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I have finally decided to get a BA. I can't wait....

I have finally decided to get a BA. I can't wait. I am 39 years old, 5'7 and 130 lbs. I had my consultation last week and my PS told me that because of my body frame and the thinness of my skin that I can only go 350 cc MAX. I have seen many reviews and have read that women with my body frame and size have gone much larger. We decided to go with the high profile silicone 350 cc for a more natural look. My pre-op is on May 14th and I'd really like to ask my PS if it's possible to go to at least 400cc. He said in the consultation that if I went any larger that I might risk the implants spilling into my armpits. I don't think there's any harm in him taking a few different sizes into surgery and seeing just how much I can take without it looking unnatural. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?


I am interested in seeing what your doctor ends up giving you. I have similar measurements as you. What kind of implants are you getting? Thanx! :)
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Only 22 more days! I'm so excited!!! Will talk to...

Only 22 more days! I'm so excited!!! Will talk to my ps on the 14th of May to discuss my implant sizes. I'd really like to go at least 400cc HP silicone.


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what size are you looking to be?
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Thanx for the reply! :) I'm 5'7 about 132-135 per given day. I am looking to be a full C or a small D. I've been told by a couple Drs that a higher profile with between 350-400 cc. I have 2/3 of an hour glass shape, and I'm looking to complete that :)

I am getting so nervous and more uncertain about...

I am getting so nervous and more uncertain about what size implant I should get. I keep reading reviews and looking at post op pics. It's confusing because everyone seems to have different results even if their measurements are similar to mine. I think that I am probably going to go with 400 cc HP silicone implants. I've called my PS and have gone to his office to ask if I could try some sizers on. They told me that I can't do that until my pre-op appt. That's 2 weeks from now. I think I'm driving myself crazy with worry. I don't want to be disappointed that they are too small after I've spent so much money. Am I the only one that has gone through this much worry and anxiety or is this completely normal? I went shopping today to buy sports bras for after my surgery but I have no idea how big I'm going to be. I still have 21 days before my BA. this waiting really stinks.


Yes, it's completely normal to stress about the size! Here is a link that describes the different type of implant profiles. Also, you can pass the time away more quickly by preparing for your recovery with this helpful link. Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! Keep us posted!

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He said that he was going to give me the high profile silicone implants.
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I want to be a large C/ small D.

So I'm 1 week away from my pre op and 2 weeks away...

So I'm 1 week away from my pre op and 2 weeks away from surgery. I couldn't be more uncertain about the size I want to go. I think between 350cc HP and 400cc. I still am so undecided! I wish all you girls out there that have been trough this already can give me some advice. What questions should I ask in my pre op appointment. PLEASE HELP!


Hi tarakatie, I am currently 5 days post op and about your size. I'm almost 5'8" and 130. I got 425cc silicone HP. I tried on 450 sizers and thought those were it but my dr explained that I would run into problems with them that large. I was disappointed and we talked about the 425 and 450. I didn't have much choice on the profile since my bw is 12 to 12.5cm. If I went mod + they would be in my arm pit. My PS took both 400 and 425 into surgery and he went w 425. I couldn't be more happy. And I have heard that your extra skin helps play a roll in how many ccs are good for your body. But you deciding between sizing and stressing is completely normal. If you truly trust your PS and trust his expertise then keep what he says in mind. If you aren't comfortable then you should check out other PS. Everyone on here is great with any questions. Best of luck. Keep us posted
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Hi Tarakatie! When I tried my sizers on I was doing the same thing you are! It's normal! My surgeon very gently pointed out to me (as I was almost melting down) that the difference between 50cc's is about two tablespoons (say what now?). So, with that in mind, MY recommendation is NOT to obsess over a small amount of cc's but rather focus on the profile. HP will obviously project more vs Mod or Mod + (which tend to be wider rat here than taller per se). So if its a difference for you between 50cc, try to choose the "profile" that best suits you and your wants. Bring "wish pics" to your pre-op so your ps knows EXACTLY what your expectations are and whether or not they are achievable and with what size would get you there. Don't freak out over numbers. In the end it's about what you want and what you get. Congratulations on your big (no pun intended) decision!! :D
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Well ladies, I have 9 days until my BA. My pre-op...

Well ladies, I have 9 days until my BA. My pre-op is tomorrow and I have so many questions to ask my PS. I feel so much anxiety over this. I used to feel nothing but excitement but as the day draws nearer I'm quite nervous. I wonder if this is normal. My breast width is 12.5 cm and I think I want to go with 400cc HP rather the the 350cc he suggested at my consult. I called his office today to make sure that they would have the sizers that I want to try on. They told me that my PS won't go with a size that is unhealthy for me which I can respect however, I feel that 400cc's will be ok. We'll see what he says tomorrow. Another thing I worry about is how much more will I weigh once I get the implants. I am very picky about my weight. I have so many questions and feel so much anxiety over all this. I have waited my entire adult life to get implants. Now that it is finally here I feel nothing but uncertainty. Does anyone else feel like this?


            good luck for your upcoming sugery 
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Hey TaraKatie and Workingonme601! I am also having my BA on 5/22 and am also unsure about my size! I'm glad I'm not the only one and we're all in the same boat. I hear most people gain about 6 pounds. I'm not sure why that is.. (probably due to constipation and the weight of the implants) I'm currently going with 485CC but I also have a larger frame than you. I have lost about 45 lbs over the last couple years so my boobs went with it. :( Still have more pounds to shed but that will have to be on hold until a few weeks after. Glad I found someone with the same sx dates!
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Hi TaraK. My SX is also on 5/22. I am still unsure about my size. I want to go big or go home, you know what i mean...lol I have also been thinking about my weight when it comes to the size of the BA.
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So I had my pre op and my PS and I decided on the...

So I had my pre op and my PS and I decided on the Mentor 400cc HP! I'm really excited! I got all my meds and instructions. 8 more days!!!! What else will I need after surgery? Any suggestions?


I'd love to see your results! Make sure to post after pics! Good luck!!!
My PS said 400cc was max for me and I trust his judgement. He's been doing this for 21 years! I couldn't be more happy! I can't wait!!!!
That is so awesome. There isn't much difference in 25ccs. I'm so glad you love your PS :)

Well 7 more days!!! I posted some more before pics...

Well 7 more days!!! I posted some more before pics and a couple with 375cc rice sizers. I like the look at 375 and with my 400cc HP going under the muscle I'll lose about 10% so I'll be just a tad bigger than these photos I'm thinking! I can't wait!!!! Anyone else getting their BA next week?


I'm also on Wednesday. 7am! ahhh!
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This is my last weekend before my BA! Only 3 more days! I can hardly wait. I'm getting a little nervous about the pain but I think in the long run it'll be worth it. I've gotten all my meds and my supplies that I need. I am ready!!! Anyone else going in on Wednesday?
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I am Thursday!!!! Can't believe it!!

Two more days!!!!!

So, two more nights and I wake up to get my BA!!!! I'm nervous and excited!!!! I am going 400cc Mentor HP! I hope this will make me a full C small D. Only time will tell now. I have all my prescriptions and supplies that I need for after surgery. Surgery is at 12:30 on Wednesday. I bought several bras for after surgery. I got the Ahh bra and the Genie bra and quite a few other sports bras. My surgeon is sending me home in a surgical bra that he says I'll have to wear 24/7 for three weeks. I hope I can still wear my dresses for work without it showing. Oh, I am sooooo excited! I will post after pics as soon as possible. Good luck to all you ladies going into surgery this week. See you on the other side!!! :-)


Good luck Wednesday! It's super exciting to finally be there and have it done. I am 3 weeks post op tomorrow and felling better every day. I got the same as R2013, 425 HP Silicone Mentor unders. Take care and make sure to rest and you will feel better if you stick to the surgical bra for as long as you can.
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Good luck. That's awesome! I got 425 HP silicone mentor and I'm a little over 17 days po and I'm a 36D. So I think you will get what you are looking for w the 400s. I just got the genie bra to wear at night and it is great!!! Best of luck. Congrats!!!
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Does the Genie bra give you enough support at night? It seems like it would be more comfortable.

20 more hours to go!!!!

So, I have pretty much finished up work for the day and I can't believe it's the night before. I am so nervous and excited. I'm more nervous about the pain afterwards than anything. I know I've had 4 kids and three of them were c-sections so I should be able to handle this right? I have everything ready to go. Meds, supplies, new bras....now all I need are the boobs! Most everyone that knows me knows that I am getting a BA and everyone has been super supportive. My only concern is going out into public around acquaintances. My kids last week of school is next week and I have to attend some end of school activities. I'm a little nervous about the stares that I'm sure I'm going to get. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with going out into public right after their BA?


Yay, tomorrow is the day! So happy for you! About your last post, you are going to be surprised how easy it is to cover the girls up after with clothes. Zip ups are good cause the zipper in bulky and sometimes has a mind of its own. I got a nice long sleeve Champion zip up from Target and it is thin and I find I wear that a lot cause I can zip it or unzip if it is warmer. Be confident and try some stuff on when you feel better but you will be super surprised how easy they are to hide if you need to or want to at first. You can look at my profile and there is a pic on there with my zip up and you can't really tell and they aren't HUGE. My friend has told me several times that the size fits me well and looks natural. And that is what I was going for. I couldn't be more pleased with them and I know you are doing to be so happy to feel like you again! Smiles!!!!
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Do 550 !! I'm the same height/weight as you and just got 400 cc hp two weeks ago ... I've cried everyday wishing if gone bigger :/

Today is the day!!!!

So, I slept ok. I had planned on sleeping in until 8am but here I am at 6am and I can't go back to sleep. I don't have to be to the surgery center until 12:30 pm. Surprisingly, I am calm and not nervous. Just ready to get this done and over with. I hate that I can't have my morning coffee. If I feel up to it today I'll post after pics. Wish me luck ladies....see you on the other side.

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1day post op.....interesting.....

So, they are settling in nicely. Are they big enough? I'm still uncertain!!!!

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What a whirlwind of emotions....

What a whirlwind of emotions I have been through over the past week. I was not prepared for the emotional ups and downs that I would be experiencing after this surgery. Let me start by saying that surgery went well and flawless. When I woke up I was in the most extreme pain and I could barely breathe. I had to eat 7 crackers before I could take my pain meds. The ride home was horrible. Every bump and turn was extremely painful. I went to my boyfriends moms house and went to bed until the following day. Surprisingly I felt a ton better the next day and was up and about talking and moving around quite well. Then on Friday it all caught up to me and I was throwing up uncontrollably and had body aches everywhere and a low grade fever. I called my PS and he assured me that everything was fine and to call him should I have any more problems. THe next day I wanted to go home so I could be in my own house. My boyfriend took me to his house where I stayed through the weekend. I was able to get up and around pretty well but by Monday I was vomiting again and I still hadn't been able to go to the bathroom even after the stool softeners that I took. Every day has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I have asked myself over and over why did I do this to myself and how could I have put myself through this. Not to mention the implants feel so foreign to me and all I can say is I want to feel normal again. Has anyone felt this way before? I haven't gotten to the point where I feel like it's worth it yet. All my friends say that I look great and that I look very natural. As a whole I feel satisfied with my results I just want to get off of this emotional roller coaster of second guessing my decision.


You are not alone! I have definitely had my ups and downs but just remember this pain/ being really dependent/ constipation will get better. About the constipation... I think that was the worst part for me. I really did sooo many things to try to go but I just had to stop taking my pain meds and then take stool softners. I'm on post day 7 too and I'm still emotional. I keep saying that i just want to be normal again but after I continuously read other reviews, I know that we'll be there soon enough! I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this way. I hope time flies for us! Hang in there and keep us posted! I'm sure part of this emotional rollercoaster is our hormones as well. Our bodies are going through a big change. :)
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Just added new pics

Things are getting better. I'm starting to feel more comfortable with my new look but I have to say I'm 9 days post op and I'm still pretty exhausted and drained. I also think I gained a few pounds however I'm happy to say that I'm starting to feel like its all going to be worth it. I haven't gotten any comments from anyone on my results. Should I be insulted? Lol!

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2 weeks post op

So I'm two weeks post op and I'm getting much better! I think the girls look much better with each passing day and I'm very happy with the results.


You are looking great :)
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Thank you. I am so happy with the results. I am in a 34D now. Woo hoo!!!!!
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