Flat Tummy for the First Time in my Life (no pregnancies)New pics!

My name is Devon, and i'm currently 26 years...

My name is Devon, and i'm currently 26 years old.

My whole life ive been fat, or atleast chubby and at some point along the way i had just assumed thats the way it would always be. In my mid twenties I had settled into a bad relationship, ate anything i wanted, had horrendous anxiety attacks and overall just didnt value myself.

at 24 I decided I was done, when i bought a scale on a whim and was horrified to read 190. I stand 5'1, and i knew then i could no longer pretend I wasnt hurting myself.

I started excersizing and eating less,counting calories with the help of myfitnesspal.com and slowly the weight started to come off.

About 9-months to 1 year later here I am at about 125 pounds....but the loss of 1/3rd of my body has left my body with new problems.

I am getting a tummy tuck because for once I am putting myself first, and I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

**PICTURES TO BE ADDEDD SOON!!**Updated on 26 Nov 2011:Well, I may be able to set the actual date for jan 24th...hopefully the slot is still available and I can get the time off of work.
I will admit...the thought of setting the surgery in stone is starting to make me a bit scared...worried about the franken-stomach possibilty...how bad will my scar be?...what if my bellybutton comes out looking weird? Lol

Im sure doubts are normal...I will update monday with pics if my appointment gets set!Updated on 28 Nov 2011:So i just paid the 500 dollars for my surgery date..January 24th!...im very anxious...partially due to some negative feedback from my family who think i can just work out and get this tummy gone. *sigh*

When i hold up my tummy and see how good it would look flat, i feel better...but the swelling/bellybutton look still has me stressed and wondering...well..so long for now! Thanks for listening :)!Updated on 8 Dec 2011:Still scared, yet excited. Like most tummy tuckers it seems, im getting obsessed with before and afters.
My SO is well aware im having this procedure done and seems very fine with it, but i still cant help but be worried that the scar is going to freak him out :( Im sure this is a normal fear for women who are in relationships during TT time.
Any advice is always appreciated!!Updated on 21 Dec 2011:So its about a month out now. They called yesterday for my registration at the hospital ( Beaumont, Troy). So its starting to become more real. Preop appointment is january 9th, im writing a list of questions to ask dr youn, including how soon I can drive/have sex etc. Lol.
On the bad side of things, my hemoglobin and RBC count are slightly low...im really hoping I have enough time to supplement and not delay surgery. Wish me luck ladies! Updates soon!
Hi Devon,

Looking at your before pics, I feel like you look a lot like me - loose lower belly skin and have a story just like me too (weight loss, not pregnancies.
I just had my TT on Tuesday and so far I feel GREAT! I only have one post op pic up so far, but I'll continue to post more. Take a look at my review if it helps!
I think you will have a great result! And if you will feel better about yourself that is important too. We all understand the obsession with before & after pics. Totally normal and it is good because you are preparing yourself. It will be here before you know it!
Since you haven't had children, has your doc recommended muscle repair? Or are you just having skin removed? I've heard TT recovery is quicker and less painful without muscle plication.

Well, some days im excited and others im wanting...

Well, some days im excited and others im wanting to cry....still nervous about how my surgery will go and now my boyfriend will be in Japan at the time, he will get back about day 4 post op (added stress!).

I couldnt be more confident in my surgeon choice, but this isnt like buying a car where the final product is tangible. Part of me wonders if im making the right choice because there is obviously no going back.

Pro op appointment in 1 week,hopefully it will ease my mind a bit.

Till next time ladies

So my pre-op appointment was a couple days ago. Dr...

So my pre-op appointment was a couple days ago. Dr. Youn made me feel a bit better with how low he plans to do the incision, though he also mentioned that he usually lipos the flanks with a TT and im almost hoping i wont require it...those bruises are nasty!!

Payments are made, and im getting more excited when i picture my smaller,flatter tummy...but the thought of laying on that operating table makes me very anxious.

Will update soon!

About 8 days until D-day. I am starting to get the...

about 8 days until D-day. I am starting to get the doubts and "what if this is the wrong decision" thoughts again...i look at some results and think "man,id be so happy to look like that", then others scare the bajeezus out of me to be quite honest lol

Dr. Youn is an excellent surgeon...but you just never know how your own body will react to something so drastic...
Devon - I just read your whole review. Your doubts and fears are quite normal - even for those of us who are 100% sure a TT is right for us. I am 7 days PO today and I can honestly tell you that the actual surgery is the easiest part of this whole process, followed by the recovery, and least easy was the WAITING for the surgery. Truly! Get past the surgery and on to recovery and you'll look back and wonder why you had doubts.

You mentioned flank lipo...I had it done and yes the bruising is extensive. But it looks a lot worse than it feels. Don't get me wrong - it's sore - but I think a week of soreness and bruising is worth the contouring and nice shape the flank lipo will give to your body (if your PS finds it necessary). The way it was described to me was like wrapping a present...the flank lipo allows for the "wrapping paper" (our skin) to be smooth and flat around the sides and incision areas instead of bulging from any padding underneath. It made sense when I thought of it like that. :)

I'm excited for you! Looking at your pics I'll bet your results will be amazing! And your new body is well deserved after your impressive weight loss!
Thanks so much for the words of encouragement, i really appreciate it. I know its pretty normal to have doubts....but its such a life changing decision.

Though my boyfriend has told me he wont be put off by the scar, i cant help but still be paranoid, as men are so visual and i know for the first 6 months im not gonna be looking my hottest.

Just when i start to think of backing out, i remember how much i think about hiding my stomach during sex, or the gross feeling of my shirt pulling up and worrying about people seeing my stretch marks....it would be so nice to not have those things hindering me anymore
Devon - you'll be surprised at quickly you'll see an awesome improvement! I'm 8 days post op today and my belly (even with the fresh scar) looks leaps and bounds better than pre op. Yes I'm still swollen etc. but nothing like the hanging blubber that was there before! AND, though I'm still a bit sore and not 100% I can tell my confidence is up and can't wait for some bedroom action (when I'm medically cleared, of course) to show off this new shape. ;-)

4 more operation-free days...just hoping i have a...

4 more operation-free days...just hoping i have a smooth (and speedy? lol) recovery. Bringing in my prescriptions to get filled tonight at work (i am a NICU RN) and gonna go out shopping for easily-made foods over the weekend!
Very cool, I am using fitness pal as well and hope to lose weight but the time I have my surgery. Praying that your surgery goes well. Can't wait to see your results.

Hey all,ok im really getting anxious thinking...

Hey all,ok im really getting anxious thinking about going under still...i know its unrealistic but the whole "anesthesia awareness" thing has me freaked. Im trying to push it off for now..

The boyfriend is still in Japan...and im bumming about how long its going to be before we can have sex,ill be 3 days PO when he comes back...wondering if anyone has experience with some VERY gentle,slow sex after your drain comes out..so maybe 1 week-1.5 weeks post op. Silly concern i know lol

Im going out to get supplies tonight,and doing the final clean of the apartment so i dont have to worry about much the first few days...

Till next time ladies
Good luck on your surgery. Please let us know how you are doing.
Devon - best of luck to you tomorrow! They will make sure you are all the way UNDER, don't worry!
Good luck tomorrow!!! :)

So I'm still in the hospital overnight, the...

So I'm still in the hospital overnight, the pain/tightness is a bit more then I expected,but it's being managed decently. It really is like lost time, i dont remember anything besides getting on the table ( thank you anesthesia!! Lol) i will post more soon as i feel better.

SO swollen right now..so no pics yet...this is a...

SO swollen right now..so no pics yet...this is a very weird and TMI question, but i feel like my vulva is pulled up ALOT. i know my pubic area is swollen too right now..does this go down at all? eh...i look like i have a totally different girly part and its freaking me out a little :(!
Devon - that def happens! They pull it up for the stitching. Due to the swelling it will go down some (I'm 16 days postop and mine is still swollen, by the way) but it will be a while before you know a true look. ;-) PS nothing is tmi on realself!
Yay Devon! You did it!! Congrats, girl! Get some rest!
I can't wait to see your results!!

Day 3 Lol: pain is pretty bad today, I am burning...

Day 3 Lol: pain is pretty bad today, I am burning through my Vicodin, I hope they can prescribe me more. :(. getting comfortable is very difficult, I feel swollen and tight no matter how I sit/lay. Hopefully this is the worst, we shall see.

Added some pics...I am SO swollen. But the scar...

Added some pics...I am SO swollen. But the scar is so low and I can tell it's gonna look good when I'm healed. OMG..no more belly button stretch marks!!
Can't wait to see pics of your new belly. We are alot different in size but your belly looks similar to mine so maybe it will give me a glimps of whats to come. Hope you are healing well.
Glad you can find some clues to your own new shape through me :) Im still VERY VERY swollen,so i know i will thin out more over the next few weeks. Try not to judge the new tummy too harshly yet ;)! lol
Devon, reading this makes me feel a little better about the journey I'll be taking March 2. I've lost 100 lbs with diet and exercise. I've developed lots of lose skin and a huge flabby tummy. I'm nervous, excited, and scared out of my mind! You are reassuring me I am going to make it and this will be a good thing. :) Best of luck to you as you continue to heal.

Day 5 lol: Pain is much better! Keeping the binder...

Day 5 lol: Pain is much better! Keeping the binder on 24/7 has also helped keep the swelling down decently. The feeling of tightness and pressure is still odd...I get my drain out Monday!

Still swollen to hell, but im much more mobile now...

still swollen to hell, but im much more mobile now. i walk around the apartment about 10-20% of the day. no pain meds yet today!

So its now officially been 1 week PO and i feel...

So its now officially been 1 week PO and i feel worlds better. The first 3-4 days were AWFUL, ive never been pregnant but i imagine it feels similar in that no matter how i would lay, i was SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I am a stomach sleeper as well so having to lay on my back is killer.

The drain is out (on day 6) and that makea a world of difference as well. Ive been able to do housework and take showers alone for the past 3 days. Each day i get a bit more energy and in 2 weeks my PS says i can start excersizing and stop wearing my binder!

Im already very happy i did this, despite the stretch marks i still have (that just got lowered) and the scar, its amazing to have a flat belly and i cant wait for the swelling to go down.

Swell hell is real ladies, it sucks a big one, but youll be so happy you did this!
How are you feeling?!
I think you look great in the pics, the swelling lasts a long time, are you wearing a medical garment now or the binder???
Thanks! Yeah the swelling is definately a bummer,but worth it. Im still wearing the medical binder for about a week and a half more.

Well, a minor setback at my 3 week appointment,...

Well, a minor setback at my 3 week appointment, apparently im "spitting sutures" in 2 spots (my body is rejecting them) they should heal up in a few weeks, im trying not to let it get me down. In other news, i have the OK to do cardio so i signed up at the gym and im doing a yoga class on Thursday! Wish me luck ladies :3
Hello, I love your results! Are you still enjoying your results?
Things seem like they are going great for you girlie!
you look great! your belly is so flat… do you love it?
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Dr. Youn is exceptionally calm and caring. I'm still early in my recovery, but his results are always beautiful.

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