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54 yrs. young, Breast Lift W/ Mentor 475 HP Smooth Unders....After 150 Pound Weight Loss. - Staten Island, NY

I appreciate the skill of my doctor as I just had...

I appreciate the skill of my doctor as I just had my eyes, face and neck lifted. Last year I did my tummy tuck and next is new girls. I am excited to have it done in time for the summer. I love wearing tank tops. I lost 150 pounds 3 years ago and had 3 sons that sucked the life out of my boobs so they hang low. I am 5 7" and 175 pounds. I am trying to take off 10 pounds before surgery mid April. The goal of hot boobs is worth it!

April 1st will be my day!

So excited for this surgery.

April 1...

So excited to get this date. My fiancé and I tried doing the rice bags to see the size I will like and it looked good with about 275 cc in each. I will see what the doctor thinks when we go on the 17th.

Sizing appointment

Hi all! .... I went for my sizing last night and boy did I get an education. Well no lipo for me on my bra side flabby skin. He is going to take my sides and tuck them in to help support the implant. I support you go to your sizing appt with the bra in your wish size along with a tank top ....even take a bathing suit top. Try on the sizers with the different tops. ...I'm so glad I did. I am looking at the breast lift bringing me to a C cup and decided with my fiancés help going DD.... going with silicone as my doctor suggested for the extra money so no chance of ripples. Going under the muscle for a natural look and feel. He will use sizers during the surgery to make sure we achieve our goals. I took wish pictures with me so he had a visual on the upper pole high profile look I dream about. I have till the end of the week to pick put my brand. He can get anyone I pick. I'm leaning to a special he has with a company that offers free Botox with their brand. I need some in my 11 lines between my eyebrows as I did not opt for a brow lift with the facelift. He will not be using drains if I'm not bleeding bad...so happy. He does not wrap up the boobs just uses a medical sports bra for sport. Massages start after one week and critical for healing. I should heal well with the scars ask did for my tummy and face. I will update more soon.

5 more days ...

I'm getting ready for April 1 st. Nesting, shopping, cleaning and trying to stay calm. I feel like there is so much to do before my surgery. I keep doing research on the lift with implants and I feel totally confident in my doctor. We are going with the mentor high profile brand. I pray to get the 38 DD results I dream about.

I dream about this picture.

I'm taking this picture in the day of surgery as this is my favorite....RIP Anna. I showed the doctor all my inspiration pictures.... he was patient with me as we looked together at my goals for the surgery.

Ready for surgery day...

Tomorrow around 8 am I will be in for my lift with implants. I am very nervous and met with the doctor today to make some final adjustments. He may use 500cc depending on the size of the area once he goes in. I did pick mentor high profile and think that was a good fit for my 5 7" height and 170 pound weight. I will let you know what the final size he used when I come back to update in a few days.

2 days after...

Surgery complete.....ouch! There is just a nagging dull throbbing pain in the breast. I got mentor smooth round high profile 475cc in each breast. He could not fit anything bigger under the muscle. What we can see so far they look good. I should be a 38 d or maybe close to dd. I'm not going to be hung up on size as long as they are cute and perky looking. At my age even with a lift I may have sagging again. I can see myself sleeping in sports bras for years to come. My doctor says creams and gels will not make a difference on healing with the boobs so no butters or bio oil for me We will start massages on Monday and he gave me dissolving stitches ....so happy about that. So far no itching going on. I am taking Percocet only when it's bad and other times just Tylenol. I will start neosporin on stitches this weekend. I can take a shower today ...happy dance! Hope you are all doing great and healing well. The weather here in NY has been great. I'm going to get some fresh air next. Xo Barbara

Massages and Scar cream...

Things are coming along on target. I feel some itching and dull pain here and there. I do feel tightness which can be uncomfortable. I can lift my arms which is a good thing. I have been massaging breasts and scar areas too. I have the lollipop scar and under full scar. The breasts feel good and so far still high on some days and dr on others. My doctor did a great job and I have faith they will look full round and perky! Have a good day!

Dissolving stitches are amazing!

The skill of my surgeon and the use of dissolving stitches have made my healing move along faster than I could imagine. I love my new girls...now we need to name hem! Lol He gave me the new Annika forte pills that have brome lain in them by DermAdvance and I feel that worked great for little bruising and healing. No more pain, energy coming back, scars staying soft, doing massages, feeling back in nipples and right back to hot alone time with my love! Have a good day!

Happy Days...I have perky and hot boobs! According to my fiancé lolol

Things are coming along very well with healing. My scars are looking better each day. I should be a 38 DD in most bras. I tried on my vs and that size fit...doing the happy dance over new perky boobs. I saw the doctor a few times and very happy with my results. I have been doing the light touch massages to all areas and focus on the scar areas too. I try to get them to tingle so the nerve ending wake up. I feel very blessed to have a doctor that would do the lift with implants...thank you Dr. Decorato!

Still so happy!

Healing is going great. I gained 2 pounds from the new girls. I hope to get back to full exercising soon. My muscle tone is like jello now. Feelings are back in all parts of my breasts and finally in a regular bra by day and sport bra most nights. My scars are doing good and based on experience it will take up to a year to look all healed. I am using biocornium scar gel along with massaging the scar area and full breasts. I am wearing a size 38dd and very happy! I hope you are all healing well. I will send the pictures to those of you who wrote to me. All the best! Barbara

Wish pics...

These are they pictures I took to my doctor and asked him to make me look like this. Using pictures helps you communicate your goals to the doctor.

Oops here are the pictures

Lift with implants....

Yes I got a lift with implants. I knew I wanted to be larger and having a lift alone could bring me to only a size b. So
I did my research on the success rate of my doctor on the lift/implant and trusted that he could reach my goals and he did! I was a small 38 c and now a full 38 dd.

2 months are doing great!

This journey is going great. I continue doing massages and using scar gel. I am blessed with good healing. I am wearing 38 DD and so happy with the twins! My fiancé is loving them too! He took me to the Victoria secret outlet and all bras are 19.99 there....thank you my love! Have a great day!
New York Plastic Surgeon

My doctor is skilled and talented with Breast procedures. His before and after pictures are wonderful. I trust he will do a great job on my breasts. He did a fantastic job with my eyes, face and neck lift with fat transfer. My price includes general anesthesia that is done in his surgery center. I can't wait to get new girls! Thank you Dr. Decorato for always taking the time with me.

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Yay for bra shopping -- That seems like it'd be the best part. :)

Thanks for sharing your story with us!
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Sorry no body pictures for me...too many lurkers and stalkers that come to the site to look at naked bodies. Feel free to private message me about pictures. Take care.
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Can you post some of those wish pictures, please? What bra size were you before surgery? Did you do a single stage lift and implant or did he do the lift first? Thanks so much. Your replies will be very helpful to me. I will PM you re pix. Thanks much!!!
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You know you are absolutely gorgeous. Kudos to your physician/surgeon. Let me ask you if I may please. How much did each of those procedures cost? And, how in the world do people come up with the money for such procedures? Thank you ever so much!
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Do you have any pics?
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Sounds like you had a very good surgery! Will you be posting pics? I'm close to your age, height and weight. I had a lift 5 weeks ago and undecided if I'll have implants. I'm torn!
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How are we doing
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Good thanks! My breast lift came put great and I'm healing very quickly. My neck looks good but time will tell with my chin. How are you?
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Oh before surgery I measured a 38 C ....loving fiancé measured me and I'm a full dd right now. We shall see after all swelling goes down.
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Hi MB ...I have loved her along with Jenny McCarthy too. Her boobs are amazing! I took that picture of Anna to my doctor for inspiration. I wore an extra padded push-up 38 D from v secret. Today I just put on a 38 DD and doing the happy dance!! I love the feel of the mentor gel smooth And the look of High profile with a natural projection. The office manager at the doctors office got them to give me 2 free viles of the filler from their company if I went with mentor silicone. I will use the filler for 11 lines and forehead before summer. I can send you pics via private email...send me air aye message with your email. Take care. Barbara
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Funny coincidence, I loved Anna Nichols body, too, and she was my inspiration. I never really thought my results could be this good! I am getting implants as my final surgery. I am curious what bra size you were before the implants. We have similar stats and so I would love to see your after photos. I am thinking of going DD or even DDD.
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One more thing MBL...Did you try the rice sizers?
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I did not i'm not even sure how they work
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You tube has a video on it. I think it is 1 cup of rice equals 275 cc implant. YouTube will show you. You put the rice in knee high flatten it ...tie it and place it under your boob in a bigger bra. Then put on shirts to see how the size looks. Also the doctor has sizes that you can do in his office. Bring your dream bra and sexy shirt to see shape and cleavage ...or upper fullness. All my boob dreams are coming true! Thank The Lord.
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Glad to see in your review that you're doing a proper fitting with sizers at your surgeons office, but just thought I'd still share this quick RealSelf video on how to make your own rice sizers at home. ;) 
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I saw this video before my surgery. Thanks!
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Thank you...so happy to be in recovery mode now. As soon as I start to look better, I will post pictures. I had a chin and neck revision with this surgery.
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All the best with this surgery, So glad your able to do what u want to look the way you feel inside. So happy for you. Anything that makes one happy with themselves i am for it. Congrats hon on your extreme weight loss and the hard work you've put into you.
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Thank you so much sweet lady. I have 5 more days!
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So close now...how exciting just 3 weeks away, I had my BL/BA on April 10, 2013 so pretty close to your date. I had planned on 325cc but at the last minute told my surgeon to do as close as possible to that but what ever fits best...woke up to find I had 370's (hubby was very happy) I have gotten used to them they fit my body well, I just never had very big boobs, unless I was fat and then they blended in so it's all new for me, but a year later I am still happy!
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Thank you! Went to ps today and looks like 425 cc will be good but maybe 450. He will size me better after he open the breast pocket. It is going under the muscle. What brand and style did you get? I looked at mentor high profile.
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I will have to find my paper work...I don't remember what brand they are...Saline high profile, under the little muscle that I had. I too had hardly any tissue left also, just enough to cover the implants thankfully...But they look great, I guess because I have no tissue to weigh them down...lol
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I hope mine look good. I have such high hopes for new girls! I had a dream last night that I woke up during the surgery and watched the whole thing...crazy dream!
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Congratulations on your weight loss! I also lost over 100 lbs, and completed my body contouring procedures. I had a LBL, and 3 months later an arm and breast lift.....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my breasts. I am very excited for you, and am sure you will have a spectacular result! Will you be getting implants as well, or do you have enough breast tissue for a lift alone?
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