Stage 2 Compression Garment for Back/flank Liposuction

I had alot of "back fat" causing ugly...

I had alot of "back fat" causing ugly rolls when I wore a 2-piece bathing suit. I live across the street from the beach, so I frequently wear a bathing suit. I had lipo on my abdomen before and loved those results so I thought I would do it again. I am about 5 days post-op and when I remove the compression gament I can already tell that things should turn out well - and I want to do all I can to make sure that happens.

My doctor wants me to wear a lighter compression garment for weeks 2-6. He wasn't much help to me in trying to figure out what garment to buy though. I need coverage on my back from just above my bra line to about mid-hip which makes finding a garment hard too. There are a lot of companies selling "Stage 2" garments. He suggested I buy Spanx, but I was reading that the compression is minimal with those.

Do you think Spanx or even an UnderArmor compression tank top provides enough compression? Do you recommend a brand/style for my particular area of need?


Are all of these garments bought online only? Can they be bought at regular retail stores? Also, CLF...since you have had both procedures (back and abdomen) it true that the back is more painful than the stomach region? Thank you for the feedback.
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where did you get the surgery, im planning to get mine done in a couple of months ! thanks
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My Mom and I both had a tummy tuck with lipo and after we were done with our first stage binder we wore the Shapeez Unbelievabra. Its a combo bra/body slimmer that smooths all back buges and I found it was very comfortable and had just enough compression to keep the afternoon swelling down. It's great because now that my tummy is flat, I certainly don't want to have back rolls to worry about. Don't you hate that?
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I have had other procedures with him and all turned out very well. His "bedside manner" and staff are all great too.

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