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I have always wanted my boobs done and after...

i have always wanted my boobs done and after meeting with doctor after doctor i finally met Dr. Epstein, i just loved how he made me feel soo comfortable and my consultation was not rushed. he took his timeand answered all my questions. i really liked when i heard about his 1 day recovery... Let me tell you, with in 24 hrs i was showering and taking care of my kids. I am thrilled with my results. he did exactly what i wanted... it looks natural but not too natural.

my experience with dr epstein

well i did a lot of research met with a bunch of surgeons, and his technique is different, he doesnt push your body to its limits.When you meet with a surgeon you shouldnt have to feel like your in a factory thats how i felt when i met other doctors like i was just another patient being rushed in and outof the office.. Make sure you explain to your doctor what kinda look you wanna achieve but understand that a good doctor will do whats best for your body.. Like dr. epstein wont make you look like fake and plastic. he wants his patients to look natural...
Stony Brook Plastic Surgeon

on a scale of 1 - 10 he is a 10!! he is so professional, so sweet and takes his time and answers all questions without hesitation...

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Thanks so much for offering your opinion on your doctor.

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sure absolutely!!! how do i go about adding more detail??
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Looks like you have added to your review by updating it...perfect! How many cc'd did you get and what type of implant? Sounds like you had an incredible recovery! Glad to hear you met with several doctors and found just the right one for your procedure. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf!

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