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Looking to Get my Old Body Back

Hello although i am new to this i hope to get feed...

Hello although i am new to this i hope to get feed back and help from everyone. i will be getting tickle lipo at strax rejuvenation with Dr Randy Dean i will also be getting fat transfer to by butt. i must admit with everything I've read about patients of his here i am a bit worried i don't get the results i want i will try everything i can on my end hopefully he will be able to work his magic since it is a lot of money. i will be using a abdominal board as well as using a Fajas d prada which is said to be good from healing and for results. as far as lymphatic drainage i have a number of a very highly recommended person i just don't know how many massages i should get as well as when to get them.
Some info about myself i am 23 i am 5'4 and weight 192ibs no kids full time worker and full time student. i have taken a week off from work i will get my surgery friday the 3rd of january and i will go back to work on monday the 13th of january. having said that, i do have plans for that week i am off of work since i am a student. if someone can give me any help on how to deal with any pain or any problems i might have since on monday the 6th of jan. 2 days after surgery i'm support to go to orientation at school its support to be from 5pm to 6pm and then on the the 9th i have a class from 7 to 9 and then friday i have an exam from 9am to12 and then class from 12 to 2 is there anything i should take into consideration or anything i should avoid doing other than sitting. i will definitely keep you guys updated putting as many pictures i could along the way. everything i was looking for while researching i will include in my review since i believe I'm probably not the only one searching this things. any questions comments concern please comment and i will get back to you with any thing you ask of.

before pictures

tomorrow at 8am is my appointment i was told to eat a light breakfast. what do you guys suggest.

What i expect as my before and after lipo and bbl

what do you guys think realistic?

before and after what i want

today is the day

I went back in around 9:20 and finished by 1:00 he really took his time and checked on you make sure your okay I have to admitr the nurse ready tried to make you feel okay he have me his hand and made sure I was okay at so time I remember reading that the process was worst then giving birth. Well either I have a high pain tolerance or giving birth is a peace of cake it is 7 pm and I don't feel much pain at the mooment I will try to post pic today with the garment. just been in and out of sleeps

day of photos

I don't know what to do with the dirty garment im peeing slit and very dizzy as for meds I took the antibiotic and for pain just in case I took Tylenol 500mg


I'm draining a lot when can I change my dressing?

day 2 post op

I have to admit even tho I'm very much inflamed I am very happy with my results my but is a little bigger than I Esme but hopefuly that will go down some my but does have a sent but the debt was there even before the surgery so I guess it's just a both dent lol my stomic is very flat I have not give thru much pain at all just 500mg of Tylenol may be 3 times my draining stoped yesterday after taking a bath. Have not taken my compression garment just to bath. sorry all my pictures are with my garment as soon as I get a chance I'll take one with out it but my stomic looks the same with the garment as with out.

day 3 post op

I will take another picture with my same bra and panties when I feel better to be honest I truly love my result and everyone who seen me says I look great that my butt is round n big n my stomic is flater than its ever been.

very happy n its only been 5 days

I'm on the 3 step of my faja today feeling very happy I got my abdominal board but I'm not sure when to start using it? Also what other things did you guys do after the Lippi like Dr dean said to do the lipo x which they offer at the office but its $1000 for3 treatments that's too much what do you guys suggest?

loving it

Just one week and I love my results even more your thoughts?

you guys be the judge

Just taken some more after


Flat stomic any suggestion for messages!?

very happy

I feel so sexy now


My booty so cute


Some before and now tyro l two weeks after can't wait to start working out


This is after I don't have any before


I'm just so amazed and in love with my new body and I know its going to get better :D

work out

I hope I'm not doing too much I think I took not too slow but today I did 1.5 miles in 30 min total burn of calories was 200 I want to speed up but I'm scared to do wrong how do you know when its too much?

new faja

It's been 3weeks now I started working out slowly at 30 min doing 1.5 miles and now I'm up to 40 min 2 mile I tried some abs today but bad idea I was in pain for about 3hrs I got a smaller garment today went from xl to l because I felt thr xl wasn't really compressing I feel like it makes my but look or maybe its just bigger lol
Randy Dean

Seems to be very knowledgeable during consult..

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Was there any pain during injecting the fat?
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Not really I didn't feel much during the procedure and when I did it was during the Lipo and it was like getting a tattoo so our was bad pain
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I love it!!!! Yali conbgratulations!! im so happy for u...i know the feeling to look at the mirror :) lets party lol....Love Dr. Dean job so far!
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I've always had that dimple on my butt I thought it would be fixed but I guess its a birth defect lol all well its what makes me ME! I love it too I hope that Snached gets the result she wants if she goes back in
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I don't see much of a difference. I think because your stomach is flatter you see your original butt better. A flat stomach usually makes the butt look bigger. The butt before and after pics looks almost identical.
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Keep in mind I told him not to put a lot just to shape it I made clear to him I don't want a huge butt and maybe he held back he took out like 3000cc and one used 1000 cc on my butt n the first day I was like it's too big and now I'm like good thing it went down lol but I think that tropicalbenzo22 hers looks awsome I see a big difference hers is big
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I told him Yali like this : Dr dean take alllll the fat u can if we need more lets ask my friend she is waiting outside lol ... Use allllllll fat and injected in the butt even the last drop hahahahah so I think that's what he did my husband love it because before I had flat flat flat now I have some chicks and your body Yali is great to bad we did not have the same day surgery cuZ I would told him doctor dean Yali have some 2000cc fat that she won't mine to share hahahahahahha. ...
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Lol yep my friends joke around and say that to
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Congrats! You're looking great. We had our surgeries on the same day:-) You seem to have been recovering well too :-). I was wondering, did you ever receive or perform any self massages? Are you exercising too? Keep up the good work.
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Im during to start i should be able to start a light work out today and then get more intense after a month I use insanty and beach body videos so I'll have to wait a month for that as for messages not paid just got some coco butter and did small circles on my tummy but still have some lumps which idk what to do how bout you have you put any pic s?
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Yeah, I've got pictures. Checkout my page:-)
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Wow amazing results!
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Beautiful!! i love it! jijijiijij show us your butt!!! hahahahhahah ...
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Did you do measurements before surgery? Curious to see how many inches you lost,
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Before 41 to 42 right now I measured and its 36 Thats probably why my Faja that is 38 is fitting loss
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Thats I am in love with my results I feel like I stressed for no reason super happy! :D
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Your results look amazing!
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Introducing Lipo-X, a new non-surgical procedure that melts away excess fat. Radio frequencies are transmitted through the skin into the fat, heating it. The fat then disintegrates and is naturally removed through the body's lymphatic system an electronic field that warms up the patient's tissue. The electronic field uses two electrodes, made up up of one constant plate with a negative charge and one with a positive charge that is moved over the patient's body by a Lipo-X specialist. Ideal candidates for Lipo-X are looking to remove minor excess fat from their bodies. It's not recommended for patients looking to remove more than ten overall pounds of fat. Lipo-X is a non-surgical procedure, so there are few risks and side effects involve. Patients will not experience any swelling or bruising. They may deal with some redness, dryness, and itching of the skin. These side effects will fade shortly after treatment.
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Abdominal board: Some surgeons use form on the abdomen to add more compression than what the garment provides.
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But when should I start using it
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From what I heard Put on immediately after your procedure and wear for several weeks for ... is used for comfortable compression to hips, thighs, arms, abdominal area etc. some people used it for months. Do not recommend for tummy tuck. Tuesday is my surgery I will ask more ;) for u.
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Ask away sorry I did not call I might has been off from work but it was the first week of school and between buying books orientation and assignments I have not had time I'm kinda thankful I did take that week of it helps with school and honestly I haven't felt rely comfortable until today and tomorrow I go back you don't feel bad or in pain once it's done or even this week but you feel uncomfortable I don't know if your understanding what I'm trying to explain
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Yali but are u sitting already?? After the fat transfer? you were suppose to wait 2 weeks!. No biggy i understand! im nervous lol
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Only to drive on Friday but that wasb for a 30 min drive to the school and 30 min back the rest of the time I've been driven but I would not suggest it cause I was in so much pain after
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