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I have had a "bump" under one eye that...

I have had a "bump" under one eye that was pointed out to me about 10 years ago at a party.  I went to the doctor and was told it was a bag.  I was mortified, as I was only 40.  I am now almost going to turn 50 and this bump has continued to make me self conscious and the entire under eye has turned into one big bag, especially when I smile or squint.  The other eye is not nearly as bad, but a bag is begiinning there, too.  I have always had upper lids that are a bit buldgy because of my bone structure, but the skin has really begun to sag and will lay on my lashes if I don't raise my brows.  I was told by every doctor that I saw that I did not need a brow lift, however.

I had my eyelid surgery scheduled 3 years ago, but cancelled because of several reasons.  I still wanted it, however.  More recently, I just couldn't stand the way I looked anymore.  Shopping for clothes had lost its appeal.  I had some good days, but they were few and far between.

I consulted with 2 top surgeons the first time, and 3 this time.  I still ended up with the doctor I had planned 3 years ago, though I did meet one I would also have used but he spoke well of the one I was using, so that made me feel good. 

I had my surgery one week ago today.  Uppers and lowers.  I leave in an hour to get my stitches out, which I hear is painful. 

My doctor is not a "warm and fuzzy" guy.  He barely acknowleged my husband who came to my pre op appointment and drove me to surgery.  My husband was told to go home and come back later.  I was just numb and ready to get it over with.  I think I was more nervous before my pre op appointment because you still have time to change your mind.  I paid at the pre op appt. and so, what's done is done. 

I got 2 shots in my hip/upper butt.  The shots didn't hurt going in, but then I started feeling as though I was having muscle spasms.  Ouch.  The nurses were very nice and comforting.  I was basically "awake" during the surgery and just laid there silently.  It felt like 45 minutes, but it was really 2 hours.  I am allergic to codiene, so apparently I didn't have any pain killers during the operation, which is unusual.  Towards the end of the surgery I started getting restless and felt discomfort.  The back of my head was hurting from sitting in the same position and so were my shoulders and arms.  By the time I got to the recovery room, but eyelids were feeling very uncomfortable.  It felt like the pain you have when you hold ice on your skin for a very long time - kind of burning, throbbing.  I was given a half of a percoset and an hour later, the other half.  Didn't really help, but I hadn't eaten anything, so they were afraid to give me more.  I wanted to be home, but the thought of getting there was upsetting.  I almost passed out/got sick just as my husband was helping me into bed.  He gave me another pain pill and that really helped - finally!  After that, I felt no more pain - really.  Besides looking at myself, the worst was over.

My husband has taken a photo of me every day so that I can see the progression.  My kids are finally looking at me again, but they have a pained look when they do and they don't look at me if they can help it.  My youngest is in 9th grade, so they are not little. 

I could barely open my eyes the first day, but each day they opened more.  Luckily my eyes were not affected, except blurry when I put on the ointment.  The whites are actually whiter than usual, probably from not wearing my contacts.  It is very important to have you eye glass prescription up to date.

I kept pea packs on my eyes for 3 days.  My doctor did not give me instruction for anything further and their office didn't call before or after the weekend, which is a little annoying.  I had questions.  I could have called, but you would think they would.  I did finally put a little warmth on my face.

I still have swelling and bruising.  My worse eye looks better than my eye that I thought needed less work to begin with.  My eyelids are well off of my eyelashes, but the skin is still sagging over the incision, which makes me wonder if the doctor took enough off.  Not only that, but the incisions into my crows feet (which I didn't really have) is really ugly and my lid skin seems to droop to the incision, so I'm wondering what that is about.  No way am I doing this surgery again, so I hope this is going to improve.

As far as my lowers, which are still bruised and swollen, the bumps and wrinkles appear to be gone but, like I said, there is still much healing to be done before I can tell.

I have to keep reminding myself what I looked like before, what brought me to the surgery and that it already looks like an improvement.

I did not bring a photo of younger self to my doctor before the operation, though I meant to, and I think that would have been a good idea.  He told me I would still look like me, but more refreshed.  Right now, I do not look like me or more refreshed.  My upper lids look and feel like my old bloodhound.  I'm hoping that feeling will be a little better when the stitches are removed today.  I hardly see any incision in my lowers, so I'm impressed so far with that.

I did my homework by visiting several top doctors and reading online, but I'm a timid patient and that's not good.  I did have my doctor's office contact a previous patient who called me and really helped ease my mind.  She was 52 and had the same operation last June.  Her recuperation sounded much faster than mine has been, however.  I hope I end up as pleased as she seems to be.

I will update this and also would appreciate any feed back from those who have done it, or questions from those who are about to do it.  My one recommendation for those thinking of doing it - you'd better really hate the way you look now and know specifically what you hate and want to change. 

I am putting "good" as my satisfaction, but that really remains to be seen.  That is actually the least that I am hoping I feel when I am done healing.  I am also putting that it was worth it, but time will also tell that for sure.  For sure, I'm glad it's behind me!

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He is highly recommended and professional, but you'd better come prepared and take initiative to get answers. He is not warm and fuzzy and does not explain more than minimum.

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Hi Chhris, My doctor has an ambulatory surgery room in his office. It's hard to say about seeing clients after only 12 days. I know some people heal faster and some people heal much slower or, worse yet, don't ever like the way they come out. After 12 days, I went back to work but I wore glasses and avoided looking at anyone who didn't know what I did. I am now at 3 weeks and my scars on my "crows feet" area and under my eye are now noticable (I previously wrote that they weren't) unless I'm smiling - that's my opinion. I don't know how old you are - I will be 50 in June - but I would make sure that you really hate the way you look now so that if you aren't thrilled with the results, it doesn't matter. I am very happy because the doctor got rid of the bags I was self conscious about. But I still have the normal wrinkles when I smile which I knew weren't going to go away, and some puffiness, which might be swelling. BTW, I don't have wrinkles yet in the rest of my face and because he got rid of my bags, my eye area matches the rest of my face when I am not smiling. I really wouldn't recommend this to anyone too young, and the more time you can take off of work, the better you will feel as you are healing. But that's just my opinion. Good luck with your decision.
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Hi! Did you do your surg in an OR or in an out patient/office? Also, I am looking at doing it, but only have 12 days to heal prior to facing clients-will I still be a mess?
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I had upper and lower bleph two weeks ago and am very pleased. My doctor repositioned the lower fat into the tear troughs and also did a skin pinch. Very pleased although I still have some slight swelling. He was a highly recommended doctor. Hope all turns out well for you!
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Thanks! Getting my stitches out made a nice difference, and it seems like things are slowly improving. I'm still bruised on the top of my cheek under the eye that had been the one that needed less work. And near my tear duct under that eye, I have a dark purple small bruise that upsets me. But I had outer incisions on my lower lids and you can hardly see the scars and I don't appear to have any pulling away from my eyes, so I am really pleased about that. I am scared to look down still since I don't want anything to move. Yesterday I had an eyelash in my eye and I didn't know how I was supposed to get it out without touching my lids! Anyway, thanks for the nice words and I am definitely glad it's over! My daughter actually said I didn't look so bad today. That is a major compliment from her. She's very upset that I had this done.
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Hey Minnie, I hope everything turned out great for you when you're fully recovered. I'm sure you're glad it's over now.
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