Single mother of 3 children, 28years old 5'9...

Single mother of 3 children, 28years old 5'9 and 185lbs. My weight lost left my body with saggy skin and I been dreamig and wanting a TT for so long. I had my free consult and Im loving the Doctor and will most likely choose him.

I will schedule for June. Im saving every nickle and dime up! will keep you posted.

@ Peacoxx lmaoooooo!!! Girl u see them!! Lol ROFL
Yep I see em... you've seen all my goodies = you're stuck with me for life HAHAHAHA
Lol I know! I was gonna show some more skin but my son open the door and wouldn't leave dam 3yr old! Lol

New surgery date! Won't be long preparing now...

New surgery date! Won't be long preparing now getting some supplies off the list you ladies provide. Thank God for this site! Peacoxx I'm right behind you girl. I can't wait till you go and I will be 3odays behind
@senorita82 and booka...congrats to you both on going ahead and doing the mommy makeover!! I think its the best thing we can do for ourselfs! I am 7 weeks post op so I don't have a whole lot of experience but I am ahead of you on recovery and will be glad to answer any questions you might have thru this journey! Keep us posted..Good luck!
Thank you, you look awesome. I will definitely post as much as possible once I am finished. 4 days left as of tomorrow!
Good morning,Senorita82...how are you? i'm sure still nervous and of course excited at the same time...is the same feeling i had before my surgery, is normal for us to feel that...so relax and make sure that u have everything u need before your big day...u will be on my prayers..i want to post some picures but everytime i tried is not working...so my daughter said she will do it for me when she got tome? will see...coz i do want to see my own picture too...before and after...TTyL..have a bless day..

30 days to go! let the count down begin. As i type...

30 days to go! let the count down begin. As i type this I think my nerves is getting the best of me. I have never been so excited and scared at the same time in my life. My hearts beats so fast as I think about the procedure. I know i should be thinking positive and having visions of great results but Im scared. Exhale and Inhale and I know everything is going to be just fine. Will keep praying for the best but hey you know the saying why pray and worry?
YOu are gonna do great. If you are not getting Lipo included in your surgery then YES! go in at the lowest weight possible. I wasn't over weight but I wasn't thin either and now I have love handles because I didn't get any lipo of my flanks area. It is not that bad but, I'm on the treadmill everyday trying to get rid of it

Ok so I got RID of 6lbs!!!! YeAAaaa I never say...

Ok so I got RID of 6lbs!!!! YeAAaaa I never say lost cause I surly don't want to find it! I would love to be 175 for the surgery. I been taking vitamins to help and I guess they are working. Pre post appointment 5/11/11 geesh and I have to pay off my balance too. Bitter sweet day

Oh yeah early day, ok that's cool. Maybe we can hook up after I have surgery, like have the same time and date doctor appointments!! Its almost here!!
Hey girl.... I didn't realize that my son has early release tomorrow and not next Wednesday. I have to pick him up before 12:30 I don't think I'll be able to make it to see you and this SUCKS. I was even going to reschedule my appt for tomorrow, but I can't. We're gonna have to do lunch or something on the weekend. Lemme know when you're free.
The best way to lose weight is to eat every 3-4 hours. Protein, small amount of carbs (quinoa, brown rice or similiar) and green leafy veggies. Almonds, fruits and things like that should be staples. I lost 50 lbs. I wanted to lose more, but as I got to this size it got harder and harder and I am no where close to 'skinny' but i like my size overall.

I make sure I do weight training 2-3 times a week and I do HIIT training (shorter higher intensity workouts) and then some good long workouts. I mix em up. My buddies here are spin instructors and personal trainers. My friends and I all take advantage of fitness events like zumba and pole dancing (if applicable), spinning etc... I ran my first and 2nd 5k with my girls. We did the Climb for stairs event in downtown tampa last month. I was passing all of these skinny girls (42 floors = 900 plus stairs) and I did it in 11 minutes. There were girls that looked like they should have been able to smoke me and they were huffing and puffing not even half way. Your body knows where it wants to be, we just have to learn to be happy with it, but in all things stay FIT....ya'll can join me and my buddies anytime ti'll keep you posted on events and get-togethers. We do get together to eat and drink too LOL

Chicka28 51 posts 11 May 2011 My post op...

51 posts
11 May 2011
My post op appointment today! Better sweet day had to pay balance in full ugh! It was pretty short and sweet signed consents in the lobby went in back for photo shoot went over some of the paper work, didn't get to see my PS only had a medical assistant. She took blood work CBC and vitals. No scripts due to no doctor signature was told I could come back or get them on surgery day ugh again! Lol so I'm officially 14 days to TT. I will start taking a multi vitamin tomorrow and discontinue my other supplements. Was given a long list of food, drinks, pills not to take. Grapes and apples being one of them. I'm so excited and can't wait till this is finally over! Hurry up MAY 25! For all of us on that day! Lol

I forgot are you getting your boobs done too? If not, then u won't need the bra LOL
Yea the wait time is a complaint with me too. That's really good your doing great. So you find that wearing no binder works for you. Reading other reviews I wonder if the binder keeps them with swelling longer. Are you wearing any griddle type of garment?
I am going to say something about the wait times, otherwise I am cool with them LOL.

U will get a compression garment at your post op appointment after your drains are out or possibly before. I don't like wearing that one as often cause i can't wear certain pants, my thighs are big and i don't like the imprint through my clothes, so I got a little panty girdle from Target and does the trick for me and I ordered another online that will probably be here tomorrow. You're also going to have to get a high shock absorbant sports bra preferably by Nike or Under Armour.

Some ppl feel comfy and secure in the binder, i hated it and it was taken off the next day after surgery (not because i asked though). I take my girdle off several times a day for a couple hours and put it back on.

10 more days FTT, MR, lipo- please let the time...

10 more days FTT, MR, lipo- please let the time fly by!

Please let the time keep flying by. 7 more days to...

please let the time keep flying by. 7 more days to go. I have managed to gather most of the supplies needed, i started a liquid multi- vitamin, will take the arnica and bromeline next week and protein drinks. I even brought some cute dresses to throw on for surgery and post op appointments. stocked on food for the kids, snacks etc.. cleaning, shopping and getting everything and everybody in place. I have lots and lots of family that is on board now and support my TT so they will be over and helping me prepare and recover. Thank God for family, they didnt agree at 1st but know they do and thats all what matters :). I cant believe this is finally happening.

Please let the time keep flying by. 7 more days to...

please let the time keep flying by. 7 more days to go. I have managed to gather most of the supplies needed, i started a liquid multi- vitamin, will take the arnica and bromeline next week and protein drinks. I even brought some cute dresses to throw on for surgery and post op appointments. stocked on food for the kids, snacks etc.. cleaning, shopping and getting everything and everybody in place. I have lots and lots of family that is on board now and support my TT so they will be over and helping me prepare and recover. Thank God for family, they didnt agree at 1st but know they do and thats all what matters :). I cant believe this is finally happening.

YOu'll do just fine! I think your results are going to be great. I am looking forward to working out again so I can lose some of this thigh fat and then I can tone up my butt LOL. Whoever drops you off on surgery day can get your rx filled. U'll probably be done around noon if you go in 7:15. They take u to one room and have you robe up, you put your head and feet covers on. Then you are to go into another small room to put in your IV. Then when the surgical suite is ready, they will put you in there and you will lay down, they will give you the sleep juice in your IV, you'll start to feel a little tipsy. Then it feels like a good one hour nap that you've had your best sleep and you wake up wondering why u can't sleep longer LOL. U may feel a little nauseous at first if you have trapped air...they will try to get you to go to the bathroom if necessary. If your mouth is dry, you'll more than likely have Luke as your nurse and he can get you something to sip. They call your ride while they wake u up, you will hear them and you'll probably hear Dr. T doing your dictation regarding your surgery. You're ride will be told to park on the side in the parking lot and ring the bell there and they bring you out and go over post op instructions.

If you need ANYTHING let me know.

4 more days to go!! well i have been pampering...

4 more days to go!! well i have been pampering myself. Been to spa hot stones, medicure and pedicure. Finished up shopping for food and supplies. House is almost where i want it. Kids school clothes washed and ironed for the next 2 weeks of school. Im nesting as you would say. I never had a C-section and i read on here alot of ladies compare it to that or better. So im hoping for a good turn out, i guess giving natural birth to 3 babies over 8lbs i can tolorate some pain lol! thanks ladies for all the kind works of encouragment and mostly to Booka for all your advice and help! I too will be on the road to recovery so let the Surgery start and some good healing!! :)

Your BIG day is almost here! Just 3 more days....Can't wait to see your after surgery pics....you're gonna be so happy you did this for yourself :) Hey...Are you going to use a pain pump for your TT??
Thanks! I never wished the weekend fly by until now! No pain pump just pain pills. Luckily I tolerate pain ok so I'm thinking positive about this upcoming pain. Lol
You'll do fine Chicka, sounds like everything is getting in order. My house is slowly getting back in order. I can't do a whole lot. Today i was mopping and sweeping and yeah I swelled up. I am not hurting though, but gotta take a break. Just remember that even when you're feeling good, u still gotta take it easy. I know exactly how you feel right now. U can't wait for the weekend to pass, then the 2 days before your surgery. Luckily, if you're in the morning, it'll be easier. I was starving before my surgery and then even though I was hungry after surgery, I couldn't eat anything. When i did, it tasted nasty LOL

Fast forward! To Wednesday please...... I'm...

Fast forward! To Wednesday please...... I'm 4days on my menstrual and praying it's finish by wednesday. I'm finished shopping, cooking and cleaning. My family is so supportive now, so much help it's overwhelming but greatly appreciated. My granny was totally against it now she is my biggest fan. I love her aww. My best friend is helping a lot she will be driving me to surgery and most likely preparing meals, errands etc... Hey that's what friends are for. I told co- workers no use in lying, I'm grown and it's fully paid for with my money! Plus Im sure I will need some of there help afterward. I have a desk job so it shouldn't be that bad. Life is truly god, thank you god for my many blessings
Thank you ladies! I couldn't made it this far without you guys! Thanks for all the kind words, encouragement, prayer, and advice! Ttyl!! Sweet dreams 7:15am Surgery!!!

Thinking of you and know you will do wonderful tomorrow.
I'll be thinking about you girly! You'll be just fine...and at least the anesthesiologist is kinda cute LOL

Booka, kimmers somebody !!!!!! I'm in pain! It...

Booka, kimmers somebody !!!!!! I'm in pain! It felt like I died when I cough, how long does that last? I don't t think the meds are strong enough. I go tomm and will be telling her I need more. I'm propped up on chair with pillows I can't get comfortable. I was 20 mins late so I didnt have to wait long got started right away. I'm not sure what hurts if it the binder, lipo or tt or what. I woke up with pain in recovery.I know it takes time I'm trying to be a champ, any advices ladies
Ok thanks! Ugh I been taking 2 pain pills and I notice she didn't give me muscle relaxer :( gonna ask her bout that in morning. I'm gonna call u in min if u still up thanks ladies, almost wanted to say luv yall!!! Lol
Im still up, just gotta grab my cell phone lol
I am here too! Make sure you take both vicodin for now if you aren't. The meds she prescribed me was Vicodin 1-2 times every 6-8 hours or 4-6 hours.

Try going to your bed instead of your recliner/chair if you haven't already. if you can't get comfy in the chair, the bed may be your saving grace as it was for me. I propped my legs up and made sure i even had pillows for my hands.

Have you taken your muscle relaxant too? That should definitely help you relax a little and the meds should knock you out! Make sure you relax and have as little stress as possible as that can cause you to experience more pain.

Our post op sheet encourages us to cough...I didn't do any deep coughing...just little sad excuses for a cough to keep the lungs cleared. It wasn't until the 2nd day that I could actually figure out how to clear my lungs without hurting my stomach. Now regular coughing is hard... Make sure your throat is always clear and moist. Keep a drink around at all times. I found that I would get dry throat or a 'tickle' and i could not bare coughing.

If you want to sneeze, plug your nose and try to stop it. It will hurt like hell at least for a week and that's just for those who are lucky enough to only have 1 week of that much pain.

You know my # right? Call if u need me.

Ok so I had my post op appointment today ugh due...

Ok so I had my post op appointment today ugh due to the extreme pain I was in, I was taking too many pain pill and sitting there today so high in front of the doctor how embarrassing I didn't know!! I even had the nerves to tell her the pills wasn't working and I needed more. She made me stand straight up and eat 3 sugar packs, I was so sick, felt like throwing up, chills and sweat. Boy did I feel and looked like a crack head!! Lol I'm better now she gave me the option to wear the binder or not. She said everything looked good. I was on cloud nine I didn't even look at myself and she had the medical assistant go get my aunt and bring her back in the room and told her to control my meds!! I know, I know.... But I'm gonna try n upload some pic. By the way I do feel better!

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.  I have to say your story about the doctors office made me laugh out loud...

I know, ignore other message I was in pain and doped up I didn't know if she said to take the tape off the ribcage area. But I didn't touch anything. I'm just know feeling better yaeeee!!!! I was in so much pain Booka! But now it do get better. Thanks I'm going to write a review soon
I am glad you are feeling better. I had my incision open up a tad (i did too much last weekend and the swelling and all caused it to open). I have put ointment on it and covered it and it's healing again. So when u start feeling better, that's great, but even if u can walk around the mall or feel u can lift things or clean the house DON"T lol.

DONT SNEEZE ! 1 week today and omg a sneeze, it...

DONT SNEEZE ! 1 week today and omg a sneeze, it felt like my insides was finna come out. It hurt and felt weird. Pain isn't so bad today, haven't took vicoden since last Saturday Been on Tylenol extra strength 2x a day, I go to PS tomrr hopefully to get drains out it's 5-10cc now. I can't totally walk straight, I feel a pull and right side pain. Can't wait till more recoveries
Hey! The pain ugh..... was bad for me the day of and after. But it does get better, I can tolorate pain well but this kicked my a$$ lol. I had one drain removed yesterday the other one hopefully Tuesday. My tummy is ok still swollen my belly button is cute I'm gonna try post pic today
Hi Chicka, How are you doing girl? mine is coming up June 22nd! hows your pain and tummy looking ?
Glad you're feeling alittle better :) Yeah sneezing and coughing sucks right now I know girl. Try to avoid sneezing at all cost for at least one week but just in case you do feel a sneeze about to come just pinch your nose tight and hold your breath until it goes away. If you have to cough...do it gently and push on your stomach while you're coughing to avoid putting pressure on your muscles. That helped me alot !

I'm 10 days post and I have left drain. She...

I'm 10 days post and I have left drain. She took right one out but say keep left one in until Tuesday. I'm draining very little 5cc and it's dark red. Where the drain insert is has been bleeding. Geesh I can't wait until it's ok. I'm trying to think positive but I got a feeling it's gonna hurt like he'll coming out. I feel like it's all tangled in my muscles and cause me to walk uncomfortably and not fully stand or walk straight. I notice the swelling durning the day, I come home take arnica pill and massage cream on tummy, binder and heating pad and I wake up flat. I hope it's just swelling above incision and not sermona. I feel over all ok, not taking pain pills but once a day Tylenol. Promise will post pic by Sunday ladies
Can't wait to see your new pics :) how r u feeling today?
I also posted more pics earlier. Hope u r doing okay...
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

My doctor is not perez, it's Dr.Thomas I can't seem to change it. She made me feel very secure and comfortAble. Ensure me I am going ro be happy with finally results. Greeting me with open arms a big hug, ease my worries and nerves.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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