Pre Op for Arm Lift Surgery -St. Petersburg , Florida

Today I had my Pre OP for surgery in approx. 2...

Today I had my Pre OP for surgery in approx. 2 weeks from now.
I'm so anxious to get the surgery and was amazed by my doctors explanation of almost every step of the surgery.

I had a facelift last year and I didn't get such a good explanation since the other doctor who did an excellent job, was more talking about his private life than my face but it worked out very well and I happened to be on tv today (just something that was very unexpected) but I got so many positive remarks from friends and family and was proud to post the 2.40 min of being on tv on my facebook without thinking how I looked and actually I felt really good.

My arms are something I dislike so much. I'm 5.3 and weigh now 119 lbs and at the highest ever weighted 127.8 lbs so I'm not the person who lost like 100 lbs but arms like mine run in the family. Sometimes I feel embarrassed to mention it since I see many others with similar arms but either it doesn't bother them due to wearing different type of clothes or they may not pay attention to it. I'm not superficial all the time but this is something that is bothering me and I'm doing it for myself. I like to wear blouses and sometimes a blazer for work and right now the blouses have slimmer sleeves and I have to buy either a bigger size or it is uncomfortable or I look like I'm pregnant and I'm 51 and have two wonderful kids and I'm not the type to become a mom again or want to look like a pregnant person.
The scars worried me and the doctor took all my worries away by explaining exactly what and how he will do it and what not...most likely I will not get any drains.
Today pictures were taken and to me it confirmed that I really want this to be done. I felt even better leaving the doctors office than going in..I'm totally convinced and counting down the days.

6 days prior to surgery

Next Friday will be my surgery and aside from a busy schedule at work, I hardly can't wait to get my surgery done and look at my new arms. I have been looking at many pre-post surgery pictures and I'm amazed about the results and hopefully my results will be just as great as most others have. I'm not surprised that this is now a very popular surgery amongst women and also noticed some men are having this done...I can't blame them.
My plan is to be back at work on Tuesday after Friday's surgery, since I was back at work so fast after my face lift surgery. Hopefully I will not be disappointed with that time frame since I already have appointments scheduled and right now I have prepared to get all my heavy groceries in the house so my husband doesn't have to do that;)
Good luck tomorrow with your surgery, I know you are going to love your new arms...As far as healing time goes, If you plan on being out and about so soon after surgery I would definitely make sure you are a wearing arm support garment. They really gave me the extra support I needed. The sleeves became my "security blanket" I wore them for 6 weeks and did not want to give them up, but I am convinced they helped with my scars not spreading as many of the pics I have seen. Take your pain meds, they really helped me too...And keep us updated I will be following!
Thanks for your advise. I was told I will receive the garment at the hospital or on Monday for my follow up appointment, I forgot about that part but it is incl. in my payment. I will listen very well to what they advise me to do as well as advise from any other patient and it is appreciated. They recommend Biocorneum for later to treat the scars and I will buy it at their office when they tell me too. So fare their price and the online price are so close to each other that I decided not to risk getting a fake product in the mail...maybe you or anyone else has experience with that product? I got a different one for my face lift scars but later the plastic surgeon informed me about a newer one and I have no clue about the brand name or product name. Thanks for your well wishes and I will post afterwards...counting down the hours.
I hope they replaced that nurse after your experience. That is inexcusable behavior for someone who is supposed to be taking care of you after your surgery. I think you were right to not do the small scar surgery - I have heard from a couple of doctors that although the scar is much smaller the results are nowhere near as good as the full incision. From all of the postings I have seen online, I haven't found anyone who regrets the surgery, even with that fairly serious scar so..... I think that's encouraging. I'm leaning toward getting it done. I know your surgery is in a couple of days. I'll be checking back - although I won't expect you to post for a couple of days - you'll probably be a little bit under the weather :-).

1 day post surgery

Yesterday I had my surgery and the staff at Bay front hospital and Dr. Gayoso were great. They went over my medical history numerous times by different people so nothing could be missed. I got a sleeve around both my legs that inflated one at the time to avoid blood clots, a lot of blankets and the doctor came in to draw the lines on my arms and it seemed a lot was going to be removed. It was all very relaxing and I felt very calm. I have in the past been sick from aneasthesia and this time it was worth than during my face lift but it might have to do that my surgery took longer than expected or just my motion sickness that I have since I was a child.

I remember coming by and my first memory was a nurse asking me if I wanted sprite or coke...I stated sprite, but I'm not sure if that was for real or not or perhaps I dreamed it....but it could have been to get me ASAP over the nausea and vomiting which seems to have gone on for a long time.
My husband told me that at 10.30 am, half an hour before they were suppose to pick me up when they called the hospital he was told I was still in surgery.
The nausea was the biggest issue for me and later pain in my throat perhaps from the tube or vomiting but when I got home I kept being nauseous for a long time but when it finally stopped I felt much better but at that time the throat pain started.
My arms are not painful and I haven't see how it looks since in the hospital they put a very tight white long sleeve garment on me which closes in the front and is like a short top that end just above my belly button and closes with bra hooks.
I can see in the mirror that my arms look slimmer but they are swollen. I have to keep this on until Monday when my 1 st post OP appointment is and I'm anxious to see what is underneath the sleeves and how my scars look.
I have not taken any of the OxyContin that i was prescribed since I'm not in much pain just feel some tightness and when I walk my arms are like a Michelin man or body builder, away from my body...
I have taken Tylenol for my throat and if it wasn't my throat than I wouldn't have taken any pain killers, only the antibiotics that are prescribed.
My family has been great and treated me like a Queen and I'm glad that they don't have to do everything. I could go to the restroom by myself and help myself and this morning I made my own cup of tea but I drink it with a straw since my arms won't bend to much although my left arm can bend further than the right one...I probably can bend them more but I don't want to force anything so soon.
I have been answering emails since yesterday for a few min. and this morning I worked a little bit. Sleeping went reasonable well and I put some pillows under my arms but at some point I tried to lay on my side and it worked well too. I woke up every couple of hours and took a Tylenol just for my throat....

Right now I can't reach above shoulder height so there are limitations but right now I'm just wondering what is underneath my sleeves and further no regrets whatsoever.
Every step was explained so well that. I'm confident to refer anybody to this doctor who has the nicest staff and even the nurse in the hospital stated they work with 6 plastic surgeons but she stated that if any of the staff needed something done they would choose him since he aside from friendly, very good in what he does and never rushes it and delivers beautiful work. Of course I don't know if she tells patients of other doctors the same but she came across very sincere.

Post Op appointment 3 days AFTER surgery

Today I had the first Post Op appointment and for the first time the dressings and garment was taken off. This was also the first time I saw my arms and scars, bruises, etc.
I was not shocked at all and actually happy to see the "flappies" as I have been calling my "wings", to be GONE! Of course my arms are still swollen and it was a relief to have the garment off for a little bit since my arms were getting red and swollen from perhaps also doing a little bit too much at certain times.
The band aids had given me some blisters and 2 open (small) soars that are spots that are a little painful, for the rest I'm not in pain but have a little bit restricted reach because I feel the tightness when I lift my arms high and want to prevent the scar to get open. I got Neosporin on the 2 small open soars and new dressings that were much thinner and more comfortable on the scar to protect it and than a brand new garment that also opens in the front and back (the other one opens up also front and back but I missed the back part since I never looked in the mirror). Both garments are incl. in my surgeons price which is very nice since often you hear that patients have to buy them separate. This one also has a full bra but it is a shorter version but also with long sleeves. The nurse also had a sleeve that came up to my elbow but she rather had my elbows covered since that is the part where the lipo was started and perhaps also under my armpit.
The first nurse who took my garment off as well as my dressings was surprised that I was not stating that it was hurting since according to her many patients are in tears and she has to wait a few minutes to get them to do the other my case it was off within a minute and perhaps I can handle more pain or it is because I hardly have pain. I thought it must be the last part since it wasn't hurting at all. Only the soars hurt and after I came home I took a shower and water touching the soars was hurtful but for the rest it was such a wonderful feeling of the water on spots that hasn't been cleaned for days.
I was told that I only have like 2 stitches on both arms and the rest is kind of surgical glue to get a nicer looking scar and that it had like a special kind of layered scar that should be nicer over time.
The size of my arms are very promising since I already love the smaller size and it is still swollen so it should even look better.
I don't have any side effects of the antibiotics and I'm even less hungry which is just another positive thing.

I will need help with getting the garment on since the dressings need to stay in place to cover the soars. After my first shower of my arms, I have sat for like 25 min. without any coverage to make it completely dry and than put a little Neosporin on the soars and then the dressings and garment back on.
The scar and bruises look worse in the picture than when I look in the mirror and when I have my arms down my body you can't see the scar from neither the front or back so my surgeon did what he told me and I can't be more happy.
After the appointment we went grocery shopping, eating at Panera and I had to take some pictures for work and I answered multiple emails for work from my phone and sitting on the couch and relaxing again is great. I will stay home one additional day but I'm still working from home and than on Wednesday I will go back to my office. Having a great husband who is doing more than I expected :) is a great bonus...I have walked my 2 dogs a little bit and having a little bit of fresh air is also good to get back on your feet but every person is different.
The staff at the doctors office is great and no waiting time when I came in helped also. I can really recommend this doctor and btw the hospital called to day to ask how I was feeling.
Thank you for posting the photos - your arms look great! Do you know what brand garment you are using? My doctor does not provide them (although my surgery is completely covered by insurance) and will send me home in Ace bandages, but he did say I might prefer a garment.
Hi, I will post a picture that I took of the label inside the package of the last garment I received yesterday. The picture shows a white one but they gave me a tan colored one. The other one I got on after or during the surgery is a white colored one from the same brand but the body reaches up to my belly button. With Florida warms days ( aside from the shorter version is better. I weigh now 118 lbs and need size medium otherwise it would be too tide over my arms that are still swollen. For some reason my right arm did start to hurt yesterday evening and after a couple of hours I decided to take a pain killer but so far I have not touched the OxyContin at all and I'm not planning to use it.

Garment label picture

This is one of the garments I got from the plastic surgeons office. I received a tan colored one and at surgery received a white one similar to this one but with a longer body coming all the way to my belly button. Both have front and back ways to open and close with bra strap hooks and right now I need help to get them on since I was advised to keep a dressing on the scar and it is hard to put it on while keeping the dressings in place. Whenever the dressings are no longer needed than I'm convinced that I can put it on myself. There is also a version with shorter sleeves up to my elbow but the nurse stated after trying that it would not be sufficient enough to cover the part where my incision was for the lipo and the inside of my elbows are also still swollen and with the shorter version of sleeves that may not be good in the long run...I did however like the one strap in the front or back and just sleeves tear but I rather have a better result in the long run.
Thank you again! I just ordered one - I think the Ace bandages will get me through the first fees days but the garment will come in handy. I want to do everything I can to avoid too much swelling when I get back to work.

1 full day back at work - 5 days post surgery

Today was my full day back at work. Luckily I had some great help and my job is mostly meeting clients, agents, working on my computer and spending time on the phone and to relieve my arms as much as possible I used speaker phone the most.

At some times my arms felt like I was doing a little bit too much so I took it easier but aside from the open spots/ soars I don't feel pain just some tightness under my arms and today was the first day my fingers start to look like normal female size instead of the swollen hands/fingers that looked like they belonged to someone else.
My wrists are almost back to normal size and the sleeves are getting loose at some spots. My elbows look like they are still swollen.
I finished the antibiotics which made me feel tired, approx. 30 min. After taking them.
From the front you can't see anything and only from the back it is completely black, blue and more and more yellow.
The glue seems to come off and at some spots the scars already looking lighter.
I'm very happy with my new size arms and even though they are still not normal size.
After I took a shower I left my garment off for approx. 1 hour to let my skin breath which might be better for the two soars to heal but I felt more comfortable after my husband helped me with my garment to be put back in place.
The only issue I had this morning was finding an outfit that covered my garment completely since I live in Florida and I don't use too many clothes that are able to cover it up.
I'm amazed how this garment that was too tied one to two days after surgery is now almost needed one size smaller.
I wish I had this surgery done years ago and it probably shows how thrilled I am about the result so far and I'm totally not bothered by the way the scar looks now or the bruises confidence is up so much and it was worth every penny.
Thank you so much for your detailed review! This makes me even more excited for my surgery on the 30th! Your arms look great and I am glad to hear how pleased you are! Congratulations!
Thank you so much and I know you will be happy too. Today I drove for the first time to my job and that is approx. 45 min and I'm just dealing with 2 small spots that are not completely closed but not even near the scar but this happened due to my skin being sensitive to the tape. The bruising is getting less and after taking a shower I'm not sitting for one hour without the garment and than I will put it back on. For such a big scar which should heal nicely over time it is amazing that I hardly had any pain. If you think about a cut in your finger and how that can hurt than this is a very strange experience but a good one. So nothing than positive news from here.
I am counting the days already. The only worry I have is that I have a big meeting 13 days after surgery. The weather will be cool so I will wear long sleeves. Just hoping that I will be able to hide everything and that I wont be moving too slow.

11 Days Post surgery, doctors appointment

Today was my first appointment with the doctor. I saw a report on his comp. that 350 ml per arm was taken out by lipo and this morning the doctor took out 3 stitches. The glue is coming off little by little and I'm amazed what is underneath the glue. The marker on the glue made it look like bruises and the scar looks much better than I thought and soon I will have new pictures uploaded. Now the stitches are out, the tightness under my arm is gone and it feels even better.
The nights are sometimes the hardest since my garment has a body attached and I was told I only need 2 more weeks of wearing it and either I can cut parts off my body part of the garment or order a new one for approx. $ 80 or perhaps cheaper online but by the time it will come in I hardly need it anymore so I will "suffer"
The arm part of the garment is not the part that is bothering me but the body part is warm during Florida nights and I don't want to put my husband who has been wonderful for me, in a cold room just for me to feel better. Maybe sweating it out at night will make me loose weight so I will look at the upside of that part.
According to the doctor, my arms are still very swollen and when that will go down my arms will even be skinnier than they already are. I have had not one second of regret and although yesterday my left elbow was bothering me it might just have been me doing to much by working a long day and mostly working on my comp. so I will take it a little bit lighter today. I have right now not many limitations and already have walked 1.5 hours on the treadmill which I divided by taking 5 min rest after 45 min. Of course I have not gone back to using any weights for my arms but I have gone back to do all my sit ups as usual and that was over the weekend.
I can recommend my doctor to anyone and also this procedure but keep in mind everybody's body is different.
Look good have to have some tacking done tomorrow looking for a post op garment
I got two incl. with my surgery and perhaps you will too, so ask first although I don't think they we're suppose to give me two.
I had the surgery in July but have some extra skin still there and at the docs now to get it removed just want a garment I did not get one on the first go around used compression sport sleeves they worked okay I had my breast done at the same time

2 weeks Post Surgery update

I can't believe it is already 2 weeks post surgery. Time is flying and I can't be happier with the results so far. Every day I can see that it looks better. There is still a little marker near the scar and I have tried to wash it off but it is so close to the incision that is it is hard to get it off so that looks like a bruise but isn't.
I have been on the treadmill 5 days this week and also back to my daily sit ups by adjusting the way I do it a little bit. Soon I hope to be back to use some light weights for my arms but that may have to wait 1 or 2 weeks.
My doctor told me that at my next appointment I will be told how to put the cremes on my scar and how to massage it daily and I'm looking forward doing so.
The colder Florida weather is helpful since the garment can be warm to wear but not with this weather. If someone wants to have this procedure done than I would suggest to keep in mind that the warmer it is the harder the polyester garment is to wear making it harder and that may influence swelling of the arms.

Updated pics 14 days post surgery

Sorry I had to delete the other pictures since by error I posted pre surgery pics instead of my pictures that I took today.

2 1/2 week post surgery pictures- update

Aside from a little limit movement which is at a bare minimum and perhaps has to be with also not wanting to over do it, I have hardly any discomfort.

I was very surprised to see how little there was to see of my right arm scar and also the left arm scar is vanishing day by day.
After this cold front is over and Florida weather will be back to normal, I probably can wear my newly bought sleeveless tops that I bought since I was very optimistic about what to expect and hoped for and it all came out. ( the new collection tops were on sale;))

My husband was also positively shocked about the results and even though he wasn't positive about me getting this procedure due to side affects and risks, he is now a true believer. Actually he was the one always telling me in clothing stores not buy anything with short sleeves since my arms didn't look that good and making me more aware of it but seeing myself in the mirror or in a picture I knew he was right and not being nasty about it but in my profession it looks better to dress well.

I work out on a regular base and I can tell you that wings will not go away with extensive work outs...this is something that a surgeon needs to handle.
Looking good! I hope mine goes as well as yours has.
You look amazing!!!
Well you are looking good I had mine done. It was not just tacking it was in office full fledg arm lift lol. I thought it would be an inch here and and inch there nope full arm cut and full arm lift my garment cam in I got a fajate compression bra that was 57.00 and works great I can't sleep in it cause I get hot at night but I wear softer arm compression garments and during the day I wear the tight uncomfortable one hope all continues to go well

4 weeks post surgery update

I'm so pleased with the results and I couldn't have wished for a better result. Most likely on my next appointment this upcoming Tuesday will be my last day of wearing the garment. In some of the pictures you will see some wrinkles but that is caused by wearing the garment and the pictures being made shortly after taking it off.

additional picture

4 weeks update

I'm not if you can see it in the pictures I posted but my scar is underneath if I stick out my arms to the side.
Big shout out to my plastic surgeon and my kids who are adults now, saw it for the first time after seeing it after my dressings were taken off and they were so positively surprised.
I'm so happy with my new arms I can't describe it!
Your arms look terrific! My PS recommended wearing the garment full time for 4 weeks then wearing it halftime for 2 more weeks, I'm not sure if this means night only or day only, but I'll ask when I go in this week. Since I live in the cold north, I'll probably switch to wearing a compression shirt under my clothes for awhile anyway, no warm weather here much before May.
Thank you so much and indeed colder weather is better when you have to wear the garment so I may have been lucky with some colder Florida days but I'm glad the sun is shining again and that I can show off my new arms and my new discovered confidence a.s.a.p. Good luck to you and will keep following everyone and posting down the road.

Selfie of scar

4 weeks 1 day so you see what the scar looks like within 5 min.of taking off the garment and putting biocorneum on the scar.
Your arms look so good, your plastic surgeon did a wonderful job, the scar is so thin. I truly believe the support sleeves made all the difference for me. I wore mine for at least 6 weeks, I didn't want to give them up....

3rd Post surgery PS appointment update

Today a little over 4 weeks after surgery I had my appointment and my doctor cleared me for everything and I was already doing arm weights (light dumbbell workouts) and I was told that I can wear my garment "part time" which makes it easier with my business clothes so I left without the garment on.
Right now I have it back on and I will at home wear it but not at night. At certain times it feels better with the garment on my arms...and it would maybe better if I had the garment with just arms and the back strap than the complete body attached to it, but for me not worth spending money on it for the little amount of time I will have to wear it.
I was told that I still have a little swelling and that surprised me and is kind if good news since it means that my arms will be even thinner than they are right now and I was already happy with the results.
The redness will disappear and the PS himself was very happy with the result.
I will keep using the biocorneum .
Hey Tammy18, In less then a week I will have smaller arms! By looking at your pictures the scars look great! Did you only use biocorneum & how soon after surgery were you allowed to applied it? Love your results!!!
I only use biocorneum twice daily and since yday I'm wearing the garment part time...and actually later in the day it feels good to wear it. It was close to my 4 weeks post surgery that I started with the biocorneum. Im enjoying my new arms every day. I'm sure you will be happy too and it is worth a lot to have a good doctor. Good luck and take care and next time I probably will see your after pics.
What is bicorneum

6 weeks post surgery pictures

Today is my 6 weeks post surgery mark. I have hardly any inconvenience, issues and most of the time I don't even think about my arm surgery and I can do everything easier than before.

I use the biocorneum twice daily and wear the garment part time after business hours and prior to work. Until approx. a week ago I felt a difference when I put the garment on and on some days I was glad to put it on after working hours. Now if don't feel a difference wearing it or not.

I bought new clothes and I can't be happier since the fashion right now has most blouses with slimmer shirts and I can buy the right size for my body type and not bigger due to my arm size. Yeah!

The scars are getting smaller by the day...:)

Thanks to Dr. Gayoso who did a magnificent job!
I will post new pictures soon. I'm still wearing the garment daily since it became my "friend" instead of my enemy like it was int he beginning when my arms were swollen. Now I wear it like an hour before going to work and in the evening and it feels good to to wear it a couple of hours. I ordered a new biocorneum since I want to continue to use it until all the redness is gone. I'm so happy with the results and only wish I had done it years ago if they had the same way back then to do it as it was done with me. I'm going to the pool in our community for the first time today and I'm feeling very confident. I did however buy Dermablend which can be used to cover scars and often is used to cover tatoos. If I wear a nice business top I may cover the scar a little bit with Dermablend.
I love your results and they make me feel hopeful! I was looking for a Doctor around Tampa that I could trust and I'm relieved you had a positive experience and evidence. You're arms looked similar to mine and your top weight is close to mine so I'm hoping for similar results. If I could just lose this chunk of loose 'wing' I would have amazing arms and wouldn't be ashamed to wear my florida attire! You look awesome lady!
Hey again, How is your recovery coming along? As I said before your arms look great!!! I'm still hoping my will get smaller :(. You were probably right, should've gone with a full brachioplasty. Short arm lift only addresses certain amount of excess skin & fat. Besides your outcome, I'm also very impressed how your scar is barely visible. I checked into biocorneum & it's pricy. Do you recommend any certain website or place that may have better pricing? If not, I will bite the bullet & get it since it seems like a great product. Thanks again in advance :)

3 Month post surgery and I couldn't be more happy!!!!

Just a quick update. In 3 weeks I'm going on vacation to the Bahamas and I will enjoy showing of my new arms. I will however use good SPF to protect the scar that is getting thinner by the day. I'm still using Biocorneum daily and only now and than wearing the garment. There have been days that I didn't wear it at all. Most of the days I don't even think about the surgery and even my daughter who saw me without a shirt stated that if I hadn't raised up my arms she wouldn't have thought about the surgery. Again I wish I had done it years before and this is such a great and positive experience thanks to a good plastic surgeon.
I will post pictures in the near future
Hi there :) I'm at the 3 month mark since my arm lift and tt. I'm struggling with the scars on my arm. yours seem to be healing so nicely! Any chance you would put up a current scar pic or if u have a pic of the scar at your 3 month Mark? I would sooooo appreciate it! :)
What scar treatments did you do
Biocorneum only....nothing else other then now and then still wearing the garment early in the morning until I leave for work and sometimes in the evening but I'm not wearing it daily for a long time. Mostly when I do arm weights I have worn the garment but I also have used weights this weekend without wearing the garment. I started approx. 2-3 weeks after surgery with light weights.

3.5 Month update incl. pictures

Per the request of some others I will post some pictures I made this morning. Sorry that they are not the best quality since they are selfies. Next time I will ask my husband to make them.
I think your arms healed nicely,thin scars that are so faint. Great ps. Congrats to the new you. I had did smart-lipo 12 days ago and just playing the annoying and frustrating waiting game.
I hope your result will be great and wonder how smart lipo works on small areas for a young woman since my daughter is thinking about something like that.
me too,just waiting. I think smart-lipo is great for small areas and younger skin is always better. lol. I am surprised it worked on my arms for a little lose skin but it did,my skin retracted really nice. I am hopeful for 6 months end results. ;)

6 Month Post OP 7/3/2014

Today I had my last Post Op appointment and the official Post Op pics were made and later emailed to me by the office of the Plastic Surgeon.
The pictures were carefully made to present a honest and true image and not making it better than it already is since that is misrepresentation and not helping anyone. I can truly say that I'm very happy with the result and the entire process and how Dr. Gayoso and his staff was all through the process. I will for sure go back to him for anything else that I may want to do in the future and I can honestly recommend this doctor. Just as a disclosure...I'm not getting paid for my comments and they are coming from a happy patient/client.

6 Month Post Op

These pictures were also made today but they have a little shadow underneath my arm but similar to the ones that were later cropped in a way to just show my arms without my body.
Thanks for sharing your experience, Tammy. Your surgeon did an amazing job...your arms looks awesome! My arm lift is scheduled for 9/9 and I can't wait to be rid of all of the excess skin. I hope to post pics soon and share my experience as well...from start to finish. I fell short with my first procedure.
Thanks and I hope yours will go as well as mine. I enjoy my new arms daily and I should have done it years ago since it makes a huge difference. Good luck and I'm looking forward seeing your results.
Tammy18, I keep coming back to your review as I think your prearms look similar to mine. Everything went so smoothly for you. This may sound like a silly question but if you can't raise your arms above your head at first how do you shampoo and blow dry your hair? I'm trying to decide if I should use my current ps or a different one right now. I really like my ps but did not have multiple consultations before and I'm worried as he said I would not need lipo. I know life gets busy but I really appreciate that you took the time to share your experience. Unlike other surgeries this one scares me due complications of so many.
Dr. Antonio Gayoso

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