I'm Finally Doing It - Liposuction!!! Stone Mountain, GA

SOOOO, I've finally decided to take the plunge and...

SOOOO, I've finally decided to take the plunge and get liposuction. I am having my upper and lower abs, waist/flanks, bra roll, and inner thighs done. I am going to do it all under IV Sedation, just because I feel like there is a lot to remove and I don't want the local ansthesia to wear off before it's done. I'm a scary worrier that way...lol. I'm scheduled for August 15th, but hope that I can move that date up to August 7th.

I went on three different consultations. I decided to go with Dr. Davis-Boutte based on her awesome track record here on RealSelf. I am praying that I made the right decision. I have yet to meet her, but my interactions with Crystal have been great. She's very patient, as I like to think through every little decision I have to make and I have to understand the ramifications of each document I sign. She wrote pages over when I changed my mind and did not complain about my indecisiveness - at least outwardly ;-)

I have had my Pre-Op appointment wherein I signed lots of documents, went over financial stuff, and went over the procedures and instructions for before and after the surgery. I also had my blood-pressure and labs taken. So far everything is normal (for the most part), however there are two test that I must still await results on. I am praying that everything comes back normal so that I can go forward with the surgery.

Financially, the costs of my surgery fall in the middle of the quotes I was given. One doctor was charging 7800 for all of the areas I wanted done, including IV Sedation. However, I just wasn't confident in her ability to obtain the best results possible. The other doctor wanted 9K for just my upper/lower abs, flanks and bra roll. I feel like I'm spending lots of money, but I feel like I'm investing in myself at the same time, so I am internally trying to convince myself it's okay.

The only thing that worries me now is that I take lots of medication for another medical condition I have - Bipolar Disorder. I hope that I can talk with Dr. Davis-Boutte within the next few weeks in order to discuss my medications and her recommendation on whether I need to discontinue those medications for a couple of weeks. I would hate for one of my medications to interact with the anesthesia and I die (okay, that's extreme....but not impossible). I will request a consult with her concerning my medications just so I feel comfortable going into the procedure.

I will keep everyone updated on my journey. I will definitely provide pictures when that time comes.

Thanks for reading!

Less than two weeks away!

I'm getting so excited but nervous at the same time. I sent Dr. Boutte an email about my medication concerns, and she did get back to me...but I missed her call ;-( But on the bright side she forwarded my concerns to the anesthesiologist and I did get to speak with him. I feel better that I don't have to stop my medications because it took a long time for my body to adjust to them and I didn't want to have to start all over, plus I don't want to get sick and fly off my rockers if you know what I mean...lol.

Now my only concern is whether I have made the right decision with getting IV sedation rather than just local anesthesia. I was watching some videos where doctors were performing liposuction with the patients awake and able to move around. The doctor said he was able to achieve better results because patients can turn themselves on the side. Sigh. I will try to speak with Dr. Boutte about that during the week and let you guys know what she says.

Anywho, here's my before pictures. So embarrassing. I have really let myself go. Every time I try on something that I used to easily fit in, I get so upset. But here's to new beginnings. I am going to start exercising this week so that exercising can be regularly apart of my routine after I get my surgery. BefoI hope by exercising my results will be better.
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

I have not met Dr. Davis-Boutte as of yet. As noted above, I will request to at least talk with her by phone before the surgery in order to go over the medications that I currently take and their possible interactions with the anesthesia. Otherwise, I hear she's really nice and down to earth. I will update when I do get to speak with her.

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Ok great!! I will let you know when I get into Atlanta! Good luck can't wait!!
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Good luck and keep us posted
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Thank you, and will do!
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Congrats to you! I am schedule for my procedures on August 8! I am so excited. Dr Boutte is awesome. I've spoken with her via phone a couple of times . However, I speak with Crystal often. The passion they staff show is immaculate. I'm having SL a wrap around and a BBL. I'm super excited. I have review Dr. and I continue to review & research her still. I'm too prayer that I have chosen the right doctor this time. I wish you lots of luck!! I will indeed share my journey. I haven't had any labs yet I will wait at least two weeks out from my surgery!! I will keep you posted!
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Congrats to you too!!! I just changed my surgery date to August 7th....I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I have one more test to get and them I'm good to go! We definitely have to keep in touch, especially since we're only one day apart. I wanted my labs done early just in case I had to cancel for medical reasons so that I would not to lose my 5K deposit. I will definitely keep you in prayer, we'll be good.
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Yay for you!!!! Please keep in touch. Private message me ur hotel info so we can definitely keep each other encouraged! Prayers for you. We will two fine Chics together:)
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I actually live 10 minutes away from her facility. Let me know when you are getting into ATL.
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I will. R u having your SL in stone mountain or lilburn? My procedure is scheduled in lilburn.
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I'm scheduled in Liburn too. The surgery center is one city over from Stone Mountain where I live. I believe they have another office in Atlanta but I think the Liburn location is where she does surgeries. I think so don't quote me :-). I don't believe there is a Stone Mountain location, rather it's located on Stone Mountain highway (off highway 78) in Lilburn.
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