BBL 7-10-13!! Staten Island, NY

In May 2013, I had a free consultation with Dr....

In May 2013, I had a free consultation with Dr. Elliot Heller in the NJ office. It was very brief but I didn't need much convincing since I already had my mind set on this surgery. But at the same time, I didn't get the WOW factor in the consultation. I got most of my information about a BBL surgery from RS. (Thanks you all).

I also been speaking to someone, who had a BBL with him and after a year post op, she is very pleased with the procedure and results. The only thing is that he seems to be very conservative with the amount of cc's he injects. :-( However, since I don't want a HUGE butt, I decided to go with him. He said that he can make me curvy and have a nice projection, so I'm hoping it also goes for my butt. (fingers crossed)

On the day of the surgery 7/10/13, I plan on showing him my wish pics (of course being realistic) and hope he doesn't cheat me out on the cc's. I'm hoping for about 500-700 cc's in each cheek.

I'm a week away!! :-)

2 more days!!!

Two more days until my transformation. .. I'm feeling nervous and loss. I keep reading how everyone seems to be prepared and I'm not. I'm basically reading everyone's comments and guiding myself from there... Lol I would be loss without them.

Tomorrow, I will get my surgery time.

Current weight 7/9/13

I will measure myself tonight. My current weight is 155 and I'm 5'3 in height.

Omg! Tomorrow by this time!! Noon

I survived! Thank you God and my guardian angels.

I just got out of my surgery and just feeling the anastesia. They took 2,000 of fat but only 400 ccs were inserted :-( but will inject more fat in upcoming appt .

So far ... very easy recovery.. OMG!

Day two post op 7/11/13. I'm feeling great as if nothing happened. But obviously no real change in my butt (400 cc's) but the lipo was amazing. I'm not to worried about the butt because he freezes the fat and can inject it later (more $$ ofcourse) but the surgery wasn't that expensive compared to others, so I don't mind. And i definitely want more fat injected. I originally went in knowing this and even though I wasn't to fond of it, I also knew my recovery was going to be mild.

I had my surgery at 10:30am and got discharged at 1:30 pm. The office was great and the anastisiologist calmed my nerves and I just asked her to please wake me up.... And thank God she did.

I got lipo in my back, belly, sides, love handles. 2,000 cc's were taken out of fat and 400 cc's injected in my butt which is really NO change.

My recovery is awesome, no real pain and no after affects. I'm going back to work on Monday 7/15, I'm still taking both antibiotis and pain medications. I do have big bruises in my hips and lower ab area as if I had a tummy tuck and some black and blues here and there but nothing bad.

I haven't rested because I couldn't sleep and i was up and active day and night. I was told To shower today and it felt great.. great lipo job but no bootie... :-(

I have my 1 week appt next Tuesday. If i left anything out, just ask me.. happy healing to all the ladies who had surgery yesterday.

pics of bruising

Bruising in my lower section

day 3

Bruised.... I stopped taken the pain killers after day 2 and no tynelnol as of yet. I'm still taking my antibotics. Swelling is slowly going down. Follow up appt. On tuesday 7/16.

more pics

More pics

pics day 3


1 week post op appt.

Had my first post op appt this week and I'm healing wonderfully. Scars are minimal with some bruising in the butt area.

Soo, I was informed that 4,200 ccs of fat was taken out (back, tummy and flanks) not 2,200ccs so that is GREAT!!!!

BUT only 350 ccs were inserted ... Really ??!! WTF!!!! Don't get me wrong, I knew he wasn't going to OD on the ccs but.... 350 smh!!! I asked to him, minutes before my surgery that I wanted a projection between 500 -700css (nothing huge) and his response was 'I'll do as much as I can and your body lets me' which is BS!!! Really... 350ccs smh!

So now there are theses fat injections that I will NEED to get since I don't like the size of my butt. They cost $750 per visit and from a past BBL patient, he will probably inject 120 ccs in each cheek Smh.... So let's see...... If 120 Ccs is not enough, then I would need another 120ccs (hopefully there was enough good fat saved) therefore, this surgery will have cost $5,500 + 2 possible injection procedures 1,500 = $7k .... I feel like being blunt with him and saying here is the extra $1500, insert all the fat that I want in one shot.

I have mixed feelings about this whole procedure.
#1 I survived- I was really scared of not waking up from the anastasia.
- pain 1-2 days nothing horrible
- by day 5 I felt 90% recovered
- No Real pain or discomfort (HUGE +), but no bootie!!
- The lipo job was amazing with minimal scaring BUT I went in for a BBL.

I wouldn't have mind paying $$$ in one shot but It feels like a SET UP.. imagine if I would have wanted a Kardassian BuTT ...

Only 350 css For a BBL (really???!!!)

So, all in all, I have an injection procedure in a month and hopefully by then it'll give me the results I initially wanted, if not then round 3 & more $$.

I'm hoping to be done in a month.

update in a month!!!

Correction from previous post

350 cc's in each cheek.

25 days post.... Completely not satisfied.

Front view...

This is the only part of the surgery that looks good...

what a shame!!! smh

Another side view of the supposedly bbl...what a joke...smh

Regret going to this DR.

So I'm almost a month post and the swelling has gone down, along with everything else.

I was trying to be positive and optimistic but looking in the mirror and seeing that I still don't have a butt it's sad. I can't turn back time but I do regret going to this Dr. I will have an appointment next week for some fat injections which he will add 250 ccs only (I also had to bargain with that # even though I'm paying $750) now lets see how that procedure goes.

After this procedure, I'm done, butt or not...

back view

The back view is a little better than my original profile

Postponed injections until next week

My fat injection appt. was postponed for next week. I was really looking forward to finally having some result in my Butt however, it did the contrary. It made me sad and annoyed that I payed for a Bbl and I still have a flat Butt. So I canceled my appt and accepted that I wasn't meant to have a Butt. I also wrote an email to my Dr. expressing my dissatisfaction and to my surprise, he will work with me at no extra cost. I really hope he keeps his word and I finally get my initial results.

HERE GOES HOPE #2 TO finally get my 700ccs Butt.

I want the journey of wanting a Butt to be over and just focus on healing.

I'll post next week with pics...

Later dolls

Today is the day!

Today, will determine if BBL was worth it.. I hope so... Can't wait to post pics.

It looks like I need a completely new BBL... Smh

Pics with spanks

I wouldn't mind if my body and but looked like this naked... I'm wearing spanks..

Something is something... But I'm done!

I finally got my fat injections yesterday .... And Something is something but I'm done... This is what I was meant to have...

Not completely satisfied but it's definitely An improvement.
This was my BBL journey, good luck to everyone.
In summary, 4,200 of Fat was taken out and 350ccs was injected in buttocks initially ... Smh and yesterday I received 120ccs, so I total

With squeem

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Heller was very polite and calm. He seemed very confident and knowledgeable about his work but also kept saying to be realistic. I definitely trust him and I'm putting my Butt in his hands. Now lets hope he will give me the results that I want. WISH ME LUCK!

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I had lipo with Dr. Heller. He is not the best and I didn't do my research. So sorry this happened to you.
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I think a previous patient asked and I think it's ok. But I def agree with you that he does that for the extra $$ . Im very disappointed with this bbl. I still have a flat ass. I also don't understand why he only put 350css smh... And he was very hesitant to add more when I asked. So it was a waste of $5,500. But I learned my lesson...
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How are your results now? I have a consult with him soon
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I've never heard of a BBL surgeon keeping frozen fat to inject later. Did he say why? I could say it's to give your skin chance to stretch but some gals on here have 1000 in each cheek. If I were you I'd have to wonder if its not just to keep making those $750! Have you asked any of the PSs on here if that's normal, without mentioning your docs name?
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No I never heard of it, but he did, he kept my left over fat and injected it a month later. It added a Small change but I'm still unstudied with the outcome.
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you need to make re search if ANY doctor would keep ANY patient's fat frozen in ANY reason at all. Why??? He did not know you will be back for revision,right? was it YOUR FAT or PMMA?
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good changes I should say?
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The injections made a slight change but I still don't have a butt....smh... And in don't have anymore fatt left so no more injections... :-(
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Hi. hows everything going. Any changes?
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Absolutely no changes in the butt area... Only in the lipo areas, I'm shrinking. ... That's the only positive outcome.
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Im sorry too hun! You have to go to someone that does bbl.'s. Im sorry but he does not know what he is doing. You should consider Salama or Cortez in Houston. You would look awesome! It is meant to be for you no worries, I went the first round to a ps that didn't really do bbl.'s either and they lied about it at his office. I refused to let him touch me again, although I did get some booty which made a dfference from what I had, but his lipo sucked so bad!!
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Thanks girly, lesson learned... I just wished it didn't have to be with a surgery. :-( His lipo was good, but obviously his BBL was ugh... At least nothing went wrong... The recovery was quick and no real pain at all. Now I have a little something to work with.. Lol Dr. Salama would have made me into a barbie... His work is magnificent. I didn't want to travel but I would definitely do it now. Can't do nothing now..
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I know hun no worrie, if you have to wait a few years then you can do it then. It is a really expensive procedure, so I understand not having the funds or wanting to keep spending money. You will look fine and as long as you have something to work with that is good!
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I would love to have it again so I have a whole year to think about it.... Def. Dr. Salama.... But for now... I'm done... I would have Love your results... But it wasn't meant to be... :-( Enjoy the rest of summer...
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Hey hun, I know you were looking for more but I do see some subtle changes in the shaping of your bum! By the way, you have great legs! Happy healing and I'm praying for the fluffing gods to come your way!
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Thanks Zulu Princess.... There is definitely a change.... Something is better than nothing... And I really don't have to explain to anyone my body change... Lol. What's done is done and now I just have to work with what I got... Time to do squats and lunges... Thanks for the leg compliment....
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Thanks girl.... :-( Absolutely nothing... But I guess it wasn't meant to be... I just needed to pay someone money... Lol
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I feel your pain, my result is bad as well, going for round# 2 in DR
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Bad.. ? Or Not enough? Have you seen my pics? They are more imbarrassing to show... Smh... No Butt at all.... I was considering going for a second round at 6 months... but I scar dark and I don't want more scars in my body... :-( I should have gone directly to one of the Dr's that specialize in Bbl... But too late... I wish you luck and I know you will definitely have the results you want in Dr... When are you scheduled... I'm actually going to Dr... But for vacation.
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Hon,no reason to worry about more scars, if the dr is experienced and good enough he or she will do incisions where existing scars are. And you can you scar remedies to help them fade.
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I've tried different scar creams but so far none have work... Also opening old incision are can be risky. I read your profile and I really hope you get your results in DR.
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Please sister cross your fingers for me, it's coming...just 5 days left
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Omg.... In 5 days... Oh... When are you going to DR? How long are you staying? I will pray for you... And wish you the best...
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thank you hun! I am leaving on 19th and will be back on 09/02 . I can not but scared more than the first BBL sx as now I know what the hell recovery is going to be, especially first 7 day:)
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