Face and Neck Lift for a Florida Snowbird...- Stuart, FL

I have been following others on this site and have...

I have been following others on this site and have found it most helpful. I appreciate all of the advise and shared experiences of those who have and are going through this too.

I have posted most of this before but will repeat some of it here.
I am 61 and will celebrate my 62nd birthday on my 1 month follow up. My birthday present to myself:) I have always taken care of my skin so I have few wrinkles but about 5 years ago I noticed my face was falling and landing in my neck Lol. My good friend had a lower face lift about a year ago so I decided to do the same. I went for an initial consultation last Oct and finally decided about a month ago to go through with it. I read many posts and realized how scary and risky of a procedure it is. Nearly called to cancel a few days before but didn't.

I think I was,and still am, most concerned with how I will heal and not with the surgery its self.

On Monday I had a lower face and neck lift. It was in my PS office using a local and valium. I never did fall asleep but felt no pain or anxiety whatsoever. I know this must sound scary to some of you but rest assure my pain tolerance is not exceptional.

I was home by early afternoon and had a light lunch and watched TV.
Prior to my surgery I took Arnica and ate lots of pineapple as well as a generally good diet with lots of water.

On day two and three my face swelled and tightened, especially my neck and on the sides of my face. My neck is badly bruised (that purple collar we talk about) but my face is not (perhaps the arnica helped) or maybe it wi show up later. I iced and iced and will continue to do this since it feels good and I think it helps the swelling.

Today is day 5 and I am about the same as yesterday swollen, tight and my face does not feel like my face yet

I am so far VERY pleased with my results and progress. My incisions are barely even noticeable and stitched will not be removed until Monday. I have had really no pain just a little discomfort I would say.

I think I knew a lot going into this because of all if your wonderful, detailed posts. So thank you all. I will continue to share my progress. Let me also note that my husband is very supportive and has been taking good care of me. Recovery on my Fl home is great the weather is beautiful and I can sit out on my Lani. In May I will return to NJ and surprise my family. Did I mention that I am a Snowbird...

If Sunday was a difficult day, today was a good...

If Sunday was a difficult day, today was a good one. I woke up rested and saw that some of my bruising had lightened quite a bit. I had an early appointment to have my stitches removed. I was happy to have some place to go and was really looking forward to this next step in the process of recovery. My husband drove me since I am still having a problem turning my neck more than 45 degrees though that is getting better too. My PS removed all my stitches and stapels (glad to have those gone). He check me over and gave me a good report! I can sleep in my bed now how great to leave the sanctuary of my recliner which has gotten very old the past few nights. I will return to see him in two weeks. I asked when they take the "after pics" 3 months was the answer, so that tells us all something about our recovery. A week from now I can walk for exercise and one month from my surgery my doctor said I can do ANYTHING I want. But the results will not be what they will be for 3 months.
After my appointment my hubby took me to lunch, my first outing since my surgery a week before. It was great to be out but I did watch peoples faces as they looked at me and wondered if it was obvious that I had just had a FL. I am really not sure...
I don't think that I mentioned that when I return to NJ on May 8, I have a 92 year old mother, and two daughters ages 30 and 33 and NO ONE there knows anything about my surgery.. How interesting it will be so see their reactions...
It is now Tuesday morning, day 9, and I am still feeling pretty good. Bruising continues to lessen but my face is still very tight but does not really look swollen. I cant wait to put on some makeup...

On a completely different subject, my heart goes out to all of the victims of the Boston Bombing. When I returned home yesterday it came on the TV and I immediately texted my other daughter who lives near Boston. She was on her way home from the race with her two children and a friend and her children. They had left less than an hour before the bomb went off. I am so sad to see how many are hurt ..things like this put our little problems into perspective. Wishing you all a good day!

It has been several days since my last post but I...

It has been several days since my last post but I wanted to provide an update on my recovery. As we all here seem to agree upon is the process is a slow one. I see little difference in the last few days, still very tight and slightly bruised. I think the numbness on the sides of my cheeks and under my chin is starting to get to me. I have had momements when I think perhaps I will never have normal feeling back in my face but then I know that it is not even two weeks from my surgery. I am more comfortable sleeping and can actually sleep on my right ear though the left ear continues to be very sore.

I had a lymphaderma massage on Tuesday and found it to be very relaxing and soothing to my tight skin. Again, the fact that I could only feel less than half of my face was really freeky. I am wondering when and how feeling returns..hoping that it will.

On the positive side I have been out and had my Big Reveal with friends yesterday. Everyone said they thought that I looked great and they seemed surprised that my incisions were already almost invisible. Of course these are my friends...soo you know of course they would be complimenary lol:]
Overall I am happy with my results thus far and generally with my recovery. It is quite a process as many here have already said, an important aspect if you are scheduling this surgery before an important event or need to return to work in a short time.
Thank you all for your support. I have learned much from all of you and will continue to follow your stories and support those who are just beginning this process.
Name not provided

My good friend recommended him after having the same procedure 1year ago. She looks great!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Very nice :)
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Thank you for finally sharing the name of your ps!!! I have an appt. 7/15!! Thanks again.
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You look beautiful PattyO! How do you feel? How are the scars now?
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How I wish you'd share the PS's name. I too live in Stuart and just went for a consultation. They mentioned the Arnica and pineapple. Anyway you can let me know? Private emial maybe?
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*email, sorry for the typo! By the way, I'm the exact same age as you!
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Dr Daniel Holley! He is the best:)
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Dr Daniel Holley. Stuart. The BEST:)
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Oh that's wonderful! I was hoping it would be him. He's my PS too! Just consulted with him about the same procedure you had. Now I'm very psyched!! He did my upper eyelids eight years ago and they still look great. He's fabulous. Thanks for sharing his name and your story :)
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I live in Stuart as well and have been considering having this done. Could you please let me know who your ps is?
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Hi I too am looking to feel better about myself please let me know where u went. You look amazing thanks Kat
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you look amazing, really great!
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Did it hurt a lot, what is the pain level from 1 to 10?
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can you please reveal your PS so I may research him?
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yes I'd like to know also.
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Well, don't you look cute..and new makeup too? Maybe a little highlights?--fabulous!!!!
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Hi! I live in Stuart and I am considering the same procedure. If possible, can you tell me who your PS is? Thanks!
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Ditto here- would like to know the name of her PS. Local anesthetic sounds much preferable to general.
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Hi! I also live in Stuart and considering a mini lift and neck lift. May I ask who your PS is? Thanks!
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PattyO, you look fabulous! The numbness occurs with almost every cut in your face. I had a midface lift and my upper and lower lids done. Also some fat injections around my eyes (for hollowing) and my upper lip, which has been disappearing the last few years. Dr said some of the fat will be absorbed, which it has. I'm 57 and brought him pics of me at 42, which is all I was looking for, the eyes are still a little swollen, but bruising is gone, still a little numbness, but it's improving all the time.
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you look wonderful
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Girl, you look great!
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PattyO....thank you for such a wonderful post. You look terrific. Everything you've experienced is very common for this type of surgery. I had a traditional facelift/browlift/lower and upper eyes done almost 16 years ago and it took almost a year before I felt totally 'my ole self'. I felt 'tight' for quite a while but it did lessen each month so be patient. The soreness goes away day by day.....it just takes time. I'm getting ready to turn 66 in July and have decided it is time for a lower face/neck lift. If at all possible, I do not want general anesthesia. Consulting with 3 plastic surgeons next month and will make a decision then. In the meantime, please keep us all posted on your recovery. You have such a wonderful spirit. By the way, I'm from Boston (live in Montana now) and am thankful that your family and their friends escaped any harm. My prayers are with everyone in Boston.
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Stacey, thanks for your supporting words..yes PATIENCE and time will get me there...if you read my post you will see that I just had valium and a local and felt very comfortable throughout my surgery. My PS does many of his facelift s that way and recommends it if the patient is willing. Good luck on your procedure.
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Hey PattyO I've not been on here in a while but I had you on my mind this am and decided to check in. YOU LOOK GREAT!!! You will continue to heal each day and see improvements..I'm at 3 weeks and each day I look better than the day before. Your daughters and mom will be surprised. I laughed out loud when I read that part of your story...Happy Healing! Penny
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Penny, good to hear from you. Thanks for the compliment...it is always good to hear. Glad to know you are doing well and that improvement continues. I feel a little stuck now not progressing noticably day to day..still feel different looking from the inside out...told my husband that when I look in the mirror I can still see some bruising in front of my right ear but look fairly normal...from the inside I feel like I am wearing a hat or a mask. I keep touching my face because I am still quite numb...hoping that will start to fade. I guess that was the part that I didn't know..feeling like others can see what I am feeling...but they really can't! Thanks for the compliment..every little bit helps get us to the next day. Today it 2 week out for me..unbelievealbe. Happy healing to you too..waiting for that 3 month mark when things should be more settled.
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