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I began the laser tattoo removal process in May....

I began the laser tattoo removal process in May. My tattoo isn't very big, about 2 in. by 2 in. I got it a year ago and had regret almost immediately. I always wanted one, but didn't really give my business world enough thought and I find myself hiding it with makeup all the time. It's on my ankle and it's a palm tree. Don't ask. Stupid.

My local doctor was the one who told me about Picosure. Their practice wasn't going to purchase the laser, so I searched online and found the closest office. I"m driving a couple hours from home but it's no big deal.

My first treatment hardly lightened the tattoo, so the Dr. turned the machine up higher for the second round. I won't say much about the first treatment as there isn't much to report. It hurts. A lot. But it's quick. Well, if you have a small tattoo. Blistered a little, really no big deal. Second round? Ugh. Wow. It's been a rough week. The blister that formed was huge and almost immediate. Gross would be a good description. It was really painful. I never bruised or had swelling, but it was very sore to the touch and it hurt to bear weight on that foot. Then the blister came off overnight. Eww. Underneath it was just raw flesh! Yikes! And yes, painful. Now 8 days later, I think I've turned the corner. It seems like it's drying up and starting to scab. Excited to see how much it starts to fade.


Hey, Wilsonis! I believe we are going to the same place. I'm from the Cleveland area and the Skin and Vein center was the closest with the Picosure. It takes me 3 hours to get there, but I'll just look at it as a fun road trip. I had my first treatment 2 days ago with Jen. I have some mild blistering, but my blue, purple, and green is already a lot lighter. It didn't tickle, but it was very tolerable without any pain relief. She gave me numbing cream for the next time. Can't wait to see more results!
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Hello! so sorry for taking so long to respond. I was traveling for work and didn't get on this site. Yes...going to the skin and vein center. I will upload another photo but almost 3 weeks after the second treatment there's not much of a difference. I'm starting to get nervous. I had really high hopes for Picosure...for spending the money and the time!! I don't know..maybe my expectations aren't realistic? I'm completely healed already so I"m guessing the fading has maxed out. Let me try and post a pic...
Can't wait to see the progress! Looks like it has already faded from the last post 2nd treatment.
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Almost 3 weeks after second treatment...

Well, not too much to report. I'm really disappointed in the amount of fading. It's discouraging knowing the next treatment and how painful it will be for little outcome. Trying to stay positive...


I use speed numb and what a difference. My first treatment I almost flew off the table it was so painful. Second treatment I applied speed numb 2 hours before after 1 hour I wiped it off and reapplied. I hardly felt anything. I'm still being treated with the Q switch laser and have had 10 treatments so far and Its still only half way there. Disappointing.
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Hang in there...

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Heyy I'm kind of in the same boat you are...I was expecting the best with picosure, presuming this tattoo will finally be gone....I'm not witnessing any progress yet. I've only have one treatment so far, but based on experiences from others on here it works. Did you buy a package? How many treatments did you get with $1200?
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Third treatment...

Nothing newsy. Hurt like crazy, blistered terribly. Seemed to heal quicker this time though.


Ive just had my 1st picosure treatment and a huge immediate blister has formed. Like you for all this pain its causing I reckon I deserve the skin underneath to be bloody ink free, mine spans my entire tattoo and stings like mad!! My tattoo is also in the same area and it costs so much I hope I see obvious results fast!
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It looks like the green has been zapped away almost completely in your latest photo!
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Thanks for posting pictures during the process. Looks great so far
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After 5th treatment

So sorry for lack of updating. Unfortunately, there hasn't been much to report! I have my 6th treatment tomorrow. It's definitely been disappointing. Trying to stay positive!


Did you use picosure for all your treatments?
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at least some of the lines are completly gone! stay positive!
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Sorry for the long delay. It's definitely a very long process. Clearly not the 3-4 treatments I was hoping for! But, we are getting there. Slowly but surely! I'm not sure how many treatments I have had. Maybe 9?


Fading is looking great, when is your next session?
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Is the remaining ink blue? It looks like it is from the last picture. If so, you should consider switching over to a Ruby (694nm) laser.
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It does look blue, but I think that's because it's still healing from the last treatment. It was definitely black.
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