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Restylane for Tear Ducts. On the fence as to whether it's worth it.

I decided to get Restylane for tear ducts, as I'm...

I decided to get Restylane for tear ducts, as I'm sick of people telling me I look tired, even when I'm not. I had this done at the Restylane clinic in Sweden. I'm lucky as Restylane is produced in Sweden, so there is a speciality here.

About the treatment, I was expecting it to hurt more. It was only the initial prick that hurt the skin and then this uncomfortable feeling of having something there, but as there is local anaesthetic in the treatment there was no pain. I was surprised to see there was quite a bit of blood once the needle left the spot, but that quickly dissipated.

After reading all of the reviews and horror stories I have been fully been expecting bruising, lumpiness and swelling. But so far I've been really lucky and only had a small spot from where the needle was on the right cheek, and it's the morning after.

So far I'm really happy with the treatment, I feel like it's really brightened my face and made me look more fresh/youthful. I'm really happy with my doctor, I've been going to him for Botox since last year and he's done a great job with both treatments.

It's only early days yet for the Restylane, but if there are any lumping or swelling developments I'll let you know.

Now I'm thinking of getting the restylane skinbooster for my acne scars and then botox for the corner of my lips, as it has a slight downward turn. Yes, I know, I'm addicted :))

Day 3 a bit puffy

Today's the 3rd day, feeling a bit puffy and slightly bruised under my left eye. Nothing that makeup won't cover, which I'm happy about. Luckily it's still the weekend, think it should be a bit better for work tomorrow. I can't wait until a full week has passed so I can see the results!

Some pics

Can see a slight improvement
Hi there, the swelling is normal for the first wee while. The first few weeks after I had had my treatment, I was aware of slight swelling on and off but after a month or so it had settled well and I am so delighted with my results! You can see my review and photos if you are interested.
Thanks! I checked out your profile and your results are really great! I still have some lumpiness, especially under my left eye. Hoping it will go away soon

Still not settled yet

I am unsure how I'm feeling about the treatment right now. Under my left eye there is some lumpiness and when I wake up in the morning I still look tired under the eyes but in a weird way. When I catch my reflection it looks so strange under my left eye... like I have been punched or walked into something :( It's not super noticeable but it's making the asymmetry between my left and right side even more noticeable :( Going for a check up next Tuesday. Hope he doesn't have to do any major corrections or any corrections really.. I have a BA scheduled for Thursday next week and don't want my body to overstress. Just want the great results already.
wow it's crazy how much bigger and awake your eyes looks in the second picture! What is Restylane skinbooster and how is it different from regular filler?
I am glad you love the results, unfortunately, I am one of the horror stories. I had a horrible infection and now have a granuloma that can't be dissolved and am still on antibiotics after 6 weeks. I will need surgery to get this out and my doctor had no idea what to do so I was left on my own, a Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon. I had Restylane and Voluma but I think every doctor should have specific training for injecting any fillers in the tear trough area since it is very unforgiving if something goes wrong. The companies are selling these fillers under the guise that if something goes wrong, all you have to do is dissolve it. It is not as simple as that and have lived through this nightmare which is far from over. Be careful, symptoms can occur months later. There should be an FDA warning that injecting anyting into the tear trough area has increased risks.
I'm sorry to hear your story :( I had my check up today and to be honest, i'm not as happy as i was in the beginning. There is some mild lumpiness under one eye, that I've been told i have to massage out.. hmm. I knew that Restylane under the eye was risky anyway, but even though the results are no where as bad as yours sound, I don't think I'd pay good money again for this treatment.
Dr. Christoph Martschin

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