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After wanting this for 20 years I finally decided...

After wanting this for 20 years I finally decided that at almost 40 it was time to give this gift to myself. I spent the last year thoroughly researching this choice and then, once I made the decision to go forward, took my time researching my Dr.
I chose Dr Epstein for my breast augmentation in February. I went on 5 consultations before finding Dr Epstein. And I'm so glad I did!
My experience post operatively has been great. Again, I never imagined it would be so easy. I took 800 mg Advil for the fist few days and some Extra Strength Tylenol 2 times during those first 48 hours, after that I needed nothing. I was able to raise my hands above my head in the recovery room, went out to dinner that night. I was groggy and knew I had had surgery but was able to do basically everything for myself - shower, wash my hair, dress with shirts going over my head all the same day. Compared to what so many go through after their surgeries having these freedoms was wonderful! I really couldn't have asked for a better experience!
My only con is that I have to travel 2 hours to get to Dr Epstein's office, but it's worth it.

Stony Brook Plastic Surgeon

His philosophy is wonderful. His website alone gives so much information and then he and his staff were wonderful answering my many questions. In the end I was able to go into surgery without any worries, something I had never thought I would be able to do. Dr Epstein's philosophy about deciding ahead of time the right size for your body and then performing the surgery in as gentle a manner as possible so that the healing for the patient will be as easy as possible is wonderful. I really wonder why more Drs don't make that their focus. I also appreciated the before and after photos from his 3D machine. It was so hard to imagine size and that was very helpful.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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hey brook what size did you end up getting?
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330 & 300 I had asymmetry and this corrected it.
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awww me too! im getting (as of right now) 304/339cc's but im hoping he could maybe go up the next size. i know he does it on the more conservative side to look natural and avoid complications but im hoping he's ok with just a tiny bit bigger! lol
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hey brook! you look great! im going to dr e next month and i just cant wait. where as others may be scared, i know im going to be in great hands and i cant wait to see what the end results will be. may i ask how many cc's you went with, etc? its nice to see another woman so close to my BA date go to my doctor. any info is appreciated!! : )
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Wow, that is truly amazing that went to dinner the night of your surgery!  :)  Congratulations and glad to hear you had a good experience. You must feel amazing after wanting to do this for so long. A photo would be great if you have a chance!

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Hi BrookDecris, Thanks for sharing your information. What was your size before, what is your implant profile, how many cc and what is your size now? Thanks!
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Hi, I was never professionally sized before but I thought of myself as a 34 A/B I had asymmetry which has been part of my reason for wanting to do this - nothing fit on both sides! I was just measured at 34C which is what I was looking for. I still have dropping and fluffing to do so we'll see how that may adjust things. I found to be super helpful too. If you haven't been on it you may want to check it out.
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Hi BrookDecris, I am also considering Dr. Mark. I am little skeptical about his reviews, they are all good reviews, no single one bad review! I thought as plastic surgery, sometimes people are not satisfied with the results no matter how great a surgeon is...
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Sorry for being crazy over this...this whole argumentation thing drives me little nuts.
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hey boobdreaming! i am going with DR E for my BA also, im scheduled for surgery on May 22nd. and i am super confident that DR E will be the best man for the job. i hate to say it because i know a lot of women on here go for sizes that are way too big for them, because they want it to be very noticable and worth the money and time. and at first, i too was thinking the same thing. but the reason why they are all usually in so much discomfort as opposed to DR E's patients is because he will not go any bigger than what you can fit without totally going to town with cutting and what not... all of his patients have a natural look with amazing results and pretty much no downtime at all which is why i am going to him. and i agree with brookdecris, the only down side is that he is about and hour and a half away from me. but i dont care, its worth the time to find someone who is as skilled as him. and im in jersey! there are boob doctors for miles around all in my area but when i read the reviews and then got some word of mouth reviews about him also, i was more than convinced. read his website and you will get to see what everyone is raving about. and please follow me if you want, you can see another result of his work. good luck and if you have any questions feel free to email me!
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Hi, I'm sorry my response is so delayed! Yes, I think his results are great. I'm still getting used to them and they still seem big to me. But they are the perfect size for my body. They balance my hips perfectly and no one would ever notice I had them, which was my goal. I am a full C which is what I asked for. I am only 6 weeks post op so I know they still have a lot of change coming. But to answer your question, I think he gets so many great reviews because he is truly a great Dr!
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Hi bkraz1109, Thank you for your reply!. I hope you will have a successful argumentation on May 22! I am going for another consultation with Dr E. Ugh, I could not make up my mind since last year! I have sooo many unanswered questions, it gets me headche...I am single and having a carefree & burden free life, I hope the implants would not take the quality of my life away, also I hope it will come out perfectly! I am so greedy...
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I hope Dr E could give me a little bigger size, since so many ppl regret about their sizes after surgery....
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LOL i hear you on that! i too have no kids, no plans on having them and my BF is super supportive of everything i want to do so that is a big motivation to get some work done now.. after my weight loss i just feel horrible cause i always had a good rack, and this last time around it just seemed to go poof! i am hoping that this makes me feel better and more confident but i also know there might be risks involved-which is one of the main reasons why i picked dr e.. i know dr e is on the more conservative side, but it depends on what your body can handle. im also am concerned with having boob greed after the fact, but i also dont want them to be so big where i have a greater risk of complications or revison surgery down the road. im so close to needing a lift to begin with id rather stick with the smaller implant, be confident that i wont need more work done down the road, and ill have a super fast and easy recovery. when is your next consult? he is reasonable so if you ask him to go as big as he can safely, im sure he will.
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