36 with 3 Kids - Stockton,CA

I wanted to wear a 36b I hope my boobs get bigger...

I wanted to wear a 36b I hope my boobs get bigger after it drop..but I luv it my boobs.. I don't need push up bra..475cc on left 500cc on right .. I got silicone .. After breast feeding 3 kids.. Now it's time to fix my boobs.. I was 34a .. Still don't know what bra size yet .. It's only been 2week a
And half

Went to measure my boobs size 34D

MIT gotten smaller now.. But I'm happy .. I'm a small girl with small rib cage .. So thank god I didn't go bigger .. It fit my small frame. I'm 5'6 125 pound

It's dropping and not so swollen

I Luv my boobs now .. It felt like I grew it.. Lol

Officially 4weeks

I luv my boobs.. Just wish they were a little bigger.. But oh well it's still not all the way drop yet.. So hopefully it look bigger when it stop and fluff all the way.. If not I still got boobs


No bra

No bra lingerie

I had this in my closet.. For so long.. I finally put it on.. Looks good in them.

4weeks out dancing

My boobs fit so well in anything I buy.. It fill my boobs part of my dress.. My boobs made me comfortable under my skin .. Luv it.. I was @ Reno got eyes turning :)

Dropping some more

Boobs drop some more

1 month and 3weeks

My boobs drop. Can't really see my scar .. Til I lay down n take a pic

Boobs starting to settling in..

It's about 1 month and 3weeks can't wait to put on wire bra

Scar still there

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

The staff was very nice ..

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi Sarina!! How you doing??
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I'm doing pretty good.. How's your are u and your new twins.. Mine starting to be softer
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Your girls look so soft anyway!! I'm doing fine. My twins ;) are doing great. My hubby loves them. I look great in clothes. But I want a revision. I want them BIGGER. Am I crazy??? Anywho, next year a friend is getting hers done soo if I feel the same way, we may get them done together!!
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How funny .. I was thinking the same. I wanted to go bigger...maybe next year lol
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My hubby thinks I'm crazy. ;) My gfriend is Filipina and tiny like me. Soo we will see. How did u heal? Was there a noticeable scar? I'm concerned about there being a big scar. I know Asians/Africans darker skinned people have a tendency to scar more.
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My scar still there .. But my boobs cover it.. I'm gonna take new pic. N my scar ..
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Your boobs look amazing !!! Are they high profile, what silicone brand are they and how do they feel when walking around or laying down?
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Mentor silicone .. It's been almost 2 months now . It felt like they were mine... It don't move around when I walk .. But nobody notice that it's implant .. I luv them
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There not high profile
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Oh okay. Well whatever profile they are they look good!
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Thank you .. Did u have yours done yet ?
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Unfortunately not yet. I was due for August 7th but I had a medical emergency today so I'm rescheduling about a week to two weeks from that day.
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I'm anxious and excited to get it done .
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I know your excited .. Cant wait to see.. What cc your going for
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I'm going for 450cc high profile , mentor smooth round silicone , under the muscle .
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They look fabulous :-) :-)
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Thanx I luv yours nice and big.. I wish I could of go bigger lol but oh well
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Hey. In the future. U r sexy enough to rope a sugar daddy !!! ;) Seriously though. Still young so can go bigger in future'
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I thought about it.. Lol in 1 or 2
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I think all different sizes big and small look awesome. I loved my smaller ones too. Implants are hot regardless keep that in mind.
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Yours look nice and full on your body, I wouldn't mess up a beautiful result.
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So what cc are u now?
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Yea u right it's more then what I started it with lol
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Yea u right .. I just want bigger. But I'm luving it.. Cus u can't tell my boobs was fake lol thank u
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I went with 800 cc s, but I am 5 "9 and kinda square shouldered. Plus I'm not that slim so the smaller ones kinda hid on my frame. If I was Skinnier I would have kept the last ones. I'm now losing another 25 lbs So hopefully they won't look too big when I do. But I loved the 475 cc too.
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