Still Waiting Final Results - Seattle/Tacoma

I am still waiting final results, but I'm...

I am still waiting final results, but I'm happy I did it, although I think I would have went for the facelift rather then the LSL, if I had known the outcome, I think it would have been worth the extra$, but this procedure was suppose to be safer that is why I went with it.I also wish I could let people email me, but for some reason my link to my ID must not be working. sorry I would love to share b4 and after.

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I was asked by dianne at real self to leave...

I was asked by dianne at real self to leave additional info, from my here goes.It has been 4 months dr filled in some of the wrinkles with restylane,which helped alot,and except for the turkey waddle still left under my chin, I definately look better then b4 I had it done.Still numbness along my ears, but nothing bothersome.I am not sorry I did it, still trying to decide if I want him to fix the waddle, I need more info to make up my mind.My dr is doing the fine tuning at no cost to me.I still would have went for the real facelift, had I known everything about LSL..In my opinion, I don't think the facelift is any more risky then the LSL..I had 1/2 face makeup on be pic.:)didn't help.:)


Thank you for your comments - as I am considering a Lifestyle lift. Something else - it's 'would have gone' not 'would have went'. It's 'I went to the doctor yesterday, but I would have gone today had I known his office was closed yesterday.'
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I live in the Ft Lauderdale area. I am 61 years young, and I am considering having the Lifestyle procedure done. Has anyone had the LL surgery through the Ft Lauderdale, Fl office. If so, please send your comments, your doctor's name and if you are satisfied with the results. Thank you for your comments
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To Jan K - I had the surgery (Lift, platysmaplasty and Lipo) in Fort Lauderdale on April 30 by Dr. Zeichner but he is no longer there. I am 68 years young - and the results are dramatic. I am very pleased. However, the procedure was more than I expected and I didn't like being wide awake because you can hear (and smell) everything. It does hurt - and I looked awful for about 10 days - but then the swelling and discoloration were mostly gone. I still have numbness in front of both ears but I consider that a minor inconvenience. On the whole - I am pleased. Just don't think it will be easy. It is not easy but, in my case, definitely worth it.

I think I'm happy I did it, still waiting...

I think I'm happy I did it, still waiting resluts. My dr was a head and neck surgeon as well as facial plastic surgeon.

It has not been painful at all.

I threw up when they took the bandage off after 48 hrs. I looked awful, but am looking better evryday. I have pic if anyone wants to see.

still brusing lumps pulling of the skin looks like wrinkles, its been 13 days


I had my LSL on 1/19/09. I still have numbness along the ears, and I sometimes feel like someone is pulling my face (like when your ponytail is too tight) but it goes away. My sutures are not completely dissolved yet. I think there is a subtle difference in my jawline and my jowls are not as pronounced. I had my naso labial folds filled with Perlane (sp?) last week and the results are very dramatic. The doctor who did my Perlane told me that even the best plastic surgeons fail on the naso labial folds and she recommended to fill them so to complement my LSL results and I am so happy I decided to do it. The Perlane results is up to 2 years. Recognizing that what the LSL did was to remove some skin and adjust the muscle underneath, I had a Fraxel peel to make my skin smoother. I also did a Thermage to boost my collagen production. I know it sounds too much but I wanted my results to last longer and I believe that not one procedure can give me the best possible results I am looking for. I sm not convinced the LSL gave me the result I was hoping for. It gave me a cleaner jawline but it did not do anything for the naso-labial folds. So my point is that LSL cannot stand on its own. If you want to look fully rejuvenated, you should be ready to complement the LSL procedures with fills and peels. Even the doctor who did my LSL told me, when I made a comment that my naso-labial folds did not go away that those will have to be filled. So the infomercial does not tell us that the "after" images are enhanced by fillers, or in my case, a filler, a peel, and a non-surgical procedure to wrap it all up. All the best to all!
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I did reply to this post, but donot know it realself will post the drs name, you can emil me direct and i can send it to you if they don't
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Hi be patient... We didn't receive your reply for some reason but if you'd like we can update the review with your doctor's info. Thanks, --Sharon
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I think it was worth it, but don't know for sure yet.I wouldn't recommend my dr only because there are some areas of concern still.

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