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Hi my name is mandie 2 yrs ago I woke with a...

Hi my name is mandie 2 yrs ago I woke with a little scratch on tip of nose. It would never heal I kept going to the doctors and he kept giving me cream in May this yr I changed doctors who refered me straight away to my local hospital who done a biopsy it came bk as skin cancer. The scratch on my tip had grown into a hole 11mmx9mm so the whole tip of my nose. I was booked to have forehead nasal flap I looked scary and I was worried sick. I had the op 3 days ago I came on this forum b4 to see what to expect it helped but did not prepare me for what lay ahead. It s very painful and the 2 open wounds on bridge of nose ooze blood for 1st few days but the worse thing is laying completely flat as advised by doctor. To be honest nothing can prepare you for the 1st few days after. I am now worried as mine is quite oozy and don't really know best way to clean it doctor said just to gently shower area. Thought after 3 days I would start seeing improvement..
Oh my! Thank goodness you changed GPs and they were able to catch this! Thank you for sharing your story so far. Please let us know how your healing goes. We have a great Mohs community here who are really supportive in helping each other through the whole process.
Thank you this site helped me prepare but nothing can really prepare you. I'm on day 4 of recovery still quite sore and I don't know how at this stage it should look. The open wound on bridge of nose is still quite moist. I am cleaning daily by running water from shower over nose but not forehead as advised. Still a purple colour but each day colour changing. I am completely resting as head/nose aches when standing for to long and find laying flat on back helps. Hope these comments will help someone who like me was totally petrified .... Oh and I'm 42 yrs old not 2 ... Mandie
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