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I visited Dr. Kass for my yearly followup/...

I visited Dr. Kass for my yearly followup/ injection of Restylane for my eye hollows & nasal labial folds. After a brief consultation I informed him that I wanted to have the corners of my mouth upturned so I did not look like I was frowning all the time. He injected both sides of the mouth, moved up to the folds and lastly did the eyes hollows.

After I returned home from the procedure I was shocked to find very noticeable filler pockets in the area where he injected my mouth, but thought it would probably subside in a few days, it did not. I called in to the office and was told to come back in for an dissolving injection to remove filler in that area.

When I asked the Doctor why it did not work he said that Botox is used for a to relax a downturned mouth and went on to say that Restylane is used for lines, I DID NOT HAVE LINES on the downturn so why did he waste product on me there??!!! why the heck did I pay for it to be done with Restylane, I am not the Dr he is, I don't know what every inject-able is used for. He also made no apologies for me having to come back in. I think he if he really spent more time with me in consult and listening to me I would have obtained my desired results. Because he injected the mouth section FIRST and then moved on to my eye hollows the lines are not properly filled probably I can only assume it was due to the lack of filler left in the syringe after wasting it on my mouth. So now I am left with a less than desired look. I feel really let down.

I called and spoke to the office manager Lydia who blew me off and offered no solution, her only response is that "not every one can be satisfied and the Doctor did all he could", REALLY?? all he could do??!!! no, he could of corrected things or at the very least offered a discount to correct it.

I am totally not pleased. If you are reading this Dr. Kass, you need to make sure you spend a little more time in consult with patients instead of juggling back in forth from room to room and in addition you need a new manager, one with a little more compassion, not so quick to dismiss your patients concerns and one that can offer real options to make the customer satisfied.

See my new review!!

He refused to inject me today!!! I went back to him because of my discount that I was going to get and the inject-able days special, and in my file were notes about what I wrote here and he refused to inject me because of my reviews. I like his work on eye hollows and that is what I was going back for, I was not going to let him touch my "trout pout" heck no, but wow, I am in complete shock of the way I was treated!
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Are you viewing his profile? Seems I've read that doctors can choose which reviews show there.
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I'm not sure how his star rating is still good with the few negatives. I think it's because he's paying to be on this site. FYI the office offers a discount off your next visit for a positive review on this site and a few others.
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I had a similar experience. I had Silicone 1000 ( $600) but did not do anything. There was no discount offered for the second treatment which Dr Kass chose (Restilane, other $500). It has been a week and my eye hollows look horrible with bumps. I am terrified to go back and have him destroy me and charge for it. Did you find a great Doctor that could help you fix you problem? Help please
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It did not need fixing after he dissolved the restylane, my issue with the procedure was the wasted product on the area and then not having enough to put in my original problem area.
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Sounds a lot like an office manager I recently encountered. I really wish more plastic surgeons, etc realized the importance of having a friendly staff. Sorry you had a bad experience with the filler.
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It's a real shame. The office manager should of offered some sort of option to make me happy. I was not looking for a freebie, just a correction.
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Bad word of mouth will cost them more than correcting the problem would have.
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Yeap, that's the same so-called office mgr, the most unprofessional clinical staff I have ever encountered. When you tried talking to her, she said she was too busy, not now; when you asked questions, she said she couldn't answer you, you said you didn't need answer right away, how about tomorrow? "No, I don't know when I can give you the answer", "ok, how about next week, next month?" "no, can't give u a time when I would have an answer, I am very busy, we have too many customers, we have no time." Complained to Dr Kass did not help. I actually thought she was Mrs. Kass, not that it would give her the right to be so rude to the customers. Worst medical staff ever known!
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Hmmm...sounds like the Dr may have told her to brush you off. You know, because you were a so-called 'problem patient'. Hope your next experience elsewhere is more pleasant.
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Wrong... She is just plain rude, grouchy, and unprofessional. Not a person to be in a position working with or serving customers Just like ladyjade said "I really wish more plastic surgeons, etc realized the importance of having a friendly staff."
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You don't know that that isn't the
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Did you write a review about your experience and rate them?
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I'm sorry to hear you didn't feel listened to, and that you weren't pleased with how things ended up looking. What did you end up deciding to do about the filler in the mouth area? Did you decide to have it dissolved?

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It was dissolved by dr. Kass, with no apologies or offer to fill in the eye hollows which lacked the appropriate amount of filler to make a noticible difference.
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