Mom of a 4 Yr Old. I Am a Wide Person. I Workout but my Belly Hangs over in my Lower Ab Section. - Staten Island, NY

I just want to speed the process up, i work out...

I just want to speed the process up, i work out with a trainer twice a week and i run almost every day abt 2-1/2 miles so far. Tummy is just out of control. So i am here getting my treatments done as i type. Upper, lower & back fat. Be back soon to tell more about my recovery and results. So far my experience is amazing


Good luck! I am having mine tomorrow.
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CS Update!

I'm 2 days in, i feel totally fine . Just some bruising and tenderness on my spots. Still a bit numb kinda like when you go to the dentist but its at the wearing off stage. Using arnica for bruising. Other than that i'm just peachy. Going to strap on my waist trainer (tummy gurdle if you will) . Update in a few days..


She said if I would like to I could but since I had my back roll and flanks done I should be fine. I'm thinking of doing the abs in a couple months so then maybe hen I will. Appointment went great, not sore at all. Just hoping and praying I see some great results. I will post pics soon! Can't wait to see your progression!
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Did your office tell you to wear a girdle? I specifically asked my office and they said to wait until the swelling went down to wear one!
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Good luck to you. Come back and let me know how it went. You will be fine. The first initial suction is really annoying , a bit scary only bc you don't know what to expect. 5 mins later your comfty....

CS update part 2

So i am 5 days post CS. Last night i had some weird feelings in my back fat area that i did. I dont't know if it was from laying up right on my back in bed or general symptoms after CS. I felt like i was being pricked in this area with a fine needle or toothpick! It was annoying then that feeling turned into itching. Nothing major just a few times i scratched . No need to topical itch cream. One side of my back fat area was also twitching on its own. Kind of like when you get an eyelash twitch/ eye twitch. Very weird. Then i remembered , when i was getting my back done on one side this same side. It was twitching on its own while the machine was on me. It was weird. So i don't know why this is happening. I am hoping its the fat breaking down and leaving that area lol! I am still numb slightly ....


How are you doing now? Please let us know if you've gotten results. :)
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Any updates??
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Hi wear did you have it done who was the doctor. Thanks Kathy
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Gloria Castelluci

She is amazing, very sweet, makes you feel right at home. She has extreme knowledge on CS.

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