I'm 26 a mother of 2 beautiful little girls. I...

I'm 26 a mother of 2 beautiful little girls. I gained quite a bit of weight with the pregnancies and just let myself go. Finally through diet, p90x and the gym I lost 45lbs. I still have some toning to do but it's very discouraging with this flap and constant muffin top. Breast feeding my 2nd baby really took its toll on my breast. I've been a B, C and while breast feeding a D. Now I'm back down to a very deflated B. I've been wanting to get this done since having my first daughter but now that I'm done having kids, I think it's warranted. I'm nervous about being out of the gym for 6-8 weeks. I go 4-6 days a week and do a combo of weight training and cardio. I really want to start TapoutXT, but that'll have to wait til I recover enough. I'm also nervous about not picking up my 1 year old.

I forgot to put what I'm getting. I'm getting a BL...

I forgot to put what I'm getting. I'm getting a BL and BA with a lollipop incision. Silicone unders, hopefully 425. But the doc says he decides once in surgery to see what looks best. And a TT with lipo of abdomen but no flanks. Surgeon says its a long procedure and worries about adding too much.

Well that's it, we're getting divorced. OMG. I'm...

Well that's it, we're getting divorced. OMG. I'm so distraught. He said he'll still take care of me. :(. I'm losing the love of my life. 6 years of marriage and 9 together. I can't cancel surgery, it's already paid for. Stressed to say the least. 8 more days and pre op Thursday. Ill let u guys know how that goes. Sorry for the venting.

Alright guys one week out and my regret is sky...

Alright guys one week out and my regret is sky high. I had an interview last Thursday and I got the job but they want me to start Dec 3rd. Which us fine but I had to tell them about my restrictions. I'm so distraught it's going to stop me from getting this job. I'm an RN. And have been working long term care for the past 15 months because there are NO hospital jobs in my area. Now that I might actually have one, my vanity is going to mess it up. Things are going crazy right now. I would reschedule but there's so much money I would lose and I doubt I'll ever be able to take time off like this again. Life is crazy.

Ok. So the husband and I are still in limbo. ...

Ok. So the husband and I are still in limbo. We're going to do counseling on the 27th of this month, so that's a good thing. The lady for the job said my restrictions are fine. I'm going to be an ICU nurse!!!! Overall it's been a pretty good day!!!!! I have an HSG tomorrow to check if my Essure blocked both of my tubes. Trying to stay positive.

Preop today. I have to say I'm super excited. ...

Preop today. I have to say I'm super excited. Doc said well probably go 425cc. Sounds good to me. Tried on my compression garments today, probably going to buy another one, so ill have two to rotate. He thinks well have an awesome result on my tummy. Even said I could get a mini if I wanted but I want the best bang for my buck. So far I haven't been too scared, hopefully my nerves will hold. On another note this is probably my last weekend at my current job. I hope there not too mad, take two weeks vacay and then put my two weeks in. Yikes. I am starting to feel more like my marriage is ending. :/ but if it does end. We still love each other and can hopefully be friends in the end. Thank you ladies for ur awesome comments.

Surgery day before: Well today's the day! It's...

Surgery day before: Well today's the day! It's 1:30am and I just woke up wide awake. Nerves still haven't really kicked in, I wonder if its because I'm a nurse. Of course I'm nervous but not freaking out. I'm worried about pain, nausea and results. I'm sure that's the three main for all of us ladies. I have my nausea patch on the back of my ear and haven't ate or drank anything since 10pm. I have to be there at 7, so I probably should go back to sleep. Ill see you ladies on the other side. Ill post later if I'm feeling up to it. Muah!

End of surgery day. I got to the surgery center...

End of surgery day. I got to the surgery center at 7.and left after pm. Holy nausea. I am in pain but its manageable. My hubby is doing a great job taking care of me. Finally peed like 5 minutes ago. I'm so anxious to see everything, but I know I can't. Right drain is draining more than left. Been in an out of sleep. Talk to u ladies soon.

Post op day 1: I'm having a hard time with the...

Post op day 1: I'm having a hard time with the nausea and the pain when moving. When I'm at rest there's not much pain. I went to my post op appointment today and got to see all the work. My breast are so high right now. But they look awesome. And my tummy scar looks clean. My hubby said hell take pics tomorrow when he opens me up again. I've only ate grapes and crackers since I've been so nauseous. I think I'm going to try and cut the norco down to one instead of two. No pain from the breast all tummy. So far just tired and in pain. Oh and I ended up with 425cc.

Post op day 2: so I threw up the antibiotic last...

Post op day 2: so I threw up the antibiotic last night. Worst pain ever. I'm down to just taking Tylenol with the occasional muscle relaxer. I'm pretty exhausted and cat nap all day and night. Hopefully it gets better soon.

Post op day 4: Was very uncomfortable this...

Post op day 4: Was very uncomfortable this morning. Took my Tylenol and an hour later my muscle relaxer and slept all more. I was exhausted. I finally had a small BM last night, that's all I can have. I feel like I have to go but I only go a little cuz I don't wanted to tighten my stomach muscles so much. Right now, no pain just uncomfortable. I'm able to walk around more and move around more in general. I'm still living in my recliner. My PS, said I can only take my CGs off when in my recliner so I haven't gotten any good pics. But I'll post what I have, I was pretty swollen.

Post op day 5: Well ladies the blues set in...

Post op day 5: Well ladies the blues set in yesterday and our continuing on today. The whole issue of my husband and I is weighing heavily on me. I've be "carefully" crying. Cuz if not it hurts. My heart is broken and I hurt so much emotionally. No pain meds today. I hope day 6 is better. I am moving around easier. The swelling sucks. Barely draining out of both drains.

Feeling awesome today. Got my drains out, no more...

Feeling awesome today. Got my drains out, no more ball and chain. Lol Not bad at all. Got the ok to wear a real bra, no underwire. So I'm gonna get these puppies measured! Still have to wear my compression garment but thinking bout buying some spanx and I can take off my Ted hose. Feeling better today emotionally as well, more positive. Hopefully after some bra shopping ill feel even better. Oh and I can shower tomorrow Hallelujah!!! Ill post pics later tonight

Just FYI DO NOT watch 21 Jump Street!!! Lol I...

Just FYI DO NOT watch 21 Jump Street!!! Lol I was laughing my ass and it hurts so good. No pics tonight, hopefully tomorrow.

Post op day 8: Showered today, I feel human again...

Post op day 8: Showered today, I feel human again. But man the middle of my stomach swells and I look preggo. Can't wait for final results cuz right now I'm impressed with the girls but the tummy kind of has me in a "my stomach wasn't that bad before" kind of mentality. The incisions all look pretty good, can't wait to stand up straight. I do not like my two drain holes right now, can't wait til they heal. Going out to dinner and a movie with the hubby for his birthday, hopefully it's a nice night. I think I might try some jeans on. We'll see.

2 weeks post op tomorrow. Had my appointment...

2 weeks post op tomorrow. Had my appointment today. He said everything looks great! He said I can start scar therapy next week once all the crusting is gone. He gave me this scar cream called biocorneum. He said he really likes it and his receptionist used it and said her scars are barely there. Still can't workout til Christmas, which is my 6 week mark. Just in time for the new year. I won't see him again until 8 weeks postop in January. The only thing that hurts are my nipples being super sensitive, like when ur breast feeding. I'm moving around a lot more. Still sleeping in my recliner, haven't tried sleeping in the bed. Have to remind myself not to over do it. Can't wait to get back to the gym, starting to feel flabby. Still putting mud in the gas tank. My healthy eating has been slacking, another reason I prolly feel flabby. My husband doesn't cook. So take out it is. Hubby and I go to counseling tomorrow, so we will see. Trying to stay positive. Happy healing everyone.

Well had our counseling today. It went so bad. ...

Well had our counseling today. It went so bad. We're getting divorced and he's moving out this weekend after we sort everything out. I hope healing continues to go well and the new job. Cuz I so need them too. Hope everyone is doing well, I've had such a rough day.

2 weeks and 2 days: so I broke down and went to...

2 weeks and 2 days: so I broke down and went to the gym. Couldn't stay away. I'm just walking on the treadmill, very slowly. So far so good. It's totally a mental thing, just glad to be off the recliner. Still trying not to lift anything except my crazy 2 year old. Today I'm ok with the divorce, but I don't think it's hit me yet. He'll move out this weekend after we discuss all the details. On a positive note, I think it'll be a very amicable split. Hope everyone is well.

3 weeks post op tomorrow: Well first things first...

3 weeks post op tomorrow: Well first things first. The ear plug in the belly button works amazing. I was worried about having a shallow belly button because mine was always perfect even with the flap. Lol. I popped it in yesterday put some gauze and tape and my CG. And today it's nice and deep. Took a shower and it started to shrink again. I heard it can take a few weeks. I think my breast are starting to drop my nipples seem to be pointing straight rather than down. Feeling good, walking on the treadmill daily. Started eating healthy again. Started the new job, only had orientation but so far so good. I ordered a new CG. It's in the mail so ill let u know when it gets here. My current one is starting to shift more and more and the side zippers make it where I can only wear certain things. Today I felt like I could stand up straight without having to work for it, so I'm excited about that. As soon as my incisions are no longer crusty I can start scar therapy. I'm thinking a few more days for the breast and sides of the TT scar. The bb and middle of the TT scar still have quite a bit of scabbing. I still swell quite a bit by the end of the day. I have been lifting my 2 year old. :/. But I do it very carefully. Don't really have a choice sometimes. I do try to avoid it when possible. Other than that I feel great. Haven't had a full day on my feet yet but well see. Hope everyone is healing well!

Hey guys changed my name, cuz I didn't want people...

Hey guys changed my name, cuz I didn't want people to google me and my naked pictures pop up. Lol. His a pic of me with a tank on. I just took my bra off for the pic. Not too shabby.

Well I'm standing up straight. No pain just...

Well I'm standing up straight. No pain just fullness when I swell. Had a spitting stitch past week clipped it with sterilized scissors. It's healing well. I have a small pin prick opening on my belly button. Just drained some blood so I'm thinking no infection. Not worried just irritated. To be honest it's probably because I'm doing too much. I started back at the gym last week not with approval from the plastic surgeon. Just doing treadmill, elliptical and some bike. Staminas up I do about an hour. I'm back down to pre surgery weight. Depending on the day I can fit into my pre surgery jeans. The hubby moved out yesterday and surprisingly I'm ok. I'm so busy with school, the gym, getting the house back in order and starting the new job, I really don't have time to think about missing him. I started my new job in the ICU yesterday. It was so awesome. I'm learning so much. I'm nervous though, the two nurses before me got fired because they couldn't catch on. So hopefully I can catch on. But I could see myself staying there the duration of my career. Right now I'm so ready to be 100%. I want to get back to working out like a beast. I want a 6 pack by summer. I'm staying positive and looking forward. I'm hoping 2013, will be an amazing year for me!!! Love u ladies and all ur support. Hope everyone is healing well! Ill post new pics soon.

So yesterday I had a pin prick opening on my belly...

So yesterday I had a pin prick opening on my belly button and today it was still small but double the size. So upon inspection I noticed a small stitch. I disinfected my tweezers grabbed it and bam a huge stitch came out. No pain or anything. So now I'm hoping it'll heal. But I had another one on my left breast that was scabbed over. And I think I have a few under my left breast. Booo!! Frustrated to say the least, but I just want these suckers out so I can heal. Grrr.

Well another week down. Healing is going pretty...

Well another week down. Healing is going pretty steady. I broke down and started weight training today. Doing the smallest weight ever, like 5-10lbs. Went very slow and safe. It felt great! I also jogged for the first time today. Also went well. I'm not suppose to for another week but like I said before nurses are horrible patients. I still swell some but only after a long day. Next week ill start weaning off my compression garment. Ill probably wear it when I workout for a few more months. Pulled another spitting stitch this morning. I'm kind of obsessed with them. Lol. I'm chugging along at the new job, hope they think I'm doing just as good as I'm thinking I am. I just have to say this was one of the best decisions I've ever made!!! I feel great and can't wait to see some abs next year!

Well today is 6 weeks for me. So far I've spent...

Well today is 6 weeks for me. So far I've spent the morning alone so I went for a jog in the cold. Felt good, until I started crying towards the end. It was a good cry though. Apparently I needed it. Today's the first day I'm going to venture out of the house without the CG on. I'm still going to wear it when I work and workout. But other than that I'm going to try and wean myself. On Thurs I'm going back to my MMA class, I'm gonna start super slow. And I'll start weights this week. I'm also going to start waking up a half an hour early to hit the treadmill before work. It's been a rough year and I'm glad it's almost over. I'm probably going to file for divorce in a couple weeks. Very bummed about that. Still stressed about the new job, but hopefully it'll work out. I want to get my ribs tattood but I'm going to wait til my next post op to make sure it's ok, since its between surgical sites. I've been waiting to get this tattoo until I got my breast done. It's going to say Perpetual Chaos. One word under each breast. Merry Christmas ladies and a Happy New Year if I don't post again before then.

Well lets see. Everything is pretty good. Still...

Well lets see. Everything is pretty good. Still have a hard time with an exercises. Still swell at the end of a long day. I finally stopped wearing my compression garment. Can't wait for the swelling to stop so I can see some abs. As far as working out I'm pretty much back to before except I go much lighter on chest and only do crunches. Got new tattoos. Hope everyone is doing well.

Well guys. Not much new to add. My scars still...

Well guys. Not much new to add. My scars still super red, but very flat. I still swell around my belly button. So tired of that. Can only do crunches for abs, and I go semi light on chest. Ready for my scar to lighten and to stop swelling, but I know I still have a while for both. Love how I look in clothes! Self conscious about my scar and my "fake" boobs a lil. People are really big haters when they find out you have silicone. Umm not much else. Hope everyone is healing well.

Had a mommy makeover in November last year. Dr....

Had a mommy makeover in November last year. Dr. Silverton was respectful and knowledgeable and the staff was pleasant and amazing. Great experience overall. My results were realistic and I feel great. If u want great results and realistic breast this is the doc. I'm so glad I chose him and if I need anything in the future I will go back.

6 months and loving it.

Well I hit 6 months this month. I still feel like I swell but no one can see it, when I tell them. I've been working out like crazy. Still have a hard time with abs sometimes, mostly leg lifts and lower abs. I work out chest just fine. My husband and I signed the papers for divorce. But it's good I'm happy. My job is amazing and ill finish school in a month. Scar is still dark, ill prolly tattoo over it at the end of the summer and ill look into by belly button piercing. Hope everyone is healing well!!!

1 year anniversary

Hey guys, I sort of fell off, but I thought I'd come back at my year. Well it's still the best decision I've made. As far as my scar goes its flat but dark. The ends are lighter but a lil funky. Still hate my love handles but working on them. Wish they would've been done with surgery. As far as working out goes, I do everything I was doing before, I'm just as strong, if not stronger than a year ago. I work chest and abs fine. I did notice though the abs just recently didn't feel like they were pulling. I did have some issues with orgasms, as I felt like I pulled something in my stomach when I had an intense one. A lil TMI, but thought it was pertinent. As far as personal, I got promoted at my job, have a new boyfriend and am feeling great and trying to get fit. I am getting my scar tattood at the end of this month, so ill post that when done. Anyone get their belly button pierced yet? I really want to but ill wait til after my tattoo. If anyone has any other questions hit me up.

1 year anniversary

Before and after pix

Tattood over scar

Well it's been a year and four months. Haven't had any issues. Still have my love handles, but still working out. Can pretty much do any exercise without any problems. I tattood over my scar which is soooo painful!!! But worth it, you can't see my scar anymore. I didn't tattoo around the belly button so u can still see that one but its faded a lot. I'll probably get it pierced. Still the best decision I ever made. The breast feel soft and natural so glad I went with silicone. U can still see those scars but they're light.
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What amazing results! Good for you for going thru with it and doing something for yourself! Looks amazing. I can't imagine how hard all of those changes were all at once! Enjoy your awesome results!
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That's a bold tattoo ;-)!!! Love it!
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Love your story! It sounds like you and I would work well together. Cant stand all these old-bat rn's. lol. I'm def taking some pics like that when I'm healed :-) Sorry to hear about your hubby. I'm going thru something similar. Glad to see u bounced back. I plan on doing the same...
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I definitely get tired of the RNs that down look tattoos and fun. Lol. I'm actually in a really good place with my life. It's nice to be a lil selfish every so often. I'm going to have a rockin summer body and all my hard works going to pay off. I'm going to be in charge of my ICU one day tattoos, fake boobs and crazy hair. Lol
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A year already. ..congratulations. ..are you using anything on your scars?
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I haven't been. I was probably the first 6 months then I fell off. I'm not very good at consistency.
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Thanks for posting an update. That must have been so hard to go through this while splitting from your hubs :( Question, how was it meeting a new guy with the scar and all? Was it something he noticed? Not that I am planning on breaking up w/ DH but one of the things I think about now is that after having 4 kids no man will ever love my body again naked. Do you feel like it was an issue in your new relationship? You look great by the way!!
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My new boyfriend knew I was getting the procedure because we were friends before, so no he didn't have an issue. Before him though I was intimate with a younger guy (23) and he didn't bat an eye. I was worried too, but I think as long as ur naked they don't sweat the details. Lol. My new boyfriend doesn't have an issue with the scars and always comments on how real my breast feel. So doesn't effect anything.
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Wow, what an amazing story, you sure took on alot at once. So happy for your awesome recovery. You look fantastic!!
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Thank u!!
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Very inspiring! Congrats mommy!
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Wow! Great results!! Good for you and congrats. You look awesome :)
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I love the placement of all ur ink! Beautiful... Congrats to u on ur weight loss and the new sexy bod!
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Wow, your 6 month pics look absolutely stunning! I love your stomach definition and hope mine will look like that one day. It was encouraging to read about the steps you took to begin working out again. Thanks for sharing.
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Thank you for the update- you look wonderful.
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Hey zombie RN , well, you've been to war and back again. I'm sure the heartache pain has been much greater than your physical pain. I admire the strength you have to be sharing it all. Sweet little lady who is now beautiful both inside and out, is a Mommie and an RN-----God Bless you for all you have been thru and succeeded. Your little girls will always come first in your life, but never feel that your goals are out of reach. I wish you much love and happiness in your life. Keep up being what you appear to have achieved. Good luck in your job and in the gym . God Bless you from one RN to another RN. Angel face
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Worth it!!!!!!!! You look great!
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How are your scars? How is swelling? I am 10 weeks today and still swelling some. Wondering about people far out! Posting more pics soon?
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You look fabulous! Thank you for the updates!!
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haters will hate bc they are envious...you look great, the waiting game from the other side is much better than before..enjoy the new you..love the tattoos, I'm thinking of getting one on my stomach to cover the vertical scare.
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Depending on how my scars heal. I might get a tat to cover it. Right now it's so red. I hate my bb scar. But it's better than a flap. I want to get it pierced top and bottom so that'll help hide it. But that won't be for a while.
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You look FABULOUS!!! Congrats on that! Hope u like your new job... I'm an RN too! Can't wait to go back to the gym! I'm po day 13. ;).
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I love my new job but its very stressful. I started walking at 3 weeks against my surgeons advice but I was going crazy.
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Yea... You can't tell us nurses anything!!!!
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So true!!
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