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I wanted to wear a 36b I hope my boobs get bigger...

I wanted to wear a 36b I hope my boobs get bigger after it drop..but I luv it my boobs.. I don't need push up bra..475cc on left 500cc on right .. I got silicone .. After breast feeding 3 kids.. Now it's time to fix my boobs.. I was 34a .. Still don't know what bra size yet .. It's only been 2week a
And half


Congratulations on getting your breasts back after having 3 children! You look full and perky. So glad you love them. Keep us posted as they settle in more!
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Thank u I will
I went to get my boobs measure @ VS 34D I'm happy Been 3 weeks now

Went to measure my boobs size 34D

MIT gotten smaller now.. But I'm happy .. I'm a small girl with small rib cage .. So thank god I didn't go bigger .. It fit my small frame. I'm 5'6 125 pound


look nice! did u have to pay for consultation fee?
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Yes $60

It's dropping and not so swollen

I Luv my boobs now .. It felt like I grew it.. Lol


They look great! Are yours over or under the muscle? He's doing my surgery on July 22nd
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Thanx .. Under the muscle .. What cc?
545ccs which seems big but I guess it depends

Officially 4weeks

I luv my boobs.. Just wish they were a little bigger.. But oh well it's still not all the way drop yet.. So hopefully it look bigger when it stop and fluff all the way.. If not I still got boobs

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No bra


Hullo Sarina! Your boobs look great. I just got mine done on the 1st of July. How r you feeling? Are U able to move your arms ? And do u have full range of motion yet? Thanx for sharing your story. And happy healing!
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Yes had mind done june4 .. Now I'm here in Reno for 4th of July .. I luv my boobs ..lol it just take time.. My dr .. Told me to take vitamins e with mix tocopherol to help scarring .. He told me to take it after 1week .. Then I'll be done with my antibiotic .. I only took the pain killa about 4 days . Thank u.. Please post up pic .. What cc was yours .. Congrat to your twins .. Take it easy .. Take care yourself.. Follow the dr. Direction you'll be good..right now moving it slowly . But eventually your arm will tell u how far u can move and reach .. Try not to reach anything high .
yours look fantastic, It's a great size even so soon after surgery. I'll definitely post some pics

No bra lingerie

I had this in my closet.. For so long.. I finally put it on.. Looks good in them.


What kind of silicone did you get? I'm getting 440cc sientra" gummy bear" silicone implants.
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Oh I fergot to add. I've started my review. I'm under : "Gypsy Soul." Look me up when u can!!
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My doc gave me 420HP silicone. We went under the muscle I love them so far. I do have a case of Spongebob Squareboob!!! I can't wait till I can massage them. OMG!! Reno for July 4th!??! I hope u dress up your twins and take pics. How awesum is that! How is your scarring?

4weeks out dancing

My boobs fit so well in anything I buy.. It fill my boobs part of my dress.. My boobs made me comfortable under my skin .. Luv it.. I was @ Reno got eyes turning :)


Aww lucky u.. I want the gummy bear too.. Mine is 475cc silicone mentor..I ask my dr.. About it.. But he had said it's not out yet .. @ the time :( think he was lying .. But what ever.. I luv my boobs now ..

Dropping some more

Boobs drop some more


Hi Sarina!! How you doing??
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I'm doing pretty good.. How's your are u and your new twins.. Mine starting to be softer
Your girls look so soft anyway!! I'm doing fine. My twins ;) are doing great. My hubby loves them. I look great in clothes. But I want a revision. I want them BIGGER. Am I crazy??? Anywho, next year a friend is getting hers done soo if I feel the same way, we may get them done together!!

1 month and 3weeks

My boobs drop. Can't really see my scar .. Til I lay down n take a pic

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Boobs starting to settling in..

It's about 1 month and 3weeks can't wait to put on wire bra

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Scar still there

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I forgot I had implant .. I can sleep now...


hi all pretty girls,, I love the bra you have ,,on the top the wireless leopard bra ,, im on the east coast boyfriend and I are going shopping tonight ,i,need 2 bras wireless pretty ,, I don't want to go to VS yet ,,, I know there is still some swelling,, maybe soma,, I put some VS ones I had on they for half the boob ,,,but im going back to work sunday ,,, im a flight attendant ,, I swell allot on the plane,, so im even thinking wearing sports bra while I work ,,, allot of bending, pulling not picking up shit lol,,,they will have to lift it them selves lol such a nice flight att to Madrid on Sunday u both look amazing !!!! u and tinka,, :),, thanks hope I hear from u before tonight sarrina ,,, thanks gina
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I got that bra @ tj max while I was just shopping.. Bought it for $6.00 lol there so comfy and soft. Dr only want me to wear wireless and soft bra.. Walmart and target have wireless bra for cheap .. I bought them just until I can wear my vs bra I Also bought bra from vs I had them measure me...thank u what cc did u have ?

Dropping more

Gotten softer ..


Looking very natural indeed x I'm 3 months now n still only half fluffed gggrrr can't wait till mine do what urs r xx
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luv luv how your boobs have now settled. they look really awesome now, and even bigger now. :)
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im 650 overfilled mod plus saline,, I don't want natural lol ,, to get the result's I wanted im 5 4 118 ,,but allof of healing ,, my job this week was just horrible,, lifting ,,,as little; as u can ,,but the one co worker a hater ,, said I should not have returned ,,, please,, I finally sat down and did nothing,,, everything is good ,, was pretty swollen after a 10 hour flight,, it was crazy slept most of my layover,,,:( home now still resting
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