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Hello to all my bbl sisters, I'm new to this site,...

Hello to all my bbl sisters, I'm new to this site, but have been reading reviews for awhile. I wanted to know have any of you taken the pre and post op vitamins and if so how did you benefit from it. If there are any Dr J fans on here please tell me about your bbl experience that youve receive. I've decided to go with Dr J for my procedure, bc he was very knowledgeable. It wasn't just a job to him, he's an artist and I consider him the best.Also, please feel free to leave me messages on how you ladies did transportation to and from the airport.

I want to know the same thing I'm 18 days away! !!
Good luck!! Gonna c dr j in may also! I personally don't know but heard the pre op n post op vitamins promote better n faster healing..
Good luck to you and your new journey. I am scheduled 1 month before you. I have learned a lot from the ladies on this site.

Good morning ladies, can some of you vets give me...

Good morning ladies, can some of you vets give me info on how you prepared for your sx. I'm 25 days out and patiently waiting for my J Curves.
Yes pre op and post op vitamins are extremely important! Iron is a must. Vitamin C help the iron to absorb and helps with you not getting sick as well as the zinc. Bromelain helps with the bruising. Arnica montana helps with swelling. Start taking your vitamin c (1000) zinc and iron (300) right away you need this. Best Wishes
Check you inbox I sent you the list

I'm super excited about my sx in the next five...

I'm super excited about my sx in the next five days. If anyone have any ideas about needed things for recovery please post.
@Caramel01....just checking on u to see how thing are coming wishes to you
Thanx for checking I'm doing really well girl. Been up walking around just a little sore. I've been speaking with PrettyPhysique this morning coaching her thru. I know she'll so just fine.
Bromelain And arnica really helped me. Did u get the recovery pack? I will say this surgery is not for the weak. U will hurt, cry, regret, be irritable but be strong and ur support sisters are here if u need us. This is day 2of my surgery and I'm hurting and high trying to type. Lol

1 Day Post-Op

I'm feeling pretty good right now ladies. I'm just a little sore but no pain. Best wishes to PrettyPhysique on her sx this morning. Wonderful young lady and I'm glad I had the chance to meet her yesterday. She really calmed my nerves down lol. I'll post before and after pixs soon.

5 Days POST-OP

Good morning ladies, I'm healing pretty good been up walking and out to the grocery store. I love my new shape, still haven't posted pics but will very soon. Clarice is an excellent care giver I know that she's the best in Ga. She's been on top of everything I need going above her expectaions. Tiana also has given me 2 lymphatic massages so far and will be continue my upcoming massages while I'm here. She's very patient and has a god gift's hand for your body lol. I was very energized after she did the first one. Most of all she's certified ladies and very knowledgabe and passionate about her job. Prices are very reasonable and she does travel to you. If anyone need these ladies info please inbox me.
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