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I am 26 and a mother to 5 (2 biological) my 3 step...

I am 26 and a mother to 5 (2 biological) my 3 step kids are with me and my husband full time there mother passed away about 2 years ago. I have an amazing family and so proud. As a teenager my weight always fluctuated, by senior year in high school i had dropped a lot of weight and didn't realize it. I was diagnosed with mono was super skinny by that time and did not look healthy. I got married at 21 and got a little too comfortable and gained about 40 lbs and then got pregnant with our daughter the day i delivered my beautiful 9lb baby i was 218lbs. I divorced my now ex-husband about 1+ year ago when my daughter was 18 months after all the lies abuse and cheating

i found myself again and started losing weight. I got down to about 160lbs (i'm 5'7) and i felt good about myself but not great. I started dating a close friend of mine and he asked me to marry him only 3 months after my divorce was final but we were so in love and i said "yes". One month to the day of our engagement I found out I was pregnant. I then blew up again to 220lbs. (ughhhh) I delivered my angel about 4 months ago via repeat c-section and through strict dieting and the wonderful hcg diet I am down to 162 today and still have more weight to drop i am on my second round for another 2 1/2 weeks. After all the weight fluctuation and two beautiful girls and breast feeding i am left with stretch marks skin and NOT 26 year old boobs. I am a momma tiger who has earned her stripes and as proud of being a mom as i am i want my stripes gone. So I have been driving my husband crazy always talking about my body and disagreeing every time he says I am perfect i figured i would join and drive you all crazy :) kidding. I am super excited and cant wait to play at the beach with my kids or feel comfortable to join my husband in a nice bath or to put clothes on and love the way it looks.

Set up my consultation today can't wait! Hoping I...

Set up my consultation today can't wait! Hoping I can get in the best shape possible before my surgery!

So my hubby thinks I should have the surgery end...

So my hubby thinks I should have the surgery end of December on 12/28 instead of first week of January. Of course this sounds great to me since I would have it soon but my consultation is on 12/7/12 do you think this will be enough notice for my doctor that I choose. Should I call the office and ask if he has that day available? I need input thanks ladies :) getting more and more excited

So i put down the deposit for my surgery day. It...

So i put down the deposit for my surgery day. It sounds crazy since i havent had my consultation yet but my good friend used him and he did a great job. Also our friend is a plastic surgeon and he recommended him too ( we didnt tell him anything he just said my doctors name) My husband is a physician and he had to take time off of work to help me so it had to me that day. Im so excited!!! I went to Dillards yesterday and got two sports bra-ish bras with front closures for after post op care. I hope i got the right size im a 36c now and i plan on being a 36DD at the least. Im thinking around 550 -600cc and a high profile implant so i bought x-large in the bras.

Ok a few questions for you ladies? i have a 4 1/2...

ok a few questions for you ladies? i have a 4 1/2 month old she will be about 7 months when i get my MM done. How long do i have to wait before i can pick her up again. Also when is your first post-op appt after the MM usually? When can you start to drive? My doctor is about 30-45 minutes away wondering about rides etc. Thanks

I was in the shower and I'm a little bloated an I...

I was in the shower and I'm a little bloated an I thought to myself what if I'm not a candidate for the TT. I'm so nervous now and very anxious. What do you girls think??

So my wonderful husband got January covered with...

So my wonderful husband got January covered with babysitters for the baby! It's a big relief for me. Current weight is 151 and still going. I picked out the look of my boobs that I want :) hope everyone is doing great!

Consultation is tomorrow I'm super excited I'm 5...

Consultation is tomorrow I'm super excited I'm 5 lbs away from my goal and I'm hoping to have it off before my surgery day (01/03/13) I can't wait. The more weight that I lose the more my husband is against the surgery he thinks I don't need it but I can tell he's excited about the new boobies. Hope everyone is doing great in their recoveries and he ones who are waiting for their surgery days to come.

So i had my consultation yesterday and it went...

So i had my consultation yesterday and it went very well. We started off with the boobs first. I will need a lift which i already knew going into this. Im getting a lift with 500cc silicone moderate plus profile submuscular implants. He said to get the look i want i need to wear a very supportive underwire bra so they dont settle to far down. Im very excited for that part of the surgery. Next we looked at the belly and he said that he will follow my c-section scar and it will go hip to hip but not all the way around. He thinks it will be low enough to hide under a bathing suit and have just the tops of some of my stretch marks left down by the scar. Also he does a drainless TT with a pain pump so im so happy about that i wasnt thrilled with having drains because i have young children and dont want to put them through that. Last but not least he looked at my outer thighs for lipo he says i dont have to much but he will be able to take a good amount out on both sides. Over all i liked my PS when he looked at my belly he sat down in the chair and had me walk up to him i felt like i was going to give him a lap dance lol. I signed my consents and got my prescriptions and we payed the PS fee and implant fee which was a little over $11,000 on the day of surgery we will pay the anesthesologist and facility fee. Total it was $16,010.00. So the count down begins and im so thankful that i have so much to keep me busy over the next few weeks. Next weekend we are taking the kids to Mickey's Very Merry Xmas as a surpirse and then the following weekend is Xmas time so i think i will have alot to keep me busy.

One week away! I have my kids home this week so...

One week away! I have my kids home this week so I'm trying to get stuff organized and ready for me to be down for a while. Today is re organizing the kitchen and the pantry! Looking forward to getting this over with. The closer it gets the more I'm worried about the scar, not the look of it but the placement. I want it to be really low. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

So I keep going back and forth between 500cc and...

So I keep going back and forth between 500cc and 550cc. I want them to be big enough with out making me look "bigger" I want the really fake look..sorry it's just what I like. I'm going moderate plus profile sub-muscular but I'm not sure what size. I know 50cc isn't a big difference. So you could look at the glass half full or half empty. If its not a big difference then why not do it? OR if its not that big of a deal then why bother? Ughhh I need some opinions please.

So I decided on 550cc I hope I made the right...

So I decided on 550cc I hope I made the right choice. I also started my period yesterday thank god it came 4 days early which means I don't have to deal with that at the same time I get my surgery. I think I made the right choice with the implants I'm wider in the hips and I have broad shoulders so I think I can pull it off with out looking like I belong on Jerry springer. 3 more days to wake up like this :) happy new year everyone

So I'm leaving my house in 10 minutes and I'm...

So I'm leaving my house in 10 minutes and I'm excited.sitting here with my sons they woke up early to say goodbye to me. It's an hour drive from my house. Don't think I'll be with it the first few days to post anything but ill try to as soon as I can. Just wanted to say thank you to all the real selfers out there who have posted their stories. See you guys on the flat side :)

Ok ladies I made it so far but it has not been an...

Ok ladies I made it so far but it has not been an easy ride. I was prescribed Percocet but my stomach couldn't handle it so I was throwing up all night to say the least it was horrible. I was so dehydrated I ended up having 5 liters of fluid put in and I still have my foley in ( catheter) my best friend came over who works for a plastic surgeon and helped me because my compression garment was so tight it was digging into my ribs so we made it a little less tight. Up until about 2 hours ago I was in so much pain and so uncomfortable I was questioning how I was going to do this but I called my ps and they called me in some Vicodin and Valium so that helped and I got a good nap in. I had a little rattling in my chest and I had to cough but it hurt so bad I couldn't make myself do it.im going back to sleep for now. I'll update again later.

So went to my doctors appt today on the way there...

So went to my doctors appt today on the way there the colace kicked in. I swear I thought I was going to die. I hate using public restrooms but I had no choice so we stopped in a cvs and have never hadthe feeling of such relieve in my life. So anyways got to my appt a little late but he said everything looks great and I'm healing perfectly. He said ill be big up top and small on the bottom ( thank god) I haven't had pain meds since 7a.m. And it's 3 p.m. now think I'm going to take a Vicodin and a Valium before bed so I can get a good night sleep. My PS gave me the go ahead for a shower but I'm going to wait till tomorrow.

Took my first shower last night and it was...

Took my first shower last night and it was hysterical yet frightening at the same time. My husband got in the shower with me I pre-bought a plastic lawn chair so he sat that under the water for me. We forgot a wash cloth so he had to get out and get it so he put his towel on the floor so we wouldn't slip on the floor when we got out he got back in and forgot to get a new towel and I don't know why but it was hysterical when he had to get back out and get one. So needless to say I was sore from laughing. Shower was fine over all putting the compression garment back on was a nightmare. Got some pics with the garment off so ill post those. Happy healing everyone.

Forgot to mention I'm about 5lbs down from my pre...

Forgot to mention I'm about 5lbs down from my pre surgery weight I don't know if this is normal. I'm wanted to lose weight but wondering if everyone experienced this. I don't eat much some fruit/soup/crackers. I'm trying to do very low sodium so I don't swell. I haven't really had much swelling surprising really because I didn't have drains. What is everyone else eating? I'm tired of soup :(

I've noticed since the surgery (since my first...

I've noticed since the surgery (since my first shower 4 days po) i have been losing a lot of hair, much more than usual. I have thin hair as it is and I'm getting really nervous about it. Has anyone else noticed this? I asked my doctor and pc she said sometimes the anesthesia can do that. Any inputs would be great. Thanks ladies

Hello ladies! So things have been going great I...

Hello ladies! So things have been going great I feel awesome. Went to my 2 week post op visit 2 days ago had my sutures removed and I'm so glad I didn't know what was going to happen before I went or I would have been freaking out. I only had 3 visible sutures on my tummy incision so my husband said I'm sure he didn't internal sutures. I have worked in the medical field for 7 years and in my mind I figured they were Dissolvable sutures so when I went they pulled 8 inch long sutures out of my tummy. It didn't hurt but felt strange And I little sting they did the same for the boobs. I was upgraded to spanx it's nice to be able to wear more items from my closet instead of Baggie linen pants and t-shirts. All in all I have been doing more and more and it feels great to be able to drive and go shopping or even take my kids to school. All the girls at my husbands office think I look great and I made sure I looked good when I went in lol I'm protective over my husband and I may get a little jealous sometimes. :) hope everyone is doing well and I love following your journeys. Btw I will be posting some pics in a little while.

4 weeks out today. Everything is going great I'm...

4 weeks out today. Everything is going great I'm back to Normal and my regular routine. I am cleared to start working out but no abs or chest which is fine cause my lower half needs a lot of work. My scar is still high which bums me out but I'm going with a friend on Friday who had a tummy tuck to get a custom bikini made her scar is also high up. Anyways I'm still in love with the boobs and hope they don't get any smaller or drop anymore lol. I started noticing puckering about the tummy incision but I've been doing silicone sheets and I noticed that its getting better. Sorry I haven't been updating but I haven't been taking pictures that often and I feel like that's what everyone wants the most.

Name not provided

Saw my doctor for a one week visit today and he said everything looks great. He took out the stitches for the Lipo spots and he said next week he will take out stitches from the boobs and tummy. He also agreed I was swollen and puffy on tummy and from Lipo and it will take weeks to go away. I asked about hiding it in a bathing suit he agreed it will take a thicker band or higher wasted bathing suit to hide it but to give it time for the swelling to go away cause it can change the way it sits. I'm not in a rush to go bathing suit shopping but would love to know if I'm buying a one piece of two peice. All in all they were happy with how I'm standing walking and looking so I'm happy too.

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I live in Stuart and am looking for a good BL/BA surgeon. Yours look fantastic. Please tell me who did your surgery
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I think the scar may be a little lower when you stop swelling. I'm hoping the same thing for myself, but I'm less swollen than you ;). Happy healing, you still look great!
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Looking fantabulous!!!!
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You and your cleavage look fabulous!!
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You look great!!! Wow!
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I especially love the cleavage shot. No more terrifying people when you lean over and it's all deflated dugs. Now it's all boob! You look terrific. I have the same prob re my incision being a bit high. I suppose we'll get over it once we're a couple of years out :). Happy continued healing!
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You look amazing!
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It can be the mix between the medication you're taking and there might be a hormonal change....but I'd say the medication
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You look fantastic!
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You look great in the bikini top! How exciting! Makes me even more excited to start bikini shopping! :) I wouldn't worry too much about the scar. It will fade. I had a c-section and the scar was practically invisible after awhile.
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It might also be hormone-related. Your general-practitioner might be the place to start, but they weren't able to help with my hormone issues, which wore off at 2 months.
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Wow! You look amazing!! I havent had my mm yet, but when i start to get cold feet, i see these results and get excited avain!! Congrats!
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That was so sweet! Thanks so much that made my day. Can't wait to check out your story and follow your journey. Good luck with everything!
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Your waist is so tiny, great hour glass figure!
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Not sure if this is relevant to the hair loss question, but after I had c-sections I would lose gobs of hair for a little while whereas while I was pregnant I lost less. I always thought it was a hormonal change. Not sure if that helps you or frustrates you. Maybe you should see what happens over the next 2 weeks. I'm sure your body is like WTH and trying to heal and rest so much. Your hormones could be totally out of whack. Hugs.
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You look fabulous!! Congrats on your great results so far! I'm so excited for you!
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Thanks! How are you feeling?
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Congrats!! You look great! Can't wait to read & see your updates!
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Same to you. Thanks that means a lot .
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body and boobies looks amazing!!! your so lucky they could take all your stretch marks off! that was my wish, unfortunetly my skin wasnt as stretchy as i thought lol happy healing!
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I have the tops of some left but not very noticeable. Since I didn't have that much extra skin my scar is a little higher. I'm still swollen and I'm giving it time but I think all will be good. Can't wait to check out your story. Stay well.
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Hi, Just wanted to say that you look awesome!!!! Happy Healings!!
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Oh, I also wanted to tell you that the scar WILL get lower, I thought the SAME thing, I would not be able to wear a bikini at first, with all the swelling the scar is higher at first, now I went yesterday and found plenty of bikini that hid it, no, not the Super super low ones but plenty. I am sure you will find some to that will hide it, also remember for many many weeks you cant judge too much of final, it will keep getting better and better. I just realized I am logged in as Jennifer, my other name is karen1978 for the BA/BL.
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Ugh sorry for all the confusion on the names...
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