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Hi Ladies, I was wondering if there are any...

Hi Ladies,

I was wondering if there are any BBL sistas who have had their surgery with Dr. OSAK OMULEPU, from Strax Rejuvenation. I am scheduled for surgery for March 8 but I'm getting a little anxious because even though I saw good results from the pictures at the doctors office, I haven't been able to see real results from from actual patients. Is there anyone who's had the procedure with Dr. OSAK OMULEPU that wouldn't mind sharing their experience and results with me? Please help! I'm staring to get cold feet :(


Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.

I've done a search of the site for you and there doesn't seem to be anyone at the moment who has written a review for this doctor. Is the doctor's office able to put you in touch with any former patients? Some offices have former patients who are willing to speak with and share their stories with new patients.

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Hi Ladies, I've been on the search for weeks...

Hi Ladies,

I've been on the search for weeks looking for real patients who've had a BBL with Dr. Osak Omulepu from Strax... TO NO RESULT!! Yes, when I went in for my consultation, the pictures they showed me looked nice. But remember, no doctor is going to show you a portfolio with horrible work. They are going to show you their best work. So, I'm starting to get really concerned. He has decent reviews for breast implants but I only found one review for a BBL he has done - and that one patient didn't even seem really happy. She made a comment about him not giving her enough volume and she is looking forward to a revision... NOT GOOD!!! Especially that I'm paying $7500! For $7500, I want to be happy with my results. I'm 5.'7, 175 lbs. - little booty and no HIPS!! I'm not looking for a big ol ghetto booty, but I want a significant difference and some HIPS!!! I would be happy with a regular size booty and some womanly curves. And that's where my concern comes in. I haven't been able to see any results where he's created curves and hips. I don't know if this doctor does hips!! OMG...

So today I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Osak for tomorrow. I'm scheduled for my Pre-Op in 3 weeks but I honestly can't wait for that. I need my concerns addressed as soon as possible because if I don't get that comfort level that I need, I'm thinking about going to another doctor. I've seen so many good review and pictures of Dr. Yily's work that today I sent her an email with my information and pictures to see if I can get a quote. Hopefully she doesn't take weeks to get back to me. I'm trying to make her my backup plan if things don't go well at my consultation tomorrow.

My only concern is that I don't know if Dr. Yily will be able to squeeze me in for March or April. It is imperative that I have this surgery in that time frame because I'm moving from Miami to New York in May and I need to make sure I'm healed enough before my move. Do you see why I'm panicking now??


I haven't ever heard of him. If your getting a really bad feeling, then u probably shouldn't do it..follow what your intuition is saying. I'm going to Yily myself, I feel confident bcuz she has many real patients to prove her work.. I wish u the best hun!
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if our not feeling comfortable dont do it. pictures and past patients are a help when making a decision. if ur still on the fence find someone else because it is too much money for you to give and not be satisfied especially when your having doubts in the beginning
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Where is this doctor located? Please don't waste your money when you are not happy with his work. There are do many doctors in Miami tht do hips.-Perry and Salhauzer.
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Well Ladies, I have officially changed to Team...

Well Ladies,
I have officially changed to Team Yily!! I want to thank the ladies of RS for their support and words of wisdom. The knowledge I have gained from all the ladies on here is indispensable! The smart ladies of RS told me that if I'm already feeling uncomfortable with my decision of going with Dr. Osak, that I should follow my intuition. That's exactly what I did. I cancelled my surgery with Dr. Osak and now I'm playing the waiting game with Dr. Yily. I'm excited but waiting for a response from Dr. Yily is so frustrating!

Waiting on this response has put my life on hold. I'm sorry but I just have to vent... I have so many life altering plans that will be taking place in the next couple of months and waiting on Yily has brought everything to a Holt :(

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OK, Ladies... I don't have a quote but at least...

OK, Ladies... I don't have a quote but at least I've reserved a date - I will be getting "Yilyfied" on April 5th!!!! I'm so excited!!! OMG! Now it feels real! What do I do now? LOL!

Oh! I need a travel buddy! Is anyone interested?? :)


I have april 5th also. Just received my quote today. YAYYYY
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I wish you the best on your journey. I'll be getting yilified on April 1 so I'll be at jacqualine spa if your staying there we will probably see each other.
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Here is a number for Yira, Yily's assistant and she speaks Spanish. Ask her to look up your email and have a quote emailed you. She can set an date for you and then you can send in your deposit. 809.331.5050....ext..208
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Ok Ladies, I need help from my Yily vets. I'm...

Ok Ladies, I need help from my Yily vets. I'm 5'7 and I'm currently wieghing 178 pounds. I'm caught in a middle of a dilema. Should I drop some weight? My problem is that due to the fact that I'm not "flabby" fat, I'm scared that she might not have enough fat to give me hips and booty. I've never had kids so my skin is tight. But on the other hand, I don't want to have surgery and still look chunky or have back rolls. :( What do I do??? :( I'm 1 1/2 months away from surgery so if I need to lose weight, I need to start asap...


so glad you changed dr's .... i have never heard anything good about strax :/ actually just heard bad things... really bad things lol ... lucky you, going with yily..the dr i chose i have not heard much about but nothing bad so far :( i wish there was more info on him but oh well ... too bad i cant spend time n $$ traveling if not she would be someone i would highly consider... :) good luck...
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