what he thinks the end result will be. So now I'm so excited I can't wait!!!!!

7 days to go...... I have found my energy levels...

7 days to go...... I have found my energy levels drop dramatically and I have no drive to do anything. I was going to the gym 4 or 5 times a week but I haven't been for 5 days now. Did anyone else get like that? I feel really lazy :-(

So my energy levels came back thank god!! 5 more...

So my energy levels came back thank god!! 5 more sleeps until I go in for my vertical T tummy tuck. I have only two concerns now and one is the massive scarring and he other is the recovery time. I'm not the most patient person and I have read some people are still not feeling "normal" 3 months later. I'll go insane if that happens to me. Oh well I've done everything I can do pre op so I just have to hope for the best. I hope Wednesday comes around soon!!

Two more sleeps. I'm so ready just want it to...

Two more sleeps. I'm so ready just want it to hurry up. Took the dreaded underwear shot so I could compare afterwards

It's the 12-12-12 today in Aus and I'm 6 hours...

It's the 12-12-12 today in Aus and I'm 6 hours away from having my op. about to leave soon for the hospital. Will update you all as soon as I can!!!!

I made it to the flat side!!!!! Surgery only 90...

I made it to the flat side!!!!! Surgery only 90 minutes instead of four hours so not sure if that's good or bad will find out tomorrow. In no pain thanks to my little pump. Posted a new pic.

Looks great this morning apart from swelling....

Looks great this morning apart from swelling. Still bed bound and still have catheter and drains but I'm losing them tomorrow and then a shower!!!

Slept through the night with no pain pump. This...

Slept through the night with no pain pump. This morning I had the catheter out and pain pump. Today is get up and moving day. Drains will come out later today nd then I can hit the shower! Pain is manageable I've only had panadol.

Just saw my PS and asked him why the procedure was...

Just saw my PS and asked him why the procedure was so quick. He said everything went so smoothly and my muscle repair was very minimal. I've had one drain out, had a shower washed my hair and feel great! I've had one Oxycodine tablet and I'm about to go for a little walk around the nurses station. PS put my binder on which actually makes it feel secure and more comfortable but he said I can loosen it at night. Got my first good look at the scars which go from hip to hip and the verticla incision goes up past my BB. nice and straight though. The best thing is getting those compression pumps off my legs. Bloody awful things!

Each day is getting easier. Only one drain left in...

Each day is getting easier. Only one drain left in which is still draining quite a bit. Got up this morning and had a shower and did a lap of the hospital ward. Always feel better after a shower. Quite a bit of swelling on vertical incision but the horizontal one is great. Not allowed to go home until this drain comes out!!

Swelling has gone down quite a bit and the drain...

Swelling has gone down quite a bit and the drain has slowed thank god. I'm just hoping its under 40ml tomorrow then I can go home. This three panel binder isn't the most comfortable it keeps rolling up at the bottom I'll have to look at some alternatives. Even though the tummy is swollen the pouch has gone - the big lump has gone so its all good!!!

Finally I am being discharged from hospital. I got...

Finally I am being discharged from hospital. I got a look under the dressing today and its great!! BB is a cute little inny!!
Feel great, slightly hunched still when walking and coughing is a nightmare but apart from that great!!! Looking forward to getting home and sleeping in my own bed!

Feel pretty good today even went into work for a...

Feel pretty good today even went into work for a few hours. Walking pretty straight now still have the tightness in my tummy but I'm sure that's normal. I have an appointment with the PS tomorrow - not sure what will happen there but I'll let you know tomorrow. Managed a couple of short walks on the treadmill and still keeping up with my protein drinks and vitamin C. Plenty of rest though but the countdown is on now to get rid of this binder - I hate it.

Went to post op appointment (post op day 8)had the...

Went to post op appointment (post op day 8)had the bulky tape off now just a fine film over the incision sites which is great. Stitches are internal and dissolvable. Apparently there is still a lot of swelling but I'm so happy with it now. Binder for the next 2 weeks then I can wear Spanx to work and binder at home for another 3 weeks. BB is good just have to clean it with Betadine liquid and doc told me to dry off tape with a hair dryer after showering. I'm walking totally upright but can sometimes stoop a bit at the end of the day. I went to my work Christmas dinner last night but I think I over did it whe I got home I was so swollen, quick shower and a lye down all was ok. PS put me on Panadol Osteo 3 times a day for two weeks to help muscle repair and to keep up with protein drinks and Vitamin C. I feel better every day. I can't wait to start getting back into my exercise I have to hold myself back. I've uploaded some new pics.

Post Op Day 17 Had a check up with the PS Nurse...

Post Op Day 17
Had a check up with the PS Nurse yesterday. Tape changed, two little spots I have to keep an eye on one is where the Vertical T join is which is very common. It's not infected just have to put Betadine on it twice a day and make sure it stays dry. It's so hot here at the moment so I have not done any walking at all. Feel very lazy and a bit depressed. Miss my exercise but even if I hadn't of had it his done I wouldn't be exercising in 41 degree heat! Thank God for air con. 3 and 1/2 weeks and I can go for a swim in our pool and I'm looking forward to that! Overall though my recovery is going really well, no pain just have that tightness feeling still. Still hate this binder!!!

3 weeks post op today. Not much has changed since...

3 weeks post op today. Not much has changed since my last update except I have one spot on my incision that won't heal. It's at the T join, still a bit pussy if it doesn't clear up soon I will go back to the PS. I've also uploaded a post op photo of me in my gym pants. There is one there pre op already the difference is amazing. I tried on a few of my pants today and its do exciting, they are nice and loose but the best thing is I will be able to tuck my shirts in now instead of leaving them out!!

I've posted a new pic of my incision that is...

I've posted a new pic of my incision that is refusing to heal. I'm 4 weeks post op tomorrow and now it's weeping. If I don't put a band aid on it it drips. Any suggestions on how to help it dry up?

Ok so I'm going to upload a few more pics. PO 1...

Ok so I'm going to upload a few more pics. PO 1 month today. Feel. Bit like I have gone backwards. Swelling reducing on the tummy ok but have a bit of pain in the top of my tummy and had to go back on anti inflammatories. Incision not healing although the pic is of when I cleaned it because you wouldn't want to see it before. At least the skin is still red so no sign of necrosis. I go back to see the PS nurse tomorrow. Just feel a bit down since returning to work everything is going backwards instead of forwards. Due to go over east in 5 weeks so I hope it's ok by then or no swimming for me:-(

Went to see the nurse at my PS office today....

Went to see the nurse at my PS office today. Incision isn't infected unfortunately its a draw back of having the Fleur de Lise procedure. It takes longer for the blood supply to start at the join so I just have to keep it clean and be patient. LOL so not me!!
No binder because it keeps rubbing in the spot so just have to keep my CG in 24/7. I can cope with that. 10 more days and I can take he tape off the rest of the incision which is healing lovely. Once his spot dries up I can start bak at the gym slowly slowly. I hope it heals fast I can feel my arse getting bigger everyday!

Went back to the PS today and he had a dig around....

Went back to the PS today and he had a dig around. No split stitches but he cut something out I didn't watch! I've got antibiotic/steroid cream to put on it twice a day but he said he is happy with how it's healing. Funny thing was it was starting to look better this morning. It's always the way! 5 weeks PO tomorrow. One more week of the binder and I can sleep binder free! He even said he wants me to go back to then next week to start light exercise! I'm so excited!!! I have all the feeling back in my tummy except around this little spot. Still have some swelling at night but he said that will take a few months to settle down. So glad I went I feel so much better now.

6 weeks post op today and I slept without my...

6 weeks post op today and I slept without my binder last night. Im atill wearing my cg at work until this spot heals right up. Woke with relief to no swelling only to be short lived because I got my period. I find periods quite painful for the first day now and my PS said its because there is no where to bloat anymore!! Nice. Everything else is going well. My little spot is healing finally, I am hitting the gym on Friday and I'm just starting to feel normal again. My scars are fading really well and I have only just started using the scar gel my doctor suggested. My weight hasn't changed much even without the exercise I'm 147 pounds which I am more than happy with. I look forward to now getting butt and legs back to what they were 6 weeks ago! I put some new pics up the only difference is my scar has faded a bit which is good. My son says it looks like the the doctor drew an anchor on me!

I hit the gym after work today and did ok. Tried...

I hit the gym after work today and did ok. Tried to just go nice and steady, used the treadmill and the xtrainer felt pretty good then did a few light weights. Just broke a sweat. Tried a few push ups but thought twice about that!! I have slight swelling but nothing major just feels so good to have done something. Spot has dried right up so all in all going really well.

I've been back to the gym a few times and so far...

I've been back to the gym a few times and so far so good. Also been going without binder or cg. I did go to the movies yesterday and put my cg on for a few hours because my tummy was a bit swollen after going on an hours walk in the morning. My spot has dried up but yesterday one little bit on my incision started to weep!! Couldn't believe it!! I'm over this bloody thing - wish it would hurry up and just heal like the rest of it. So I spent the rest of the time walking around with a dress on and no undies (stayed at home obviously) trying to give it some air. Back at work today after a public holiday yesterday and I've rolled my undies down to get some air on it. So far so good. I get the odd twinge here and there which stops me in my tracks and the upper part of my tummy is very loose now but I suppose that's up to me to tone up when I can start doing ab work. Looks nice and flat when I'm standing up though. Hope you are all going well and hope the new ladies are healing well.

So I have been going to the gym for just over a...

So I have been going to the gym for just over a week now. It's been going well, on Friday I thought I would try some free weights nothing major just 5 kilos. Felt ok during and after. Next day not too great fair bit of swelling. Later that day started getting these stinging twinges every now and then. Today, a bit of my incision has opened and is weeping and the twinges have turned into every time I move. It's just down the left side below my belly button - same side as the open bit on the incision. I am terrified I've done something and as its Sunday I have to wait it out until I can see the doctor tomorrow. I'm already on antibiotics because the spot at my T join wouldn't heal!!! Absolutely terrified now.

Thank goodness no damage done. On a course of...

Thank goodness no damage done. On a course of antibiotics. PS was pleased with how my scars were looking some you cant even see anymore. The pain I was getting was due to a build of fluid and it was trying to find it's way out and because I had been using an antibiotic cream that had steroids in it, it had weakened my incision line which is why a couple of spots burst open. He had a dig around to make sure there wasnt any split stitches which there wasnt and took a swab just in case but it is alot better this morning. Swelling has gone down and no pain at all. He also said it was nothing I did at the gym because at 9 weeks post op everything is fine for me to be doing what I'm doing so that made me feel alot better. So I can go back to the gym and keep doing what I'm doing.

It's hard to believe it was 12 weeks ago when I...

It's hard to believe it was 12 weeks ago when I had this procedure done. Everything is going really well. I enjoyed my first swim in our pool over the weekend after my incision finally healed up. I'm back at the gym slowly building my fitness level back up and I'm even doing push ups, planks, sit ups etc. Not as many reps in a set as before but happy I can do them just the same. I still wear my spanx at work as I'm sitting alot but on the weekends I dont bother. I still have that feeling of tightness which varies from hardly anything to "I need to lie down" but overall I'm happy with how things are going. I put on 5 pounds from the down time and it's hard to shift but our weather is starting to cool down which means I can pick up the pace with my exercise. For the first 6 weeks after this procedure I thought "why have you done this to yourself" that was just because I hated being inactive but I'm over that. I've dropped a dress size which is fantastic and when I put my bathers on I was very pleased!! I havent up loaded anymore photo's because nothing has really changed since my last post except my scar has faded a bit. I will take another photo at 16 weeks.

Everything is going along beautifully now. Scar is...

Everything is going along beautifully now. Scar is healing really well and the swelling is nil. I have about 90% feeling back in my tummy and I'm doing crunches and an work at the gym!! I will upload a couple of photos.

Wow how the time has flown by. I'm back to do...

Wow how the time has flown by. I'm back to do everything I did pre tummy tuck. I was fortunate in the fact I only had minor muscle repair so I have no pain when doing sit ups etc. I even did a Les Mills CXWorx the other day which is 30 minutes of intense core work and survived. I still wear my spanx when I'm at work because I sit all day so I dont get any tightness when I get up but I don't need anything to exercise in and on the weekend I dont bother with the spanx either. There is still some slight tightness at the end of the day and after I exercise but nothing major. The only real difference is I notice when I eat something I shouldnt of because the skin is so tight it is very uncomfortable when my tummy bloats. I'm still rubbing bio oil into my scar but the redness is definitely starting to fade. I've put a pic but I dont notice alot of difference from the others. My weight is still around the same as when I left the hospital but my clothes are looking alot better that's for sure. I leave for a weeks holiday soon to Borneo and purchased my first pair of size 12 (AUSTRALIAN SIZING) bottoms EVER!!!!

I've uploaded most of my photo's but I have asked...

I've uploaded most of my photo's but I have asked my ps for his before photo's because they are better. will upload when I get them.

5 and 1/2 months post op

Life really is totally back to normal for me. I just came back from a weeks holiday in Borneo and went without any compression for the whole time I was there. I've dropped another size down in bottoms. I've even started to doing Pump Classes at the gym and lifting heavier weights. I feel so good and I'm glad every day that I did this procedure. I know we all feel guilty sometimes about the money spent and what else we could of done with it but last night with my kids we were watching the finale of Biggest Loser and I said to my kids "that lady looks fabulous" and they both said you look skinny like her too Mum. Made my Day!!!!

9 months post op

Wow time is just flying by. I'm going really well. I don't wear a cg at all. I get very little tummy tightness now and I'm exercising like never before. No running because the knees don't like it (and I'm just too old) but I'm back to doing weights and strength training. Since my Extended TT I've dropped a further 2 kilos and one whole dress size and I have a really nice hour glass figure. My scar is healing nicely - just the join at the t section is still red but as that took the longest to heal I suppose it is to be expected. I love my new tummy and now I have muscle there it's very firm I wish I'd done this a long time ago.

14 months post op

Everything is going really well. I've kept my weight down and going well at exercising with weights,boxing and some cardio (although I hate it). My hips have reduced quite a bit which is lovely. The scarring has faded quite alot and the doctor said over time the t join will fade as well but due to the slight problems in healing that area it may take a bit more time.

18 months post op

Wow time flies by doesn't it. I can't believe it's been 18 months. Everything is back to normal thank goodness. I know you ladies will be thinking Will I Ever Feel Normal Again??? Yes you will, just give it time. I am the happiest I have ever been. My weight is still down, I'm so active, I'm buying size 12 dresses and pants it's just awesome. So glad I took my doctors advice and did the Fleur De Lis Procedure. The scar is almost invisible now and I'm loving my flat tummy!!
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Thank you so much for your review, and for staying with Realself. I'm having a fleur-de-lis TT on Thursday, and am nervous as heck! I've been experiencing the lack of motivation to go to the gym, and the lack of patience for the surgery that you mentioned, so it makes me feel infinitely better that I'm not alone. Since I've already had a breast lift and arm lift (I lost 130 lbs and have A TON of excess skin) I know a bit of what to expect with the healing... just not in the abdominal area. You look great, and your outcome is inspirational! Thank you again for posting!
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Good luck with your TT. X
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Do you feel like your thighs swelled after your procedure? I am 11 days post op and my swelling is making me look super bottom heavy. I am worried my pants won't fit...
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No if anything i felt like my thighs were smaller because the skin was pulled up.
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You look great!! I am a 68 year old male who after losing 35kg is looking gross, so I am having the 'Fleur-de-lis procedure I about a months time. Your recovery timeline is about what my Surgeon has indicated to me, so I can't wait. Keep it up, and be the best you can.
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Good on you imath - just take it slow. Recovery is a slow process but follow your doctors instructions and you should be ok. Happy healing.
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Looking good xoxoxo
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So glad that things are going well for you. I love how you look in the black and white stripe dress. I'm glad that you have discovered strength training. I think that strength training is the key factor in maintaining weight and a nice shape as one ages. I'm also glad that you're not taking your new body for granted as it seems that you're doing quite a bit of exercise. I plan to start back up again in 1 month, then at full capacity (cardio, weights, and clean diet) in January. Please keep your Real Self friends updated. All the best to you. And congrats on obtaining the beautiful body that you have always wanted.
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So great to hear how well you are doing.
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I am so happy for you!!! You look great!!
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Thanks Aralyn how are you doing?
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I'm doing ok. I have gained about 10 lbs. since surgery, so I really need to start dieting and working out. I'm still numb in the center of my belly, so I hope that ends soon!! This is a much longer healing process than I ever thought it would be, but in the end it was worth it to say bye bye to my belly!! You look great!
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Sounding awesome! I hear ya why did we wait? You look awesome!
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Thank you xx you are looking fab too.
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How is your healing going? You look so good in your pictures. I'm scheduled to have my fleur de lis tuck one week from today!
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It's great incision is completely healed and back to normal. Still have a right feeling at night but otherwise great. So glad I had this procedure and not just the standard tummy tuck
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awesome!!! keep up the good work..
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thank you
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you look great! thanks for continuing to update :)
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My pleasure
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Sorry all my photo's have disappeared again!!
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Thanks for posting your befores as well - your outcome is incredible and gorgeous. I hope your small stubborn bit heals up soon - how frustrating! Your shape though and flatness is amazing - happy for you! :D
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That's my pleasure. That spot has healed up now. That pic was taken sole time ago. xx
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