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I have been visiting on here for a couple of...

I have been visiting on here for a couple of months and so excited to read all the stories. I had silicone implants back in the early 80's. I had them redone five years ago. I could kick myself for not explanting and getting a lift then but you know what they say about hind sight. I went to a male Dr. and he told me I didn't need a lift and I would be so unhappy not replacing them. After five years now I have had enough. I am 5'4" tall and weigh around 120. I have 500cc in my body and I hate the way I look in clothes. I am so uncomfortable at the beach and just want to be my old self again. My husband is so supportive and says he just wants me to be happy and healthy. I made an appointment with Dr. Elias in St. Pete, Fl...a woman Dr.!!!! She was straight up with me and told me what to expect and she had pictures of someone about my size. Her whole staff is absolutely wonderful. They made me feel at home imediately. Anyway, long story short...I am going for my explant and lift friday april 5th. I will be updating and may get brave enough to post some pics.

It's hard with the wrap at first. You'll get better everyday! Hugs to you!
Hope you are feeling good today! Have you noticed an improvement in your breathing yet? :-)
I honestly think I am getting a deeper breath but it is hard to tell with a these bandages. I feel like a mummy. LOL

Ok, I am back from having the drains removed.....

Ok, I am back from having the drains removed...YEA!!!!!!!!! It felt so good when they pulled all that tape off. I am trying to post a couple of pics but so far can't get them to come up. Is there a waiting period before they post them? I know they will go through a lot of changes but I could not be more pleased. I feel wonderful and can't wait till all the bandages are off. Again, Dr. Elias and her staff make you feel so at home and are very thorough. I can take a shower tonight and I will be wearing my compression bra for as long as she tells me to. My husband is so glad it is behind us and he is excited to see my new body in clothes that I had refused to wear. I am still tender where the drains came out and my new crease stings a little but Oh Happy Day is all I can say. I will keep updating. Dr. Elias is an "artist"!!
congrats to you, things look better already...suits your small frame much better, I must say. Mine were also large, 500cc's is a lot to haul around, that's for sure. Enjoy your new lighter self, and don't over do it, rest and recover!
I had fun today going through my closet. Clothes were really loose!!!! I know I am going to change so much over the next couple of months so not going to do any shopping right now. I am going to need a padded bra for sure to wear the clothes I have now. On a personal note, I still have not had a bowel movement even after taking miralax for two days. I believe I would feel great if that would straighten out. Maybe by in the morning. I am going to drink a lot of water...if I can hold it...LOL I did wake up feeling soooo much lighter this morning. IttyBitties, I do have a very small frame and I am 52. Tired of lugging all that around. Yea!!!!
Amazing result! You look so petite! Enjoy going through your closet and experiencing how much more flattering small breasts are in clothes! (Oh, the things they don't tell us when we get the implants in)!

The thing I noticed this morning is first of all...

The thing I noticed this morning is first of all feeling so much better without any pain meds and I am a little softer today. Seems the swelling has gone down a little. Still no bowel movement so feeling pretty lousy there but I am going to take a walk around the community and see if that helps. I am so loving my new look!!
Congrats on your explanting! Looks like your healing well and you are looking great! :)
Thanks latte23, I am going back to the Dr. this wednesday. I don't know if she will take the bandages off or put more on but I will post pictures and update then. So far I am very happy. It is so nice just to run around in these champion sports bras from target. FREEDOM!!!
Wow!! You look so much better without the implants!! Honest!! I just hope I look as good as you do when I have mine explanted. I am also 5'4 and 120lbs or 54k. It is great to see all these photos and I know the outcome will vary but it gives me some hope to see such good results. Well done!!

I just got back from getting the bandages off and...

I just got back from getting the bandages off and stitches out. I actually wore a shirt tucked in. Haven't done that in a lot of years. I always look like I had two torpedoes in front of me. I am so very pleased. Next visit is in two weeks then I can get back into exercising. I feel like I am 18. Now if the bottom half just was that perky!!!LOL Gravity!! Gave the Dr. and staff a hug...their the best!!
Looking Great!! SandandPalms...Congradulations and nice job your doc did on those scars, they look so good so soon....happy healing !
toomakeup, thanks, I am so happy. I am shocked at how well the scars look. I don't know if they will go through a bad stage but right now am pleased. I enjoy reading all your great info. I take reserveage collagen booster. I don't know if it has anything to do with the healing but I know the Doc did a great job.
You absolutely look wonderful!

It's been 24 days and I could not be happier. One...

It's been 24 days and I could not be happier. One thing I notice is my breast actually feel warm. They use to be so cold. I am so thankful I was able to do this and again wish I had done it a long time ago. I have been going braless around the house a few times and it feels GRRRREAT!!!! I am weighing about four pounds less but I am sure when I start working out again I will gain back some muscle weight. I go back to my doctor this coming Thursday and she will probably recommend some scar gel. All in all, I am very happy and feel so much sexier and I am sure my husband is loving my new look and my new attitude toward my body.
You look amazing I pray I look like you. CAn you go bra less? How long did you wait?
Hey, Sirenamiena. Thank you for the compliment. I go braless all the time. I keep a strapless bra handy if I have to throw one on. LOL I can't really remember...I would have to look back through my post. It will be 6 months this month and I am still so happy!!!!! As I said in the last post I look the same as the last pics I posted. My scars in front you can hardly see and the one around the side have flattened out and are still a little red but nothing that bothers me at all. My husband loves my new body and I do not feel embarrassed to show off my breast. He sees them a lot more than he use to. I know you will love it. I haven't read your post but will as soon as I send this. As many have said, the only regret I have is not doing it a long time ago!!
I will add that having the areolas reduced was a major plus and I am soooo glad I had the lift!!

10 months update

Since I last updated I have moved and been so busy I haven't taken the time to update my pics. I really haven't changed that much since the last update, about 5 pounds of holiday overeating that I am going to start walking off today!!! I am still so happy about my decision. My daughter and I even crack jokes about our tiny breast and I wouldn't have it any other way. I will keep this short and just say that I am blessed and life is good!
You look so great would never know you had an explant
Thank you Reinhartcm. I am very pleased and the scars just keep fading. Can't wait to get some sun!!!
You are blessed and you look fantastic! Thanks for keeping us updated! Your experience gives hope to so many.
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