Stay Away from Evolence

I have had nothing but problems with Evolence. I...

I have had nothing but problems with Evolence. I have had lumps that have abcessed with pus, drained and received 7 series of cortizone injections to fix them.

Nothing works so far. It has been a nightmare that is not resolved yet. I receive cortizone every two weeks to keep the inflamation under control, told this may continue for over a year! Worst situation of my life.

I have four lumps on the side of my face from my nose to my mouth. This photo is just one of them.

You need to get them removed because your body will keep rejecting it and give you problems. Here is a doctor who specializes with people with our type of case. I am booked to go see him in Miami to get mine removed
Research a new product called Xiaflex which is supposed to be able to dissolve pig porcine. Please keep us posted of any new developments on this new product, it might be the answer if it is successful in the trials. Good luck!
I think everyone who received Evolence has these terrible lumps. I went to a top doc on 5th avenue in Manhattan for a rhinplasty consult and he said that he had a miracle solution for my dark under eye circles. Since day 1 I have huge puffy white circles instead. He injected it 2 times with steroids. Then a diiferent surgeon injected it 1 time. that was 3 years ago that I was given Evolence and still i have this horrible deformity under my eye that is so puffy I have a long indent along my cheek. I do not know where J&J tested this product but it should have never been released and shame on the FDA for approving it. I would glady sue J&J.
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