I've always been really petite and unfortunately...

I've always been really petite and unfortunately no boobs came with my small body. So I have been wanting a BA for years now and I can't believe its finally happening. My surgery will take place just in time for me to go off to college with my new breasts :)
I am currently wearing a 32a bra but hoping to be a full c cup after my BA.
But now that the day is getting closer and closer and as I keep looking at pictures I'm starting to get rather worried.
I didn't really think much of it until recently but now that I've noticed I'm freaking out. I really just want perfect breasts except now I think they're going to be those dreadful wide set implants that look horrible! Is there anything that can be done during my augmentation to fix this huge gap? Or will I suffer all my life...? Left breast is slightly bigger.

Dream Boobs

Heres just a few pics of what I wish I had or could have
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Yay my surgery is July 30th, too!! 2 more weeks eeeeek!
Wow this is so exciting, best of luck on the 30th :) I checked out your post, did you decide to go with the 300cc hp?

Picking size

Still debating on what size will get me to where I would like to be, which is a full C cup. 325 or maybe 350? What do most A cup ladies get to make them a C? I feel like a 400cc would probably be way to big and also that something in the 200's would be too small.
I wanted to add, you already have a gorgeous shape
Glad to see you posed your question about cleavage to the RealSelf Doctor Q&A. It looks like you got some great information to share with your doctor about implant placement and the pocket dissection. Good for you for doing your research. 

You might also get additional feedback from an amazing group of supportive women in the June/July 2014 Breast Augmentation Forum. Check it out when you have time!
Believe me, I was there. I was going to get 350cc, but kept trying on my 400cc rice boobs and made the decision to go a little bigger. I wouldn't go any bigger than what I got though. Once you make your decisions you have to decide that this is what you want and 25cc's isn't really a big noticeable difference. Either way, you'll be coming out of there with a new set of boobs to show off so just think of it that way :)

Pre Op Appt

Today I finally had my pre op appointment. I know that it seems pretty late to be having it considering my ba is scheduled for Wednesday which is only two days away! I was gone on vacation and just got back, it was the only available time.

The Dr. went over paperwork and answered my questions and I showed him some pics of what I would love to have. He said that what I was showing him was bigger than the size I was going, but that's okay I'd rather not go any bigger than what I've chosen because I am just so small! Maybe in the future when I have to have them replaced I'll go a little bigger, I'll probably have added some weight by then :)

I'm going with saline implants, due to my age, 300cc left and 315cc right. Left breast is already slightly bigger so it'll even out.
I hope it will be the perfect size on my body, I liked the way the sizers I tried on look. I know they are a little smaller once they're actually placed under the muscle.
I'm going to go to the store soon and place/pick up my prescription.

p.s. ignore my bad nails in the pictures, I'm in the process of removing them because I want to switch to gel instead of acrylics lol.
Ah I'm freakin out! Lol. What time is your appt tomorrow? Mine is 7:45am!
Mines at 10:30, so I have to arrive at hospital at 8:30am
I'm 5 days post Op I went 565cc but I'm 5'7 148 and was 34a pre op! Good luck honey you will love your new girls!


I'm getting really nervous because my surgery is tomorrow. I only have the one surgical bra that my PS office provided for me, I'm not sure if I should go out and buy a few sports bras or anything (I see a lot of women getting them from walmart) so I don't have to go out afterwards.
I also don't know if I should consider getting something to help minimize or prevent stretch marks?
I've read that people buy packs of frozen peas to put on breast after surgery, idk if I'm going to do this or not. Guess I should but I just haven't gotten to the store yet.
I just feel so unprepared because this is all happening so fast, but I'm so excited!

My last and main concern is because I was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last September, I just hope it isn't going to affect my blood sugar too bad. Anyone else with diabetes that's gotten a BA, should I monitor my levels a lot more frequently?

At least I'm getting away today. Going to spend the day at the beach with my closest friends, hopefully take my mind off things.
Congratulations! I'm 18, too and interested in getting breast augmentation and tummy tuck to fix my skin after some major weight loss. Let me know how your surgery goes! Best of luck!
Thank you I will. And congrats on your major weight loss :)
Good luck!

Last night with my natural self!

Oh my goodness I seriously cannot believe that in just a few hours when I wake up that I will be going in for my BA! It's crazy, my dream is finally coming true and I'm so young too. I feel really blessed to have my families support.

Tonight I shall be enjoying sleep on my sides and stomach because for the next two weeks I will be having to sleep on my back. I really don't know how I'm going to pull that off, I do not like sleeping on my back.

Plan on waking up at 7:30am and taking a nice relaxing shower because it'll be my last one for four days (yikes) I can't shower until sunday! Then leave my house and get to the hospital by 8:30am.

..Couldn't really eat dinner because I'm so nervous lol.

Few pre-op pics

Good luck! Let us know how it goes!
Boobies boobies boobies. Yay!


I'm seriously so in love with my new girls!! I think they're perfect size rn, but they'll look even better when they drop and fluff so we shall see how that goes :)

Woke up took a shower and got to the hospital around 8:40. As soon as I got there I just had to sign a few papers and they said that the Doctor was running ahead of schedule and I might get in sooner then expected. The nurses took me to the back and did the usual, had to change, take urine sample, weighed me, got my iv. Then PS came and marked me up and confirmed my size. 300cc left, 315cc right. I got saline implants incase I didn't already state that.
The nurse gave me the "cocktail" and I must've knocked out cold then and there because I do not remember being moved to the OR or anything! Surgery scheduled for 10:30 but I started around 9:50.

Next thing I know I'm waking up and just thinking "do I really finally have boobs?" I asked for my mom so they brought her back and I was very excited to see them. I had her go on a little photoshoot and take pics so I could see lol.

I can't stay on my laptop long because it makes me feel sick idk why. But other than that I'm feeling amazing and on cloud 9 for sure! Theres a little pain, but I can handle it for now.
I'll update later.
I hope mine look like yours! They went through the aeriola so I'm wrapped tight in gauze and can't see them! Hope your feeling wonderful!
Ah congrats you look awesome!!
They look great!! Lol I remember when I would try to text on my phone I felt really dizzy and couldn't focus so I always had to get off too. You seem to be doing great, I think you'll have an easy recovery! Yayy! Welcome to the other side ;)

First night/Day 2

I felt pretty good yesterday until the evening came. I kept getting really nauseous so the doctor prescribed some medicine to help with that. I don't think I took it in time though because after finally managing to eat a little it all came back up. But I felt much better after throwing up.

Sleeping propped up on my back wasn't that bad because I was pretty tired. Probably shouldn't have drunk as much water as I did before I went to bed. I got up at least four times to pee lol.
I felt nauseous this morning but after eating breakfast I feel pretty good again.
Instead of taking the whole pain pill I just took half because I think the dose is too strong for me, (I had to only take half a dose when I got my wisdom teeth out. it was making me throw up then too)

Honestly couldn't be happier with my results. I have no idea why I was worried they came out better than expected. Glad they aren't super high up on my chest like I've seen on other women. They don't look too "frankenboob" either. Can't wait to watch them change over the next few weeks/months :)
Your looking great girl!
They look very well balanced. Both look the same size and even.
They look awesome! I got mine gone yesterday and I'm so nervous to see today!! I got 305cc because I am also petite and didn't want to go too big! Your post really haves calm me down! Thank you

Never Been Happier

Today I went shopping with my mom and for the first time in forever I had the time of my life. Although yes I still have the bandages off, I've never felt so good trying on clothes! Everything looked good, I just had to picture it without the bandages. Things I know I would have hated before I loved. Found so many cute things I can't wait to buy clothes for college!
I didn't buy much because I want to wait until I get them off on wednesday but for now I was just looking for some higher necked tops that will cover the bandages so I can go out in public without wearing an ugly teeshirt.. lol
Havings boobs is like a whole new world to me :) and I absolutely LOVE it
Are you not able to remove the bandages, or do you have to replace them nightly?
get my bandages off wednesday, I'll post pics then :)
Thanks. I hope they stay looking the same haha

First Outing

Today I was finally able to take my first shower, which felt nice but it was kind of uncomfortable to wash my hair. Not a big deal though. Blow dried my tape after just so it wasn't soaking wet.

Also went to SF for the day sporting my new boobs and I felt so good. Had to wear a high neck shirt to cover my tape but I loved them! :)
You look amazing! They already look great on you so just wait till they settle in! Btw, cute outfit for your first outing! :)
Congrats, congrats! I've been following your updates & you're looking so amazing. I was curious if you got high or moderate profile (sorry if you've answered a million times). :)
I wanna say that they are high profile but I'm not 100% positive. I'll have to ask him on Wednesday to make sure then I'll let you know :)

1 Week Update

This week has been pretty good, the pain never got too bad but my nipples have been feeling really weird and super sensitive and are pretty sore to touch. I seriously hate sleeping on my back this is so annoying but I only have to do it for one more week. Today I finished taking the last of my antibiotic pills and went to the PS for my follow up appointment where he took off my tape.
I am so happy with the way they are looking. Need to drop a little more but I have no complaints :)
My scars look good to me, healing nicely.
All I need to do is apply lotion to help prevent them from becoming really dry.
OMG your girls look so amazing! I'm so surprised at how good your post-op results are so soon after the surgery.. a lot of women on here have very tight-looking HIGH frankenboob but yours look great already. I have a few questions.. What bra size were you before & what size are you now? Did you go over or under the muscle? & how do the saline implants feel to the touch? THANKS IN ADVANCE :)
They look great! I hope mine look as good as yours lol. What bra size are you now?
Your looking good!! :D

About Me

Okay so I totally just realized I never even gave any info about me that might be important to some..

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 94lbs
Pre-op Bra: 32a
Implants: Saline, under the muscle, moderate plus.
Left Implant: 300cc
Right Implant: 315cc


I'm still on cloud 9 :)
I wasn't instructed to wear a band to help them drop, but PS did give me one. So I've been trying to wear it when I'm home so that they will drop bc I feel they are a tad too high right now and I leave for college in a week so I'm hoping they settle down more before then.
I also wasn't told if I'm supposed to be massaging them or not, I'd assume not if I wasn't told to do so.

I'm not to wear an under wire or push up bra for the first two months so I'm waiting for my boobs to settle more until I officially go and get sized. But ya know I tried on a bra just out of curiosity and I fit into a 32d perfectly! It might have been one of the best moments of my life lol.

They still feel a little tight but I can tell they're slowly getting more squishy. Pretty sure they'll get softer over time.
I hope my upcoming breast augmentation surgery will be as positive as yours.
You look awesome!! Yay for 300cc boobies!! Are you loving the size? I had a moment of boobie greed when the swelling went down in my smaller implant, but I'm over it. Lol. You look soooo good!!!

3 Weeks

Tomorrow will be my 3 week post op date.
Everything has gone rather well and smooth throughout the last few weeks. I wish they were a little more dropped because I'm leaving for college tomorrow but in due time.
I got instructions to start massaging my breast and I'm supposed to be taking vitamin e pills for the first six months after my surgery.
I feel like my right breast is bigger than my left, which is funny because before surgery my right was smaller than my left. Guess the tables have turned, but it's not a huge difference so it doesn't bother me too much.
I can sleep on my sides now too but it's still a little uncomfortable. I actually got use to sleeping on my back and find it rather nice which is weird because before surgery I literally never slept on my back because I hated it.
Still don't know what bra size I am because I have not gone to buy any real bras, I'm waiting until I'm cleared and they are more settled.

Enough of that I'll add a few pics tomorrow. If you have any questions just leave one or message me thanks :)


said I'd upload pics tomorrow but nvm I'll just do it now
Can you please share who was the doctor who did your breasts?
Yes, please tell us! They look great! Good choice in size! You mentioned that you had considered going bigger but keep in mind that since you have pointy nipples ( like I do), you'll probably wear a padded bra to keep them from showing...so they will look bigger with the padding. :-). I am also 5'3" and got a C cup implant when I was 25 (19 years ago). Best thing I ever did to feel physically like a woman as my breasts were AA!!!
You look amazing!!!!! God!!!

Pic update

I've been really busy with school but here's just a few pictures to update on the progress. They're slowly but surely dropping a little.
Hello! May I ask which doctor did your surgery? Great job! Thanks!!


My first collages :)
They look great! Glad you're happy with the results!
They look great - they're dropping really nicely and look fantastic on you!
Wonderful results. Who did your augmentation? Name of doctor and city. Thanks.
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