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I wanted a breast lift because I'd recently had my...

I wanted a breast lift because I'd recently had my 12-year-old saline implants removed. My breasts were pretty deflated so I wanted to get them lifted back up.

Dr Horndeski has a great office staff. They are -super- prompt at answering questions, and everyone in the office was nice. I traveled from out of town to have surgery after reading so many rave reviews on here.

Surgery went fine, the worst part was the nurse who put in the IV had to poke me a few times to get it to finally go. The anesthesiologist was very nice too. One minute I was there, and then I was gone. When I woke again I was ushered out quickly, I'd have rather laid there for a few more hours to sleep!! (Esp with that warm post-surgery blanket they give you.)

The only meds I took were the antibiotic and anti-nausea pills. I was sore but not really in pain. It felt like I'd done way too many push-ups, so it was tolerable.

So the results... I'm not sure yet. My boobs look -huge-, so I'm hoping it's some swelling that's causing it. If not, I'll have wished that I'd gotten a reduction at the same time. For those of you wanting upper-pole fullness, I totally have it! If it stays like this people are going to be swearing I have implants in there, that's how full they look. I also think that they look like I've already bottomed-out, which is disappointing.

Things I wish I knew beforehand: I found out at the pre-op consultation that Dr Horndeski said he's only been doing these UBL's for about a year.. so the jury's still out on what happens in the long run. Also when he quoted me his fee, I didn't realize it included the facility & anesthesiologist's fees.

I know I need to be patient and give things time to settle.

I'll post some pics soon

Thank you for sharing. I tried not to focus on the short term appearance of my breasts because others had stated the importance of waiting for the breast form changes. Plus I didn't want to freak out too soon! As the nurse said (when I questioned why I ended up a D instead of a C)-among other things-it is what it is if I stay at this weight. So, all in all, I'm happy w/my shape and size. Also, I refuse to pre-worry about what they may look like in the future. I am back exercising and that makes me feel better. Those weeks of recovery were hard on me just having extra time to think and wonder... Take care and as hard as it seems, yes, try not to pre-worry.

4.1.13 - Waiting is hard. I remember after I got...

4.1.13 - Waiting is hard. I remember after I got my implants that I hated the way they looked and wished I hadn't done it. I'm feeling like that now. They just don't look right to me, they feel hard, they look bottomed-out, one nipple is a dark purple/pink while the other is normal. I know it's too soon to tell but I'm feeling depressed. On top of that I've had a fever the past two days and have been super tired so I'm just feeling miserable. Right now I'm wishing I hadn't done this. :(
Holy cow, you look amazing! I'm having the mini ubl done next week, I hope mine turns out as good as yours did! Hope you feel better soon!
Ur breasts do in fct look amazing! I'm planning on seeing dr horndeski for my breast lift although I'd prefer to get it done with my bbl at same time with salhauzer.. What do u ladies think? I har te bbl in October and thinking of my breast lift for march.. I just love dr horndeskis technique with no lollipop scar ..
Call Dr. H right away regarding the fever. That is something he needs to know. Other than that, you look fantastic and almost exactly how I did early on post op. You are going to be amazed in about 5 weeks. Much of what you are dealing with right now is swelling. It takes a good 5-6 weeks of wearing the bra 24/7 to get the end result shape. How it looks now will not be how it looks in a couple months. I am the least patient person in the world but when I get up in the morning now with no steri- strips, no pain and NO BRA, I am a happy camper. You will be too! BTW- I am back to my regular sized bra 34-36C. Post of I wore a DD for a month. That is how much swelling was there. :) Hang in there.

4.4.13 - Unfortunately I developed a small...

4.4.13 - Unfortunately I developed a small infection on part of the areola. Dr. H's staff responded quickly and got me a new prescription of antibiotics & suggested how to care for it, hopefully it goes away soon. They've even followed up since to see how I am.

I'm feeling a little better about the look now. I'm still disappointed that they aren't smaller. I feel like I look like I did before I had my implants removed - on the one hand that's good because at least I've achieved the look 'naturally', OTOH not good when I was aiming for smaller. I am completely perplexed how they "filled" in my breast area, I didn't think I had that much tissue back there.

Today when I looked at my side profile, I can tell they're already drooping a little lower. Not too surprising when I'm lugging an "F" breast size, but only one week post-surgery.

$10,000 later and I look like I did 4 months ago... meh.
Which bra did you use post-surgery?
Preop I liked fantasie bras, they give good support for larger busts, and that's what I've been using after. So far my preop bra/size is still fitting. Hth!
I liked the Marena surgical. Was 34-36 D before and the size large fit wonderfully. These look nearly identical to the one my surgeon put on my after surgery but the quality is much better and they're more comfortable.

4 weeks later & I'm feeling better about myself...

4 weeks later & I'm feeling better about myself and my boobs. Preop I was 30F, now I'm 30E. The left is slightly larger than the right. I am already failing the "pencil test" which is disappointing following a lift but OTOH at a size E is it really surprising?? lol. They look fuller up top but not "implant-full" (too round), and are definitely lifted nicely. The nipples aren't perfectly circular but oh well. All in all I'm *very* glad I had this done. I know earlier I wished I'd gone smaller and in a way I still do so that clothes would fit better, but now I realize that my size works well with my body (and tummy, haha).
I was wondering How long you had the post surgery tape on your nipples?
Do you have before pics? I am nervous because some of horndeski's MUBL pics look like the nipple has crinkles. Not sure if its because he had to resize the nip first or not.
There is some pleating around the areloa that can occur but will resolve with time. Mine is 75% gone at 2 months out. It may take up to 6 months to go away. Not a big concern for me as I know it is getting better every day. I keep aquaphor on the scar and areola area daily and it really helps to soften thing out. :)

2.5 month pics

Here is my update from the mini ubl. I wish I had the befores for comparison; my breasts look normal and not lifted (to me) but my preop was post explanation and they were deflated and saggy so really now they look great!! My only issues is the right nipple is not an even circle but that can be fixed, and there's a good 1" difference in size between the two. You can hardly see it in the pics but bras don't fit right.

Adding preop pix

Adding preop pix

Another preop pic

Hello. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind updating pictures? Also why do you say bras do not fit correctly since the surgery?
Hi pearltx, you look really awesome! I had my implants removed and we are post-explant booby twins from the side (pre-MUBL!). Do you still feel any lumpiness in your breast tissue from the lift? I know he uses skin to make straps internally to provide long term lifting results and I am curious if this is something you can feel through the skin? How was the recovery pain-wise? Nipple sensation? The 1" difference in areola symmetry doesn't read in pics- they look great! Thanks in advance!
Hi, no, I don't feel lumpiness in my boob in general. It's so nice to feel regular boobs instead of implants!! The nipple incision is still kind of lumpy in places & there's still a little pleating. Nipple sensation is slowly coming back. I had none initially post surgery. My right side has more than my left currently; neither is where it was pre-op. Have you had surgery yet?
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