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Cellulaze treatment... and I need it bad!

I'm 43, married with five kids. To me I'm...

I'm 43, married with five kids. To me I'm beautiful, but my legs are horrible. I am getting the back and side of my legs done. I will be very disappointed if it doesn't work. The doctor board certified and appears to have experience with cellulaze and have done many in the past, but I will be his first on African Americans. We will see... I will keep you posted.

Celluze - 3/6/14

I was initially scheduled for my first round 3/17, but decided to move it up sooner. I the got the back of my thighs, and one butt chick done... it was not painful at all. I was in and out and drove home in 2 hours traffic w/out pain. Later that night I had a little, just a little stingy pain here and there, but totally tolerable.. I took tylenol although I was given vicodin for pain, but I didn't take any. Today I'm at work w/out meds.... and my procedure was yesterday. I go for my front/side 3/17/14.. I hope my results go as I hope. I will be very disappointed if it doesn't.. VERY!

2 days since my procedure

It's been a little more than 48 hours since my procedure and I am HAPPY so far. No pain... really didn't need any pain medicine. I did took tylenol the first night as I was afraid the little tiny pain I had was going to get worse. The swelling is about 70% gone and the dent that was in my butt is 40% gone already.... I really see improvement as well on the back of my legs. All in just two days. I can't wait to see in seven days. I took a shower for the first time today wanted to remove the markings the doctor made to see my legs better.... (i didn't want to shower yesterday as i didn't want to remove my spanx until 48 hours) I feel the longer it's stays compressed the better. After my shower I was able to see little bruising, just a little. I can say close to known. The bruising yesterday was darker than today, so it's getting better... no worries on that. I will post until I'm totally happy, but I can say I can wear a thong RIGHT NOW with the little results w/confidence... Until again.

2nd Procedure

Day 9 and still seeing results. All swelling is gone and tolerable noticeable pain in lower back of my left thigh, but I'm happy. Monday, 3/17, getting sides and front done. My first procedure was practically painless and after no pain medicine was needed. I just felt a little nauseous the next day. Monday my doctor will confirm what I'm seeing. I will post pictures no later than 12 weeks. I'm hoping to get before pictures from my doctor because I dont have any. Until next time...

cellulaze - second round

Today I got my front and sides done... painless. I was checking email, texting, and dosing off the entire time. He began around 9:15a and finish 12:50p. AND went to work right after... YES I DID! I went to work and had no pain. The front of my legs have improved... not dramatic, but it's only been a couple of weeks. Would I do it again, Yes. and would I go to work, Yes!
Dr. Berman

He is a very nice board certified surgeon. I'm happy with my decision to let him preform my procedure as he is very skilled in cellulaze. . Thank you Dr Berman... I adore you Rose, Cheryl, and Sharon you're the best!

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The bruising I see I've had before from iron burns and they went away. I'm somewhat confident these would too. Do you tend to leave scaring after bruising or acne? but, I truly will let you know.... hope your discoloration goes away soon.... Have you tried fading cream/or cocoa butter.
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Please be careful about making this decision. I'm black too and got this done but it left horrible burn discoloration on my legs
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Welcome! Glad your here!! We all have something that we don't like right...happy for you that you took the steps towards resolving your concern. When is your treatment scheduled?
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