42 Yrs Modified TT W/lipo on flanks replacement of belly button Muscle repair - Sturbridge, MA

I'm very worried after reading a lot of reviews if...

I'm very worried after reading a lot of reviews if the mini TT is the way to go :/ I work out 6 days a week but no matter how hard I do I can't seem to lose anything from my abdominal area, I'm assuming age plays a factor as well as menopause I went thru young at 39, all I want is a flat belly and less noticeable stretch marks

Getting excited

Doing a cleanse by jillian michaels hope it works love to loose 5lbs before surgery, trying to stop stressing so much about the results of surgery : / more stressed that the mini TT will look good than the actual procedure

Saw surgeon today :)

Made & apt to speak w/surgeon feeling so much better he explained in detail what he will do and assured me I'll look great :) also he added in replacing my belly button to pull upper skin tight as well, so excited now just ready to get this over with and enjoy my new body 7 days to go!

Surgery in the morning :)

It's that time, so nervious just wishing for the best trying to stay positive and happy can't wait to just get this over with so I can sleep again it's consumed my every thaught for long enough I hope I'm over analyzing recovery & it won't be as bad as I'm anticipateing I'll post pics a soon as I can wish me luck :)

So happy

Even with the swelling I am so happy no more strech marks I'm so grateful


My healing buddy

Ohh the swelling :/

Day 3 phew it been rough now I know why they say it's hard I'm trying to stay positive but I am not very patcient and the swelling is brutal :( on the up side no strech marks I can't believe it I'm over whelmed with joy never thaught I'd see the day. I can't wait to see my final results. Now about these stupid drains omg I hate them can't wait for them to be out the binder my ps gave me was a full body suit no more like a ( death trap) I couldn't do it any more I had to change into the one I purchased on line so glad I did it's much more comfortable any little bit helps, I've been getting up & moving around some I definatly over did it I washed my hair and gave myself a sponge bath and changed out of the death trap and started to feel very sick & weak, but atleast I'm clean well over due. I'm anxious to feel normal and get back to some if my daily routine hopefully by next week, any advice in how to get thru this I'd be very grateful how to deal w/ the swelling such a bummer ok well that's it for now I snapped a quick pick before I almost passes out lol I'll post it


Sorry for all the spelling issues well blame it on the drugs ;)

Day 6

Had a follow up today with PS over all went good I'm healing good and he took the pain bag off but still have drains :( hate the drains, I was feeling discouraged because I'm still in a lot of pain & can't do much I told him I've been reserching mini TT recovery & why am I taking so long he informed me I basically had a full TT he tightened my muscles all the way up when he floated my belly button WOW was I happy to hear that honestly I had no idea I Knew he was moving belly button to tighten upper skin but was pleasantly surprised to hear he also did the muscles, well the pain is now worth it, I just can't wait for swelling to go down so I can see more improvement. I also think the lipo sites are the most painful looking forward to not needing pain meds as much and to be able to leave the house can't really do much w/the drains also trying to just lay low so fluid slows down the faster it stops the sooner there out. Over all it's not to bad but for anyone considering this definatly need to prepare & make sure you have help I'm luck I've had lots of help so far. Will add more photos soon as swelling goes down some

Drains out

Day 13 finally had drains removed what a relief finally a hot shower I'm a new woman, unfortunately I'm so swollen I feel I may pop it's been a slow healing process but overall I feel good no more meds not even Tylenol I was told I can start a light exersize routine walking elliptical, I was surprised by this cause everything I've read on here said 4 weeks I guess every surgeon has their own ways of doing things. I would love to post pics but I am not to excited about how I'm looking just yet the swelling seems awful so I'm practicing patcients not easy I was so hoping for instant results I do see I'm flat so there is a light at the end of this long tunnel. From what I've read it's a day by day progress each day gets better. Hopefully the swelling will subside soon that seems to be my last obstacle

Day 14 lots of swelling

6 weeks

Was able to run a full mile yesterday omg was it hard but felt great to get somewhat back to my old self. It's been a long process, healing is slowwwwww! Swelling sucks but I'm starting to see some results. I have my six week check up today hopefully he sais everything is where it should be.

Lipo in 19 days kinda nervious

Having touch up lipo on 8/2 kinda nervious because my ps won't lipo stomach at time of surgery I have to have it done now, kinda aggravated cause it's a extra 700.00 and I just can't handle much more discomfort. All they give is a Xanax and pain pill wth! I'm stressed love to know if anyone has had this done after surgery & how it was. I'm told by the girls at his office it's not bad at all but still not to excited


Had it done today was a piece of cake nothing as I expected was not painful at all I took 3 Xanax & 2 perkoset only took hour & a half no pain was very comfortable looks like 1500cc was removed couldn't be happier I already see a big change I so hope this is it kinda tired of this whole processe getting kinda draining I'll post pics later way to sleepy right now

More surgery

I wish I was more informed of the possibilities before having surgery the first time, or atleast took more time to reaserch. I'll be having yet another surgery scheduled for November 1st additional 1200.00 since liposuction I'm very pleased naked but once I put on any type of jeans I have a back muffin top! I just can't accept this I'm told there is no fat more lipo isn't the answer. What's happening is now the fat is removed I'm left with excess skin (really) wtf I can't catch a break! So I'll be getting extended abdominoplasty incision to the spine to remove excess skin my scar is now going to do a complete 360 not to excited about this, but I'm at a loss either I live w/skin or this is my only option :( so on top of this he performs this while I'm awake.
Massachusetts Plastic Surgeon

The most wonderful experience all around, Dr. Arturo and his staff were not only proffessional they were so kind, I would recommend him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Hi pfact I have been researching having a TT done and I have been told so many different things. One ps told me that he will do the TT and go all the way around to help with tightening my rear :) The only thing I'm not clear about is the Lipo that he plans on doing. One question I have, if you work how long did you take off?
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Well my advice do it all the first time, mine has been done in stages a lot of revisions personally I would of loved to had just got it over with at one time. I don't work but I am very active I would allow as much time as possible minimum two weeks if you can do more definatly do that. I'm not going to sugar coat it but everyone heals differently it depends on a lot are you having muscle repair? And is he liposuctioning front & back? As for circumfrential cut if he suggest it do it in my opinion your already getting a large scar whats the difference and it's also a butt lift ;) we can't complain about that. I haven't had mine done yet not scheduled until 11-1-14 ... Hope this helped :)
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I'm not sure yet if he's going to do muscle repair. I have a phone consultation with him again on the 15th. I think I will only be able to take 10 days straight and I'm thinking about having the actual surgery on November 14th which is a Friday so I will have 9 days before I go back to work on the 24th. I'm praying that is enough time and I will be able to function at work. Thank you and I hope all goes well on 11/1 :)
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If you have a desk job you'll be ok just sore most likley best of luck you should add some before photos ... Keep us updated
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I will be adding before photos soon.
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Girl what are u doing? Ouch I've never heard of this. My back is bad to. I did the local anesthesia and it was fine. Don't remember a thing.
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I know I'm nuts I just can't stop until I'm happy hopefully I'll get to that point soon lol
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You look great! I am scheduled for a mini tummy tuck with full muscle repair (all the way up!) in about 4 weeks. My PS plans to floaty belly button 1-2 cm... Is that what your did?? I am also nervous about many poor mini TT reviews on this site by my PS said I'm a really good candidate. I'm very fit, but my stomach just sticks out like a beer gut since the muscles are so stretched. Not planning on any lipo. It's really nice to read about your positive experience! Hope your recovery continues to go we'll.
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Yes that's exactly what I had done. I am very happy w/my results I think your doing it at a great time of year to I definatly think my recovery was harder on me only because it was summer. Congrats & keep us updated love to see how it comes out
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Are u all bruised up?
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Surprisingly no not at all it wasn't bad just real sore & swollen so burnt out tho want to just be happy such a long process
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I thnk that I might have to get lipo too but all the ps's usually tell you to wait 6 mos po before any revisions. Your pics looks like you did not need lipo but sometimes those pics doesn't show that flaws that we have. Im hoping after my lipo, I won't have skin hanging on my stomach. Happy healing!
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Why are you getting lipo? Your pictures look great. Keep me posted. I want to know how you are doing?
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I had lipo because even though he took away skin I still had fat when I sat down it didn't look right he lipoed my flanks during surgery but would not do my stomach do to risk, overall it wasn't bad Im just real sore hopefully I'll feel better soon I already notice a huge difference I'll post pics once the swelling goes down
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U Had mini Tt before ? Because I had Mini before never remove my belly button now that I lost weight my stomach is not smooth
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I had a modified TT same as full just didn't get a new belly button 9 weeks ago and just had lipo on it yesterday
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Okay I think I understand. I am being told a full TT is what I need....I wish there were other options that did not include so much pain and time...etc...etc....etc! Looking forward to your pics. I hope you feel better soon:)
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Thank you for sharing your experience, how long was your surgery?
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For the liposuction took only 1.5 hrs was pretty quick
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Looks awesome...feeling about more hopeful about mine :-)
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Ty, are you having surgery or have you already?
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