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Tummy Tuck After 16 Pound Twin Birth - Saint Louis, MO

Had TT Nov. 19th. 38 year old mom of 3. Had TT,...

Had TT Nov. 19th. 38 year old mom of 3. Had TT, umbilical hernia repair and abdominal wall repaired. My twins are 7 now, this was a very thought out choice. I am happy that as I get older my core will be strong to support me and I won't have to worry about the hernia causing issues. The bonus was that my excess "twin skin" is gone!

Can everyone that is about one month out stand up straight? I cannot! I can try but it is a lot of work and makes me tender above my bellybutton. I am so worried about this. I go this coming Friday to my PS, but I feel he will simply say, "stand up straight".

I will be post one month Dec. 19th and am...

I will be post one month Dec. 19th and am improving everyday. Yesterday (Fri. 14) I had my "1 month" check. I called prior to ask what my PS was going to do - my BIG fear being that he was going to want to fully see my incision scar and I still had 49 of my 52 steri-strips tight in place and the last thing I wanted was him ripping them off of my tender scar, tummy, and hair! They said yes, he would remove them SO I said I would take care of it. The nurse said to cover the strips in Vaseline or Neosporin - something greasy to help remove the glue, and to just let it sit on there for a couple of hours. Well, I got busy right away! It took me almost 3 hours to remove them all. And when I went in for the visit and told my PS that, I said how long would it have taken you? He said 1 minute. :D I made the right decision. ;)
I'm getting straighter everyday. I am still sleeping in a recliner that is killing my tailbone, but I just can't relax or get comfortable in bed yet. My back is now hurting less with standing as straight as I can. PS said I am healing nicely and said I can resume normal activities, but listen to my body and NO core workouts or over use. Also, for the next two weeks i am to wear my binder no less than half the day, but i wear it all day and he said that was fine too. Around my belly button and below it are very numb. Sneezing and coughing are still scary and i try to avoid. However, laughing gives me a strange sensation behind my belly button that i like, kind of reminds me of an ab workout feeling, but not pain. I don't go back to PS until I am 3 months PO, so Feb.
I wish I had a before photo, it didn't cross my mind that I would share my story. I am going to see if my PS will give me one they took.

I have no idea why some photos turned sideways....

I have no idea why some photos turned sideways. The shiny stuff on my stomach is half a tube of Neosporin. The panties are Hanes briefs. I don't want bikini panties rubbing my scar yet.
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Looking good momma!
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Did you have your BB relocated?
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Hello! Dr. Boschert must buy super steri-strips! Mine are not coming off either! He told me to start putting vaseline on them this weekend to start the process. Knowing you have them for an entire month makes me feel much better! I am only 13 po. Glad you are feeling good! You look great. Take care! Kat
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Oh too funny! Yeah, I really was very gentle with them and when I showered I gently washed them with J&J Baby wash. I probably would have left on forever!
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hey so I myself have 7 year old twins!!!!! Boy and Girl!! I am 41 days post op. I can stand strait but after sitting for long periods of time it takes a while to walk strait!! you look amazing!!! Congratulations and bye bye twin skin I am am so happy to be rid of you!!!
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Holy smokes your tummy looks amazing!!!   WOW

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May I ask.. we are only 1 day apart. Are you still using pain killers that you can't get over the counter?
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No, I had to stop Rx because it constipated me so bad. Took Tylenol and Tylenol PM after that. I'm not on any pain meds now. If I take them during the day I know I will over do and hurt myself, so now I will only take Tylenol PM for a good nights sleep and to keep my bed-back from killing me!
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Mine gave me the ok to TRY to stand up strait week 2. With effort you will, it does feel weird tho.
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I can't wait to not be "scared" of doing my normal stuff! Standing up, bending over, sleeping on my sides and back.
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