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Hello all!!! I am anxiously awaiting my...

Hello all!!!

I am anxiously awaiting my procedure. I am having a MEDIAL THIGH LIFT. My doctor says he expects to take off at least 8 liters of excess skin and fat. As I read the post my all of you I see things to get that I wouldn't even think of. I was told I will not be in a compression garment but rather bandages. What concerns me is how am I going to go to the bathroom. ( as far as what happens if urine gets in the incision.? will a female urinal work?? ) Does having this procedure change the shape, somewhat of the buttocks???

Any and all info you guys can give would be greatly appreciated. Maybe a check list???

A few pics

Here are a few pics of my before and after tummy tuck... now I am scheduled for my thigh lift... Wooo hooo cant wait.. My doctor ROCKS!

Medial thigh lift

I am so excited. December 12 is my date to have ny surgery. After a gastric by pass in 2010 I have lost well over 200 + pounds. I hace had a TT already so now its time for my legs... Nervous and excited. .

Time is getting close

Can't believe its already November!!!! In 12 days I go in for my pre op.... OMG I get excited just thinking about it.... Then before you know it..... It will be DECEMBER!!!!!

I really enjoy this site and can hardly wait to share with you my pre surgery jitters, my after surgery concerns and excitement!! Stay tuned!!!

Only 3 weeks away!!!

Had my pre op appointment the other day.. Asked all the questions I could think of!! Got my pre op appointment which is Dec 10. I have alot of things going on in my life right now.. sometimes I feel like I am a basket case. So, for now, I am going to focus on my health. The rest can wait.. All my supplies are accounted for.. So come on surgery date!!!!! I know without a doubt that the day will be here before I know it!!!!! Oh the attached pic is the one I took and the doc drew just how much he will be taking off of each leg... In his words, " I will be taking at least this much off"... YAYYYY go me!!!!

It's December!!!!

OMG!! It's FINALLY December! 9 more days until my pre op labs, ekg....etc.. 10 and a half more days to surgery!!! I am soooo excited!


Whew... I cannot believe this time next week I will be in recovery! I got the call from my PS office making sure I have my wound care supplies, grabber and all the other things I will need.. They even ordered me a home health nurse *thank GOD* for me.. In addition, since I do not have the support at home that I need * embarrassed to say* the PS agreed to keep me in the hospital for a couple of days. That takes soo much off of my mind! Okay... I am ready.. Im making a grocery list of all that I will need, and it brings tears to my eyes to think that all of what I have dreamed of is coming true.

And the countdown begins......................

I cannot believe its already the 8th!!!!! I go in for my pre op labs on the 10th and then I have to be at the hospital at 5:30am on the 12th... Wooooo Whooooo!!! Man this is sooo awesome!

As soon as I can see straight I will be uploading pics LOL

Pre op labs are done!!

Just got the green light from thr hospital... Have to be at the hospital ar 6:30am on Thursday... Omg thats in a day and a half!!!!! I think im going to faint. Lol

Night before....

Omg omg.. its really REAL!!! I PRAYED FOR THIS...!!! Thank you God!!! I know I will have wonderful results. ... this is a dream come true...

This is it!! On my way to the hospital!

This is such an awesome feeling. . In a few hours I will be in my bed recovering!! Talk to yall then

I did it!!! I am alive!!! its done!

When I got to the hospital everything seemed to go in fast forward. . I was laying on the table before I knew what was going on. Surgery went great. I woke up with no pain at all. I dont know, maybe because I have a high tolerance for pain...
Had a couple issues with my blood pressure which is naturally low, then combined with pain pills which I didn't ask for and morphine made it that much lower. So I wasn't allowed to get out of bed. When I did get out of bed I threw up..not once but twice. Thank God I am over that part. I would say that was the worstest part of the surgery, and yes I know that is not a word lol
Otheriwse I am fine. I am home. Got up by myself last night to go to the bathroom. Just focusing on getting better... Amanda told me how yall were asking about me... I appreciate that. Just didnt have the strength to sit down and wrrite.. love you all
Oh btw they took off 4.8 pounds off of each side...

3 days post

Well, I managed to get up alone, go to the bathroom, empty drains, brush teeth, make a cup of coffee, change bandages .. whew.. why am I out of breath?

Set back.. but not counted out

Good morning beautiful people. I am sending this update from my hospital bed. Yep I am sure Amanda has told you guys. I wss having a hard time breathing every time I got up to go to the bathroom. I thought I was just tired from having a big surgery. Until I called a friend whos a respiratory therapist and she said hang up, call 911 you sound like you have a blood clot in your lung. .. First I thought she was joking. . And said girl you are scaring me. She replied, you need to be scared, you cqn die.
Got to the hospital and found that my hemoglobin was 7 when it was 14 day of surgery.... and that I had two blood clots in my lungs. So, I am sitting here on a heprin drip with the wonderful outook of taking coumadin for approx a year in my future.. I have been given 3 units of blood and I feel awesome. But I know this is where I need to be right now.. my legs are swollen and frankly idc about them right now lol Look forward to seeing them after the swelling goes down. Anyway just wanted yall to know I am okay... thank you Jesus...

Bandages off...

They said I can shower! !!!!

December 18

Well here it is the 18th of December and I am sitting in front of my fireplace eating a bowl of oatmeal... Yes I said I AM HOME!!!! My doctors said they have never seen anything respond to the anticoagulants like I do.. that generally ALL people bleed or have some significant bleeding.. whereas when they do a blood draw from me my blood clots back within seconds.. Well, I dont know about yall but I call that GOD. I have 26 in incisions down each leg.... I sure don't "need" it bleed... So, GOD knows what hes doing... :-)
Now, because of this situation I am going to say that there will be no more surgeries for me... not PS ones anyway. I have to be on the blood thinners for 3/6 months and then life as normal. The ultrasound said... No clots, DVT's are indicated... YEAAAA BUDDY... SMH... Its just better and better :-)
I will be on here very very often.... and am willing to support any and everyone of you as you go through your journey.

PLEASE DO NOT LET WHAT HAPPENED TO ME STOP YOU FROM YOUR JOURNEY.!!!! Every situation is different from person to person and procedure to procedure...
Okay time to get my fill of Law and Order SVU... oh how I missed this show... Have a wonderful day!!!!

..... and yet SOMETHING else... Really??? LOL

Woke up this morning feeling fantastic and decided to take a shower. OMG what a wonderful feeling that was.... Only to come back to my chair and look on the floor..... my drain was on the floor.... the tubing and the "grenade" was just relaxing on the floor. I said.. WTH... called the surgery clinic and they said.. you still have the other part of the drain in your leg.. get to the EMERGENCY ROOM NOW!!! I went... and thankfully..... after consulting with my PS it was determined that infact I did NOT have any other part of the drain in my leg... *they were thinking about re opening it and removing the other part* ... that the only part the PS used was the line and the grenade.... WHEW...... so he instructed the e.r. doc to remove the other side as well... Soooooooo I am DRAIN FREE!!!!!
Staples to be removed this friday......
I have to admit.... there have been a couple times that I have become really discouraged.... tears fell, heart felt broken....
but.... im getting better....

Staples coming out tomorrow

OMG the staples are going to be removed in the morning.. 8am to be exact... and i am nervous about it... YES I SAID I AM NERVOUS LOL I know you are thinking... what the hell is she nervous about .... this is SIMPLE compared to what shes been through the past week LOL But I am... how will it feel?? will it hurt??? will I bleed * on blood thinners, remember* ... is this when the numbness in my legs near the incision will come back???? OMG i am a basket case


looking and feeling better

Few hours until staple removal

Sorry guys...

I would like to say sorry first off for not really posting on here lately. Between trying to focus on getting better and being a lil frustrated with the entire situation, I have been in my own lil cocoon.
I am not sure what you guys know... so I will just briefly touch on everything that has happened in the last couple of weeks.

Went in for surgery and all seemed to had gone well. Until the night it was time to discharge me. I had a fever and a blood pressure of 80/40. Normally my BP runs kinda low but never like that. I was sent home. Approx 12 hours later I was rushed back to the hospital via ambulance because I could not breathe. I could hear my heart beat in my ears which I thought was weird. * come to find out.. that is how hard my heart was working trying to pump what little blood i had in me around*.
I was diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary emboli. Admitted back to the hospital and put on blood thinners and given several units of blood. After a couple days I was feeling like a new person and was sent home. 2 days later I woke up, not able to breathe again and my left leg was swollen to the point where I could not move it on my own. Back to the hospital I went. 4 staples were removed and my leg was decompressed. *man did that hurt even with morphine*. Was sent home. The next day I stood up to go to the bathroom and my drain fell onto the floor. Called the surgery clinic and they said, go to the er. So there I went... the other drain *left leg* was removed as well.... even though I begged them that this was the "bad" leg and the drain, i thought, needed to stay in as long as possible. Sent home.
Christmas morning, I was having such a hard time breathing that all I wanted to do was sleep.. even though I knew SOMETHING wasn't right. Ambulance was called and back I went. I was admitted with a hemoglobin of 5. I was given 5 units of blood and 4 units of something called FFP. Fresh frozen plasma. and was told I had to stop the blood thinners because they were causing me to bleed out into my leg.... the bad leg. but that in the mean time I had to have a procedure called insertion of a IVC filter put in. This is where they put you out and go into a vein in your leg, travel up your body, and deploy a little mesh type umbrella into the main vein in ur body which will catch any clots and stop them from going to my heart. So, I had that..... *have to wear a necklace for the rest of my life and carry a card, that states i had this done.
This was the day after christmas. I thought to myself.. okay I am going through ALL of this and i am starting to feel better... So.... I KNOW this leg is going to be okay.. * all the while my leg was 2x the normal size and discolored*
well that saturday morning I got up with help to go potty and I heard a small pop.... didn't make a big deal out of it. Thought it was my bones cracking from moving. well. when I got back into bed I noticed my bandages were SOAKED, SATURATED with bright red blood. The nurse decided to change my dressing and when she took off the top bandage I was staring into my leg. My incision opened up approx 6 inches long and 3 inches deep ....Never had I seen anything like this before.. I became a whole new type of scared.
Had to have it opened up and cleaned out the next day, yes another surgery. After surgery I was told that they took out 400ml of old blood and fluid along with approx 26 clots. * that is NOT something that would have reabsorbed* and my leg was stitched closed and while in this short surgery I was given 2 units of blood and 2 of the FFP's.
I have been taken off of the blood thinners completely and it finally looks like my leg is healing like it's supposed to. Oh and on top of ALL of this.... everyone that knows me knows I am ALLERGIC to every tape except PAPER tape. when I woke up from surgery I had my upper thigh covered in surgical tape.. Now I have blisters all over the area where the tape was. I mean... DANG
I am angry, upset, frustrated, sad, scared and any other description you can give to my situation.

I had this surgery to help to improve my every day life. Had I known my situation would have been one where it almost took away everything from me.... I would have thought twice.... three times...

I am not trying to bring anyone down with my story.... everyone is different. every doctor is different every patient is different.
IDK why all of this happened to me. I am still looking for the answer to that, but I do know that GOD was and is still watching over me.. otherwise I would have been dead.

blister from tape

If I tell you im allergic to everything but paper tape why in the hell would you put it on me anyway? ????



hurts more and more

The pain is horrific

Looking better..

Although I have to learn to look past what I see and have a totally different perspective. So when my regular doctor told me how wonderful my leg was looking I couldn't see it. All I saw was giant, deep holes in my leg. She explained pink, red, bleeding, and even some burning were all indicators that the tissue is alive and new. Which all means healing is well under way...

guess what... yep. ANOTHER ISSUE

Went to shower this morning only to find not only has ny skin blistered from the tape but I have developed a fluid filled little bubble on the incision line. Worriesd me so I emailed a pic to my surgeon s assistant. She states its okay nothing to be alarmed about... idk... it bothers me...

I am free!!!!!

Omg I am so happy. Lord knows I forgot how good this felt to be so happy. All stitches and staples are out!!!! Come on healing!!!!!

I feel good.... and its about damn time

The holes are closing

I know some may not be able to see it but I can... especially the first and second ones... the bigger one is closing slowly but surely. ...thank you Lord

looking better

when it rains. it pours

Omw to my regular doc for what started out to be a regular appointment. . Until my nurse came and did my nutse came to do wound care. She pressed on it and this stuff came out.. along with alot of yellow fluid. It was scary. It looked ad though someone was squeezing a pimple... theres no pain, no smell, no discoloration. ... idk what the hell this is.. so im bringing it with me to the doc sp she can tell me...WHEN WILL ALL OF THIS GET BETTER?????????


My nurse said shes very happy at the way my leg is healing. But... she sees the 2 smaller holes are starting to close at the mouth without closing completely on the inside. . Sigh. How do we fix that? Also I have developed a lump on my good leg that looks like a golf ball ( on the incision line) it goes down at times and at others it swells. Looks like fluid ... I massage it and thats when I notice the reduction in size.. going to ask my pcp on tuesday... sigh

Another test

Just got back home from my appointment with my pcp. She looked at the lump and said shes almost sure its fluid but that it goes deep into my leg. So she is scheduling an ultrasound to confirm. It is a result of surgery.. (not going to go there. . Side eye). If it turns out to be a cyst then it will be removed. That doesn't bother or scare me.. it actually pisses me off.. because its like damn did you do anything right.. ( directed at the PS). Oh well... I know that God is watching and I know I will be just fine. .. just a little annoyed right now


Its a cyst. .. fluid filled cyst.. waiting to hear from doc to see whats next.. still in radiologist office to have him finish reviewing films

What's next.......

Well just found out that I will be having a procedure to remove the cyst because it cannot be drained with a needle. So, I am waiting for the authorization for the surgeon * one that I know very well* and then go from there.....

Another day

Had a rather rough night last night. Seems like my left leg got jealous for a minute that attention was being given to the right and dwcided to hurt like crazy. Mwanwhile every time I grazed my right leg with anything the lump screamed TENDER!!! So I said F it .. took a pain pill and drifted off to sleep at 3am... only to wake up at 5...Go figure the logic in that. Decidedto take a shower

Another day... continued

( why in the hell did it post when I wasn't done )

Anyway, went to take a shower and heard my daughter screaming, theres a dead cat in the garage... not our cat... how did it get in there? Why was it in there...? I let my son deal with that. . Went to bandage my leg and realized I only have 1 pack of gauze left.. This is after daily phone calls to the supply company telling them to give me my damn supplies. ... the insurance covers them. Why dont I have them... I hate unneeded stress like this... all of this and its just not 9am.. Think I will go back to bed and start over... THIS SUCKS...

Couldn't believe my eyes

Took the bandages off this morning and saw this... it looks like its almost healed. The wound care specialist sent me some skintegrity, and a couple other products ( dont have them infront of me right now) Silver something, and a type of gauze to cover it... well it made a world of difference literally overnight. Well yall judge for your selves.

Today is a good day

Looks better and better. Thank you Lord

the stuff that has helped heal my wounds


One thing I don't understand is I have very minimal amounts of pain when my wounds are being cleaned however, later in the day, usually in the evening, my wound "burns" and throbs. It bothered me so much I ended up taking a pain pill . I thought I was past all of this by now. Guess not. I have, however, gone from popping pain pills every 3 hours to just 2x a day. I guess that is an improvement. Just wish I didnt have to take them at all!


Never thought I would have a hospital bed in my home. Always thought the people that had those were basically on deaths door. Well... I have been sitting, sleeping, and basically spending most of my time in one for the past 2 months. Complained to insurance company that the springs were starting to irritate my but and make it sore.. no matter if I get up and move around. So I have been really on my insurance company when I noticed my skin peeling off... it wasn't broken just peeling. And wouldnt you know after 3 weeks I finally got approved for my air mattress but you know this wouldn't be right without issues (especially when it comes to me)... insurance company doesn't know when they can deliver it... something about the guy that knows how to install them is out on medical. ..... and whose problem is this??????? Im done

Forgot to add this one

This was taken December 27 the day my leg ruptured... please keep in mind this is one ace bandage wrapped around my leg. My leg was so heavy and swollen that I could not move it on my own someone had to lift it by my heel

Yayyyyyyyyy FINALLY!!!!

It is official. .. my middle hole on my leg is closed.. shut down.. sealed.... skin tight.. yep all of that... whew.. now waiting on the others to heal

Happy happy amd happy

Well look at this !!!


March 3 @ 9:30am have to arrive at 7:30am. No more cysts

I did it...

My nurse started coming every other day now.. I have one hole left open that needs to be packed. Yay me.. but I can't begin to tell you how scared I was when I went to shower and realized that I would have to pack it myself. Because the nurse was here on friday and wont be back until monday. Sigh... that is something I would never wish on anyone... I am sure doing to someone else is one thing but having to do it on yourself.... MAN!!! My brain is ALL over the place.. This really F**cks with me big time.... *sorry*.... When I had this surgery I had NO idea I would have to made to do anything like this.. How did all of this happen??? How did it turn into all of this???? What is it that I could have done to not have it go this way???? My head hurts... my feelings are all over the place. I am going to bed... I am emotionally screwed!!!!!!!!!!!

Feelings for today...

This process has changed me. It has changed my mind and the way I think. It leaves me to wonder ALL the time about things that honestly don't need concern. I cannot expect everyone to understand how I feel as I go through all of this bullshit. It is a battle that I signed up for without knowing or reading the fine print, I got blindsided. This entire ordeal has left me emotionally and physically undone..... In constant need of reassurance, that all is okay, everything is fine. I have become a nuisance to some regard. A thorn in the paw of the lion. This is so not me.. I know I will get back to who I once was.... I believe that with all my heart. I just ask your continued patience with me as I struggle through the muck and mire of what is become my life... for now.

Its going to be a good day...

Nurse just left after leaving me the entire weekend to care for my wounds myself... well low and behold, took off the bandages and couldn't believe what we saw... Only thing left to close of the large hole is an opening the size of the tip of a Qtip... *nodding head* yeaaa its gonna be a good day!!


The left *bad* leg is almost pain free. However, the right one, *one with the cysts*, hurts like hell... especially when I walk. Feels like my skin is being pulled, stretched and burns If my clothing , the cat or anything rubs or even grazes it I scream!!
HURRY UP MARCH 3rd!!! Please!!!

Pre Op

Just got the call that my pre op appointment is tomorrow at 8:45am.. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New decision

While at my appointment today for my pre op the nurse said, "You know, it might be a good idea if they kept you overnight just to watch you and make sure all is okay given your history".... So she picked up the phone and called the doctor... Doctor agreed and now.... I am staying overnight for my surgery on monday. It takes alot off of my mind! Sooooooo labs all done and I am READY!!!!

Two things....

Well, let me start by saying, hole number 1 is CLOSED... !!!!!! Yes you read that correctly!! I have no more "foreign orifices". LOL.. Still having pain and the feeling of a rush of warm fluid on the side of my knee when I stand.. IDK what that is... *shrug*.... Honestly I didn't know this day would ever get here.. After peering deep inside of your own body , it's hard to phantom it could ever really CLOSE. Second, I am getting ready to go into the hospital in the morning to have the cysts removed. WOW!!! My final step in the healing process.. *clapping hands* This makes me so happy. YES I SAID HAVING THIS SURGERY MAKES ME HAPPY!!!.. Not for any sadistic reasons but to move on with my life. To heal mentally and physically FINALLY!!! These past 3 months have been HELL to say the least. I will stay overnight and be released on Tuesday. I had to do the take a shower, scrub your entire body with one pack of wipes ... wait.... and scrub the surgical area for 3 minutes... put on clean pajamas, no lotion, no deodorant, and go to bed LOL But make sure you put on clean clothes to come to the hospital LOL I swear, the things they tell you just don't make sense. LOL
Okay, well I am going to get a snack * no more eating or drinking after midnight* and relax with a movie.
Will update tomorrow after I get to my room!!! Night folks!

No more cysts

Yes Indeed

This is it

Surgery is done and I am home recouping. All went fine. Never have I met such a wonderful surgeon. I found out that I haf to be put under general and with all that has happened to me I got scared and started to cry. Dr. Bechtel came to me, hugged me and said... if I give u a cocktail of meds I would have to give you too much so that you wouldn't feel anything and you would have issues waking up. Whereas if I give you general once the gas is gone you are awake. I hwve to do what is safest for you. I promise to take care of you during surgery and after.

So all went well. Nothing like my PS said it would. Smh. The cysts were huge and according to my surgeon were a direct complication of the surgery. I have 12 stitches, I think. I hwve to ho to his office on the 11th for followup, stitches removal and to pull the drain.
What made this so much cooler was the surgeon that assisted Dr. Bechtel was the same one that placed my IVC filter. He rememberd me because of my many complications and poor treatment. Oh well, God always gives us rainbows out of every dark cloud. Thank you God, Dr. Bechtel, Dr Fu, and all that helped me throughout this last surgery.
Time to heal... oh u can see how high the drain is placed.... thats because thats how deep the cysts were...

I have a question.... can someone help me???

I have submitted a question asking if someone who has had a previous history of PE pulmonary emboli could ever get a tattoo again.... but never got a reply... also, my surgeon that removed the cysts said that basically what he removed was a liquified hematoma... can someone put that in simple english..?? is it a blood clot?? a bruise?? and how did the surgery cause it * he said it did*

My battle continues

Left leg hole number1 re opened and looks like the 2nd one wants to as well...

What next

Looked down to find my bandage from my cysts removal bandanged soaked in blood... called my nurse.. she didnt answer her phone nor a text.. so I called their 24hr number. I was told to add dressing to it and it will be okay.. I know I am known to over react but this leg has never drained or been wet from the surgery.. now look at it....

My feelings.....

Haven't been on here in a while. Have had alot of things on my mind. Doing my best at remaining positive and looking forward to when all of the pain, disappointment, hurt, psychological turmoil, bandage changes, probing into the depths of my thigh, clenching of my teeth when the qtip hits an area that is raw on the inside, the hopeless look on my daughters face as tears stream down my face because she cant help me as the nurse does her thing, comes to an end. Searching for the little hope as I ask, " can you see inside?? is there any difference? is is getting smaller?" Only to be let down when the doctor gives me my return to work slip that is dated a month from the day of your visit.
Sometimes I think something is wrong with me. I mean, shouldn't there be? I think I am okay and doing well only to be in the middle of a conversation as to what happened and I lose it.. I break down. That's when reality hits and I realize I don't have it all together.
Missing my honey sooooo much til it hurts but at the same time I don't want to see him.... Even though he accepts and loves me for ME... My battle is within myself. I feel ugly... unattractive, like a failure... He has done his level best to make me know that he knows the battle I have been through to get to this point and he thinks I am beautiful no matter what, and that he loves me. I am so fortunate. Fortunate to have a guy like him... and to have friends like I do. So, I smile while they are looking. Allowing the glue from the tears to hold me together, just a little longer.... GOD help me and bless those that love me.

No fun...

this entire situation has been one horrible thing after another.. went to see my reg doc yesterday and she wouldn't let me leave without putting me on antidepressants. Lexapro is the drug of her choice.. Oh great... Also, told me to take Zinc.... she's concerned about my left legs lympathic system....
I am at the point where I am concerned but I am completely giving this over to GOD. I almost lost my life from all of the complications so I refuse to allow this to cause me to lose my rational.

Here ya go GOD... fix it... please.

leg deformed

Doc says my leg will be like this for the rest of my life....
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

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Renata... I'm crying!!! I'm a terrible friend. Where have I been for the last few months???? This pregnancy has been crazy and I'm out of touch. I love you girl! Your smile and bright heart has kept everyone's spirits up even with all you've had to deal with!!! You are a special person and you have been through a lot. Just think of that handsome man that helps you in these times and those beautiful children and grandchildren that brighten your days... Love you sunshine!!!
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Love you too manda... you are not a terrible friend. You have your own things you are going through. I don't expect anyone to put their life on hold just becuz I was dealt this hand right now. There are times that I honestly want to just cry my eyes out. I wish I would have known then what I know now. Oh well.... coulda shoulda woulda... *sigh*.... Just please pray for me... matter of fact... anyone reading this.... if you are a believer that GOD answers prayers.. I am asking... begging for prayer. My main focus is to somehow get caught up on my rent .... and put groceries in the house. Everything else is minor. I know my request is not too hard for GOD... so.. with a humble heart and a weary mind I ask for prayer... Thank you.. GOD bless
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I have no idea what to say to comfort you or to make you feel better. But I do know that God loves you and has a bright bright future for you. You are lovely, beautiful, unique…there is no other Renata H. like you in the entire world! I don't know why this happened to you, and perhaps you may never know. But take comfort that you have loved ones around you, a roof over your head, fresh clean water to drink, and access to good health care…and that you DIDN'T lose your life over this. Praise God. I know you know there is a time for everything Ecclesiastes says~a time to plant, a time to uproot, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn a time to dance, etc. Whatever season this is for you…however long….you are only responsible for one thing: and that is how you respond to it. I can hear your heart and anguish in your posts and I am so so sorry. My heart hurts for you…it truly does. Cry all that you need to, but know that you are infinitely loved. "Though the sorrow may last for the night…joy comes in the morning"…..I don't know how long your "night" may be…but know that I am praying for renewed strength for you…and grace as you continue to walk through this xxoo
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*tears* thank u so much... AMEN!!!!!!!! I receive this!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well girl. Dammit. I guess the good thing is this is situational depression do you can get off the meds in time. This has been a never-ending nightmare for you toots. I'm so very sorry for all the pain and complications and infections... You name it. ;( Your spirit is amazing and always is and will be. I love you.
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I love you more lady!!!! miss u like crazy!
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I have had thrombosis on my leg at 15, I am close to 63 now, and through my life, although blood tests showed I had no trouble with clotting, clots appeared. I always feel this danger. Did the doctor put you in any aspirin therapy to prevent further blood clots or something else? It hurts me to see how much you have suffered through your journey. I pray for healing and spiritual and emotional peace to return to you and for Blessings in your life. Even through what you have gone through you share your journey with others so they won't have to go through the pain and suffering you went through and that shows what a beautiful spirit you are. A big hug and much love sent your way.
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thank you... No the doctor hasnt put me on an aspirin regime .. I will ask her about it.... The last thing I want to do is to deter someone from their dream. I just wanted to awaken those that could possibly have closed eyes, as I did , as to the REAL possibilities to what COULD happen. I welcome the hugs and love.. thank u
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I hope you are doing better. I know it is hard but you must continue to stay strong !! One day you are going to look back and you are going to be glad that you did it. (((big warm hugs)))
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Darling, I hope you are doing much better. You've gone through so much and it truly aches me to know that many are suffering from complications. Please inbox me if you can just to let me know how you are doing. I'm sending positive energies your way.
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My daughter has had a clotting issue since 12. She has all four factors that contribute to clotting. The Filter you have is not even an option for her as she continually throws clots. After 13 years and hundreds of doctors at tons of hospitals it is the constant consensus that she can NEVER get a tattoo, piercing OR surgery willfully. For the exact reason of all the things you have suffered from. As you can tell from your HORRIFIC experiences the healing process is almost impossible and complex. I wish you the very best as my heart goes out to ANYONE struggling with an ongoing medical condition.
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I hope things get better for you soon
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Thinking of you. Hoping this new day is a good one for you. Big hug
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I believe a hematoma is a blood clot.
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I appreciate that.. Doc drained some fluid off after numbing it.. so the anesthetic from that helps but it's still throbbing.. Pain meds on board though
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Thanks lady.. im doing all I can to keep this pain at bay
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Saying a little prayer for your recovery. Blessings and love sent your way
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Thank you so much
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It doesn't look bad just open, don't fret on it...it will heal in it's own time....I think worrying can make things worse, no stressing allowed!!!
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Dee I think you are right.. However, I am doing all I can not to fret.. with all that has happened makes me think I should have been more cautious before hand...:-(
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I have been praying for you this morning after reading your FB update. This has to end...that's it, we need intervention from above at this time...
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Yea and to top it all off my landlord just left.. I am so frustrated. . Everything is happening all at once again... this is too much... thank u Dee. I truly appreciate all that u do
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Dammit, girlie. I sure HOPE that other hole doesn't open up as well. This gets pretty depressing, no? I can't even imagine how you feel. I peeled off my garment this morning to pee and saw a scab had pulled right off the right side where a drain had been that hasn't looked healed the whole time. That depressed me. I know that sucker can't heal with minimal scarring when that crap happens. Can't even picture what a mess I'd be with your issues. Hang in there. Did you get any reply yet about tattoos and a history of a PE? Love you, girlie.
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No one wants to answer me about it.... I am going to have to call someone and ask but I thought that is what this forum was for?? I even posted it in the THIGH LIFT section... as well as the PE section... Oh well. I am not doing anything but sitting in bed and getting up just to pee.... these wounds have no choice but to heal
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Hope your doing ok sweetness!! Still praying for you and think about you everyday! XXOO
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