Butt Implant Pressie to Myself Before I Get Married

I've always had a flat butt :( and I've tried...

I've always had a flat butt :( and I've tried working out (deadlifts, weighted hip thrusts) you name it, I've done it! Still nothing! I think it's just my flat arse genes lol. So, I'm getting married later this year and want to give myself something I've wanted for such a long time. I've been researching for years but felt lost til I found realself. I've seen many butt implant results on here so have started looking into a few surgeons to get a couple of quotes. Unfortunately I cant find a surgeon that has carried out many of this type of procedure in England so I'll be going abroad. There's no way I'm paying for acrappy job lol


Welcome & Congrats! Have you considered Dr. Wilberto Cortes in Houston, TX? reddgoddess68 & pmbrantes are a couple of his butt implant patients. Please refer to my blog for a list of his patients that have already had their surgeries.
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Quotes & Surgeon suggestions please ladies

Hi everyone. So my main reason for starting this review was so I could have the input from other ladies in the same position as me as well as suggestions for Docs.

I've contacted Dr Moises Salama, Dr Fuentes, and Dr Eduardo Gongora.

I made a long lists after reading reviews on here and seeing such amazing pics from girls who have had implants.

My next hits will be Dr Stanton, Dr Jimerson and Dr Widder.

Are there any more surgeons you ladies reckon are good at butt implants? I've heard of Dr Memdieta too but I think he may be out of my price range! By a lot! I contacted Dr Raul Gonzalez of Brazil (cos he's famous and a pioneer) but heard nothing from him. So...


Hi and thank you. I will defo look into him as well.

Wish pics (I've nicked some from other reviews lol! Shh!)

I've found some pics to kind of show the look I'd like to achieve.

PS. I've stolen some of these from other reviews and wish pics.

Those two girls have sexy hips. I want that.

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Front pic

From the back my waist looks small but from the front, where is it?! I'll be asking for contouring of the back and front too.


Hi there! I'm pretty new to the site but our body frames are similar and I want implants too! With body contouring and if possible little fat grafting to fill everything in. I am trying to find a doc too. I am in North Carolina and want to go to Mexico but feel the flight home would be too long!!! Are you worried about that? How long can you stay ? So excited to find a girl on here with similar frame and size!
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I'm the same and I'm from Birmingham uk and can't find a surgeon, have you had it done yet?
Piddyp. No I havent. I really want to go with Dr. Stratton in California. But that flight would be so expensive and soooo long. I just worry about flying home after surgery.
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