18 Yo, 5'4", 95lbs

I've always been really petite and unfortunately...

I've always been really petite and unfortunately no boobs came with my small body. So I have been wanting a BA for years now and I can't believe its finally happening. My surgery will take place just in time for me to go off to college with my new breasts :)
I am currently wearing a 32a bra but hoping to be a full c cup after my BA.
But now that the day is getting closer and closer and as I keep looking at pictures I'm starting to get rather worried.
I didn't really think much of it until recently but now that I've noticed I'm freaking out. I really just want perfect breasts except now I think they're going to be those dreadful wide set implants that look horrible! Is there anything that can be done during my augmentation to fix this huge gap? Or will I suffer all my life...? Left breast is slightly bigger.

Dream Boobs

Heres just a few pics of what I wish I had or could have

Picking size

Still debating on what size will get me to where I would like to be, which is a full C cup. 325 or maybe 350? What do most A cup ladies get to make them a C? I feel like a 400cc would probably be way to big and also that something in the 200's would be too small.
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Glad to see you posed your question about cleavage to the RealSelf Doctor Q&A. It looks like you got some great information to share with your doctor about implant placement and the pocket dissection. Good for you for doing your research. 

You might also get additional feedback from an amazing group of supportive women in the June/July 2014 Breast Augmentation Forum. Check it out when you have time!
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Yay my surgery is July 30th, too!! 2 more weeks eeeeek!
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Wow this is so exciting, best of luck on the 30th :) I checked out your post, did you decide to go with the 300cc hp?
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If you trust your surgeon don't worry about it :) They want you looking good so they will help you choose a size and placement that is right for your body. I'm like you, small petite barely an A! I wasn't ever really able to make cleavage unless I had a super padded bra. I got 400cc silicone high profile and right now I have cleavage, but they are still swollen so I'm not sure how they'll look once they settle. Point is, even if they don't have much cleavage without a bra, there are so many bras that can give you amazing cleavage. You don't need to have it all the time :) Do you know what size you're planning on going with? By the way, your boobs are super cute and perky, I don't think you have a huge gap between them either. You're going to look great with implants. Trust your doc and go over all your worries with him/her. Be sure to keep posting!
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I'm trying to have some trust here but I'm just starting to get really nervous especially since my pre-op appointment is set for two days before my surgery date... yikes. I want to go about 325-350cc (I think thats what I tried on) or whatever my PS thinks is going to make me a C cup. Thank you for the comment I'm starting to lighten up about my looks :)
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Believe me, I was there. I was going to get 350cc, but kept trying on my 400cc rice boobs and made the decision to go a little bigger. I wouldn't go any bigger than what I got though. Once you make your decisions you have to decide that this is what you want and 25cc's isn't really a big noticeable difference. Either way, you'll be coming out of there with a new set of boobs to show off so just think of it that way :)
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The surgeons have to position the implant centered under your nipples (otherwise imagine how funny it would look), that's why they say if you don't have much cleavage, it may not give you much. With that being said, talk to your doc about this concern, for sure, because all of us who were perky A or B cup gals naturally do not have any cleavage naked before augmentation, but the girls seem to come together just fine in any bra after your BA, especially if you get larger implants. You do not want too large, tho, because of your narrow ribcage and the risk for symmestia (where the implants touch and your skin tents up where cleavage should be. Yikes!!). So no, if you are looking for perfect, you will always be looking. Why not just look for better? Everyone is different and results are different. Go with what your doc advises in order to avoid complications, and if you're not happy with the outcome, go back to your before pics and be amazed at the difference, even without perfection.
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Yeah you're right! I don't want too big of implants either just because it won't fit my small frame. Thank you, I'm sure I'll be happier once done :)
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Check out my revision with 350s. I too am tiny, 105 lbs, and went with 225s at first and then got 350, which are actually not much bigger but they are better. It moved me to a 30DD, so I bet your ps says you'll be a C, but you will definitely be a D with your size and 350s. (It's still proportional to your frame, though, so no worries. (A 30D is not the same as a 36D!!!)
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