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I was patiently waiting for approval for the...

I was patiently waiting for approval for the Sleeve Gastrectomy from my insurance. I received the call today saying that I am approved and that I will need to start my 2 week pre-op all liquid diet next week. I am so ready for this life change experience. I have been over weight for most of my life(20+years). I am at my heaviest weight right now(400+ pounds). I need this more then anything right now. I have tried all the diets and working out is not WORKING OUT.


Good luck for your surgery, I can't wait to hear you tell us all about the weight you'll be losing! Good for you, new life starts here x
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what date do you go in for your life changing chapter? I go in for mine in 13 sleeps i hope you update so we can share this journey together. You have boosted my confidence and excitement. You go girl and you suceed and i'll be doing the same.
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Sept 9th is when I have my surgery. I am happy for you.

One Week before my Life Changing surgery.

I ONLY have one week left, and I have had a lot of mixed emotions. I am very excited, but I am also a little scared.

The first week of my liquid diet was not that bad. The first days I thought I was going to die, but I made it. I am a person who used to eat sweets whenever I had a lot on my mind. This week has taught me that I would need something else to deal with my stress. I am looking to pick up a new hobby.

I can not wait for this life changing experince. I was asked to pick one thing that I want to do after I reach my weight goal that, I couldn't do before. I picked traveling on a plane without a seatbelt exten. I also want to be able to ride a bike, and sit on any chair without any doubt of it bending or breaking under my weight. There is a lot more, but the list is too long.

I will keep everyone updated and and will post pre-op and post-op pics soon.


My prayers are with you!! Cant wait till you update us.
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Thank you
Keep the faith MsG..... I am so scared my date is 9/4/13
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Less then 5 days left.

With only 4 days left I recv a call early Wed. morning, to let me know that my surgeon will be out of town the day of my surgery. I was told that I will either need to wait for him to come back into town or change surgeons. I picked Dr Bacha that I have heard alittle about, but have not met yet. How did they think I was going to start over after only a few day left.

I felt like this was just a minor set back, and I will not give up. I am too close to the finish line. I want to thank everyone that has me in their prayers and I will keep you guys updated. Hope to upload a video soon.


Im so happy that you have decided to do this. This was the best thing that i have ever done for myself. I have lost 100 lbs in 10 months and all i have to do now is get my tummy tuck and breast lift! You will be very happy with the results if you just follow the rules. After my surgery, 2 more coworkers had the surgery because of my success. You can contact me anytime, i would be glad to talk with you.
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Congrats on the new you. I hope your recovery is going well.
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I hope you're feeling better and ready to start this new life!
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A month Post opt

I am 1month post-op and so far including my 2 week pre-op diet I have lost 34+ lbs. I have not start working out as of yet other then walking. I am happy with the lost so far. I no longer have any pains, or discomfort. I do still get tired when I do walk to fast or to long, but hope that changes soon.

I didn't notice all the foods that I was eating that was bad for me until now. Almost everything I used to eat, I can no longer eat. I have already started soild food but, can not keep most foods down. I am sticking to seafood and chili for now since that's what my baby tummy likes. My biggest challange now is the 64oz fluid intake a day. I just can not drink that much water if I am only sipping, and can't drink while eating.

If any one is thinking about chaning their life, this is the way to go if there is no other choices. I love my new life, and don't mind the challanges that are ahead. THIS IS NOT A WEIGHT LOSS SHORT CUT. But a sart to a new life. I will keep you guys updated.


Good luck girl! Ur on d right path!!Was reading ur coz (lovelylolo44) bbl review nd dropped by to wish u well.
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Thank you
I am happy for you. I hope I can have some of my friends or coworker do the same.

Almost 2 months post-op

I have lost 55lbs so far from the start of my 2 weeks diet. I am so happy for myself. I have not been working out too much, just walking around the parking lot on my lunch breaks. I myself do not see the weight loss yet, but my family that sees me almost everyday, has. I am going to start on a basic workout plan so I can gain more muscles, wile losing the fat.

I am still having hard times keeping foods down. I got tired of crab meat and fish. I am trying different things, but its so hard for me since I work overnite. I am drinking more water now. I am taking it a day at a time. And not stress the little things. I do not have an regrets what so ever!!!


Happy New Year MissG2daG and Happy New You! Congrats on your success post new pictures and keep us updated with your progress. You are close to my daughters age who just had the surgery Dec 13th. Welcome to the losing team!
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I see the difference, awesome, 55 lbs in 2 months.
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Congrats and keep up the good work!  55 lbs is amazing!!  Just take it one day at a time!
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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone. For the first time I can say "New Year, New Me", and mean it. I am taking it one day at a time. I don't have much to report. I am eating much better now. I have found a few foods that will not make want to vomit after eating it. I haven't weighted myself since the last update, but I can tell I'm losing weight. I will try to update after my Doctors appointment this month.


You look great keep up the good work!!
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Oh my Gosh- HUGE difference! Congratulations!,
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Happy new year! Ur doing so good! The weight melting off u it can only get better
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