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I had Lasik about a month ago and during my...

I had Lasik about a month ago and during my initial consultation at Clearly Lasik (Vancouver, WA) one of the techs mentioned Latisse to me. Now that my eyes have recovered from the procedure, I've decided to try Latisse out. My eyelashes are very short and the length has bothered me for sometime. I'm excited to give this product a shot. I just picked up my first box for an introductory price of $70. Clearly Lasik offers Latisse for $99 box after that. Here goes... :)

1. I don't like that only some, or few, of my lashes have grown. I have sparse long lashes...

2. I have been informed, and have seen, that the long lashes are temporary. If anyone has any suggestions as to keeping your long lashes, please advise....
Judy, yes results are temporary as with any eyelash serum stuff. Eyelashes have a lifespan of maximum 4 months and you can only affect one life span of each eyelash, nothing yet can provide a growth for all future eyelashes... How long did you use Latisse for?

thanks for posting the pics (did you post a lasik review!?)...looking forward to seeing how latisse works out for you.

Clearly Lasik

Free visits for Latisse users. CL will keep tabs on my eye pressure while I'm using Latisse.

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