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I don't know where to start! The pain was horrific...

I don't know where to start! The pain was horrific. I had 3 treatments. My first one I was given the injections with NO cold air for numbing or anything. YES the shots hurt. The medicine burns as well and immediately I started swelling. I was so sore, bruised and swollen I missed 2 days of work and was down for the weekend. Each time it was terrible. Here's the kicker: I've never had kids, I weighed 127 pounds when I went in. All I wanted to do was tighten up my stomach and get rid of what fat was there. When I went in for my 2nd treatment I was weighing 134!! I GAINED 7 pounds. So the dr tells me its just all swelling and it will go away. NOT true. I finished my 3 treatments. The last one was in December 07. This is April 08 and I am still bigger now than when I started this on Sept 11, 2007.

This a has been a terrible experience, costly, painful and even a bigger blow to my self esteem. Feel free to email me at {click on username to reach private message form} I have pics to prove my story. You will be shocked. I do not have any photos right now of the before that I can find I will keep looking.

I would like to share before and after pictures from our experiences with Lipodissolve. Please feel free to e-mail me to see these pictures. {editor note - you can post these pictures on along with your story about your Lipodissolve experience. Add your story here. Thank you}
That looks so painful, sorry for the horrible experience you've had but I can tell you this, its one treatment I was considering that I will definately NOT get!! Hope you feel better soon and thanks for your input.
Our experiences, including my own have been fantastic. We have only ASAL Lipodissolve physicians that do all of the treatments. We have strict protocols that are followed for each and every patient.

Months and months after my 3rd treatment, I am...

Months and months after my 3rd treatment, I am very unhappy. I'm lumpy, swollen, my clothes I wore last summer at this time do not fit. I'm disappointed. I do not want anyone to go through with lipo dissolve. It's NOT worth taking the risk. I was told by my doctor I probably wouldn't get enough of a result to make me happy but I'd see some difference.

The difference: I'm bigger,  lopsided, bloated, and lumpy. I will not wear a bathing suit. I wear special under garments to keep me in a decent form.

I still have not lost the weight I gained after the first treatment. I even under went a 12 week intense exercise/diet program with a trainer. Even after all that hard work, NOTHING changed in my stomach.

My doctor assured me after I went for yet another follow up, that what was injected into me was all natural and nothing that would harm me. I hope and pray he was at the least telling me the truth about that part of this ordeal.

thank you very much it doesn't seem worth it. I'd rather just get the surgery, never mind the horrible shots.

I wanted to tell you that I see a difference on your last pix. compared to the first pix. you looked very bloated then few months past and you seem to have lost it.
I'm sorry for the treatment, hun...the question I have is, was regular Lypo an option for you rather than LypoDissolve before you had work done? I'm trying to figure out which one will be safe. Thanks.
Calospa, Louisville, KY

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