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Cellulaze is a Miracle for Me! - Sterling, VA

Horrible Cellulite on my Thighs Prevented Me from...

Horrible Cellulite on my Thighs Prevented Me from Wearing Shorts and Bathing Suits for Years. I have had three procedures - each thigh section separately. Everything went smoothly. The processes were painless with little to no discomfort during and after each procedure. There is minimal bruising and discomfort. Wearing a compression garment is a must for at least four days after the procedure. Can go to work next day and start more strenuous activities after a week. I have already noticed huge improvements in the two earlier procedures, which were performed one and two months ago. Last procedure was done today and was worst cellulite area. I am excited about Cellulaze. I waited a long time for a procedure to come along that seemed safe with significant and lasting results. The doctor was terrific, as was his staff.

I had the back of my thighs done March 13th, the...

I had the back of my thighs done March 13th, the outer thighs on April 23rd, and the front thighs on May 23rd. So far, the results have been amazingly good for the back and outer thighs. The fronts show much improvement on upper portions but slight improvement on lower portions (near the knees). Since it has only been a month for the front thighs, I am waiting a bit longer before I make a final evaluation. I am still very happy that I did the Cellulaze treatment and am actually wearing bermuda shorts for the first time in MANY years. If the lower fronts don't show more improvement by one-year anniversary, I may consider Smartlipo for a final fix. My husband has noticed marked improvement in my thighs, and that says a lot!

A year later.....

A year ago I had the cellulaze procedure done – front, back and sides of my thighs – the last procedure being done in May 2012. A year later, I am pleased to say that the treatments were and still are effective and working! If you had a chance to see my before and after pictures, you would be AMAZED at the difference. I have really, really bad cellulite and still need a little fixing up but there has been a major improvement in my thighs and I am glad I pursued the cellulaze treatment with Dr. Berman. Dr. Berman and his staff are great and I feel very comfortable and confident having any procedure done there!
Sterling Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Berman is the first cosmetic surgeon to perform Cellulaze locally and I was one of his first procedure trainee clients for Cellulaze treatment. The entire procedure, from consultation to procedure to follow up has been an outstanding experience to me! And the results have surpassed my expectations. I would recommend Dr. Berman and the Cellulaze procedure without any hesitation!

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Hi, Undecided28. I hope this post goes through - I've replied to others but haven't seen those posts on this site! Anyway, my verdict so far for the three procedures (back, side and front of thighs) is that they were worth it. My cellulite was really, really bad and there has been definite improvement. I'm not free of all the cellulite, but I feel my thighs look much better!!!!!! I will probably need smart lipo around the knees, where there is some fat and where the cellulaze wasn't done. I wore a bathing suit for the first time in YEARS and didn't feel self conscious like I would have before. Any my husband still thinks there is a major improvement - and for him to say that just validates everything that I see, too! I don't have any pictures (the doctor does), unfortunately! I would do the cellulaze again based on the results.
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Hey Sylvia ok Herndon....I hope all is well n u received maximum results... Please update us....n if possible can u post before n after pictures....thanx
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I love your review too. Makes me so hopeful. Do you have any photos that you can share yet? Thanks again for your review. I will look forward to your updates.Being able to wear shorts. Wow.
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Glad to hear you are liking the results so far, for the most part. I hope the lower fronts start to show more improvement too! Keep us posted. :)

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Hi Sylvia, thanks so much for your recent update! You give me alot of hope. My procedure was June 6 and I am still in the waiting period not seeing any results (yet.) Gosh, to wear shorts again sounds like a miracle. I've had bad cellulite due to hormone issues for the past 34 years. I patiently and excitedly await my miracle too :-)
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Do you have pictures? Thanks for sharing. I am on day 4 post op and did four sections at the same time: butt, back of legs, side of legs, front of legs. Ouch.
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Sylvia : so appreciate your candid description , and will watch for your updates, as I imagine your doctor is the closest available in central Virginia. It seems not many people have posted updates after they have healed, with the final outcome. That for me is the essential review, so please let us know what you think about your final results. Thank you!
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That is very exciting to hear you are seeing good improvement in the first two areas you had done!

I'm curious to hear why you had the thigh sections treated separately. Also would love to know if having the first one done made it easier or a bit more scary to go back for the second & third treatments?


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Hi, Megan. Thanks for the response. I decided to have each section done separately for three reasons. One, the first procedure was done as a training session with an instructor standing by, so only one section could be done. Two, I opted to have the other two done separately (although they could have been done together) because of the work I do - I have to sit on the floor or work in awkward positions (I work with elderly people) - and wanted to avoid stressing those areas. Third, it was easier to spread out payments because each section is priced separately. Since I already knew what to expect as far as discomfort, etc., it was easy for me to go back each time! Now that it's all done, all I have to do is wait and see final results! I already have my bathing suit and mini-skirt! My husband has already noticed the changes and says they are huge! I am excited about the whole thing - my thighs won't ever be perfect again but with Cellulaze they sure look a lot better already!! I waited a long time for a procedure I thought would be less invasive and safer and so far I think Cellulaze has got that cornered! Take care! Sylvia
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It makes me happy to hear how pleased you are with it so far! Please continue to keep us posted on any changes you see!

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