Still Unsure About the Smart Lipo

I had Smart Lipo surgery on May 1.  I had my...

I had Smart Lipo surgery on May 1.  I had my upper and lower ab area and my love handles done.  So far I am not very happy with the results on my upper and lower abs.  Can anyone tell me why I have hard lumpy areas around the lower ab area?  I went in for my one week post op appt and they told me that everything looked great and I was still swollen. 

I have another appt next week.  I understand about the swelling but I don't understand about the hard areas.  Can anyone give me any help with this?  Also how long will it take before the lower part of my stomach gets flatter?  The upper part is pretty flat but the lower part is not at all.  How long does it actually take to start seeing more results?


I had smart lipo with vaser done 10 days ago and I too have a hard lumpy stomach now. Right afterwards I could see that my stomach was flater and that the fat had been removed. I looked great just 24 hours later actually, albeit being extremely tender. However, swelling sets in and my stomach looked less small and flat on day 2 and 3. Now, it looks better again, but I have hard nodules all over my lower stomach. And I still have a swollen and fluid filled pouch in my pubic area that is starting to concern me. I called my doctor and she said that it is normal and it should subside within a week to ten days. But, it has been 10 days! She told me to massage it and I should be fine soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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Well I now have went back for smartlipo on my love handles. just a week ago I had my upper and lower abs done. I am still sore from the first lipo. It is ten days since I started this road of hope to have a better looking body. My abs are stll swollen and have lumps even though my Dr. seems to see more than I do since he can see the beginning of a six pack oh how I long to have that. I have notice that I can not wear anything across my stomach outside of elastic not good for me. I also have lumbs and bumps even though I massage twice a day. I donot have any brusing at all, thank God.My skin coloration looks great and nice and smooth. I use olive oil. My stomach is still sore. As I said three days ago I had my love handles done so of course i have started all over with a new swelling area. Well I have to go back for my first check up nrext week, so we will see what the verdict will be. I hope more swelling will have left.Right now my stomach looks crazy.
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I am over 50 years old. 2/13 I had smartlipo on my upper and lower abs. Even though I felt sore I was not in pain so I did not have to take pain medicine. I have on my compression garment 24 hours, yes I sleep in it also.[which I plan on wearing for 6-8 weeks]I had my first shower today and it help a lot of the soreness that I was feeling.Afterwards I was able to get a good look at my self for the first time since the surgery. I took notice that my stomach was not even it looked a little lumpy, even though over 50 to 60% of the fluid and swelling seems to be gone. right now I don't feel any hard areas so i laid down and message my upper and lower abs with a elecric messager ever so softly.for about ten minutes. I felt so much better afterwards I notice that it didn't hurt as much when I tried to stand from sitting or laying down.My Dr. was great before and during and after, his team was the greatest with daily follow up calls after the surgery.My Dr.instructed me to eat fresh pineapple every day two weeks prior my surgery and to continue afterward to help the swelling. Pineapples have antioxidents to help against free radicals also. They have stressed to me that it's so important to message the area to incress blood flow.I hope that the uneveness that i see will smoth it self out with the help of messaging. Since I never worked at preventing a fat stomach I guess I will have to work at it now. On 2/23 I will go and have smartlipo on my love handles. I will continue to get support from all of you and will give you an up date on how things are comming along with me
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