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I Think I'm Ready! - St. Petersburg, FL

Hey everyone! Like so many of you out there, I...

Hey everyone! Like so many of you out there, I have been unhappy with my nose since I was in middle school. It is slightly crooked, which is not great, but in recent years I've started running, and have found that I really cannot breathe through my nose very well. I guess I've been overcompensating by being a "mouth breather" for so long, I haven't really thought much of it. Its very hard to breathe completely through your mouth while running! I also wake up daily all stuffed up with a scratchy throat, which I think is from breathing through my mouth all night.
Anyway, between not liking the appearance of my nose and really wanting to see if there is a way to improve my breathing, I have decided I'm ready to talk about getting rhinoplasty.

I went for my first consult today. Really impressed with the surgeon! Lots of impressive credentials and both him and his staff were very friendly and took their time with me. He confirmed what I thought, I definitely have a deviated septum, and he recommends some reconstructive surgery (slight). He also was nice enough to tell me I have an infection in my nose, of which he wrote me an RX for, and said if I want to have it filled, he can see me back in his office in 2 weeks for free. I thought that was pretty nice, considering the consult was also free!

I am looking at 2 other surgeons in the area, and will probably go see at least one of them for a consult. I'm amazed at how the cost varies for consult. From free to $100 depending!

I have greatly appreciated and benefited from reading through all of the posts on this site and looking at all the pictures, and am hoping that by sharing my experience from the start, maybe I can help someone else with this decision. Maybe help calm my nerves a little too :)

I will be 40 next year and have decided its time to be happy with the way I look and feel my best.

I will, like so many others, post pictures along the way and keep updating this with the latest status! I've attached some "before" pictures for now.

Looking forward to sharing my journey with you!

I Think I'm Ready!

Getting excited! Tomorrow is my second consult!! I really liked my first one. Interested to see if this doctor will notice the same infection that Dr. C. did. The RX he gave me did help, but didn't entirely clear it up, and he recommended that I see an ENT doctor next. So one of the things I'm going to be looking for in tomorrow's consult will be if he checks for and notices the same thing, and if he recommends I see an ENT as well. If not, I think I'm going to go with Dr. C. (Unless I find any other doctors in my area soon).

More updates to come!

Consult #2 Done!

Ok, so I went for my second consultation yesterday. I really liked this doctor, BUT...he doesn't do very many nose jobs, and thought since I am complaining of breathing problems with running that maybe I should see an ENT for the surgery. I don't know about that because I'd rather see a plastic surgeon. He also thought maybe insurance would cover more if I went through an ENT. Unfortunately, my insurance will not pay for any of it unless I can document a recurring infection in my nose. I don't think I'm going that route.

So, he said he would be very happy to do the surgery, but it is not his field of expertise. He specializes in the body, and face lifts. He said he loves to do nose jobs though, he just doesn't have a lot of chance to do so. I talked to his assistant for a while, and she had her nose done by this doctor, and her's looked good. In fact I would not have known she had one done. So, I think he would do a good job. I'm torn. His cost was a little higher than the last doctor, but he would do a closed rhinoplasty. Which I thought was what I wanted, but I'm hearing more and more concerns from people that closed is not as good, and can lead to more swelling than open.

Now I have two very different evaluations of what they would like to do, and this last doctor kept saying that he couldn't guarantee that I would be happy with the result. So with that said, I don't think I'm going to have this doctor do it. I'll call him Dr. R.

I went back to work and immediately set up another consult with another doctor I found in the area. I talked to his office for a while, and she was very nice. This doctor, Dr. D, has 30 years experience, but mostly with body and face, not so many nose jobs. More than 10 per year though, which is what Dr. R. does. So I see him next Friday. Friday the 13th- maybe that will mean good luck :) LOL.

All the doctors I have seen have been board certified and have shared a lot with me about their credentials and reputation. I think any of them would be trustworthy.

So far I like Dr. R's bedside manner, and he spent a lot of time explaining things to me, where-as Dr. C is more quiet. However, I think Dr. C has provided me the info in writing and has followed up showing he cares by seeing me regarding the infection, all free of charge. They also sent me a certificate for a free facial which I'm going to have done next month. More time to decide.

I'm so confused now...hoping it will all come together and make sense after this 3rd consult next week.

Disappointed :(

I went for my 3rd consult yesterday and I'm disappointed. I left there feeling sad and old. I'm sure that is not how the doctor or staff thought I would feel leaving there, but over all that is how I felt. I'm waiting for the quote to be sent to me on Monday, but I will not be going back there. It was far from home, and difficult to get to (downtown, parking garage, had to park in the garage then walk to the building- not far, but it was a lot of back and forth).

I really liked the office staff, they took their time with me and we were all very nice and supportive. They all seemed to think very highly of this doctor, but from the minute he came in to see me, I did not care for him.

He right away came over and started looking me over and saying he didn't really see what I was talking about with my nose, and that what he really noticed about me was my brow and lines and that I just look tired. I think that he did compliment me during the office visit too, but I left there with the comments about me looking tired and stuff and that is what made me sad because I had come from work, and even though its been a long week, I thought I'd looked okay. Make-up on, hair done, you know, pretty much the best I can look for a work day.

I was looking forward to the computer imagery that they do there, and they did, which was cool, but he spent the entire time showing me how my brow could look different if I had a brow lift, and if he did something to my neck, which I appreciated, but was not what I went there for. We didn't talk about my nose at all really. I also mentioned my slight breathing problems with running, and he basically dismissed that, with a comment like if I want to get it done he would do it, but that is not what he recommends. He recommended a brow lift and possibly lipo or placation (sp?) for my neck, which sounds likes its going to be expensive. I do see from the pictures how if you change those things on me, you won't really see that my nose is crooked, but I know me, and that is going to continue to bug me if I don't get that done.

I also feel like I'm too young for any kind of brow or face lift, or fat injections in my cheeks. But it was educational, and did get me thinking about doing other things to refresh my look maybe after the rhinoplasty, which I still want to do.

They waived the consult fee which I greatly appreciated, and I did get to take the pictures home, although they didn't address what I was hoping they would. I wanted to see images of how my nose could look different, and that isn't what I got. Oh well.

So, now I am 99% sure I'm going to go with Dr. C. I'm seeing an ENT next week to check out my infection in my nose to see if its still there, and his recommendations are regarding a rhinoplasty. I do not think this doctor does them though, I'm really just going there because the other doctors recommended that I do.

I have a complimentary facial planned for the beginning of October with Dr. C's office, so I'm hoping to make a decision by then for sure. if not, I may see one more doctor that I've checked out in the area.

Its funny how much you try to plan ahead for something like this and still it is not easy. By the time I will have done this I'm hoping that my nose will still be the only thing that really bugs me, and not all these other things that have been pointed out to me now.

Right now I just feel down and tired, and wonder if I should even bother with all this. Maybe a pedicure and hair appointment will give me a boost today. We'll see.

I'll update after I go to the ENT next week. If for nothing else, it helps me to write out how I feel, maybe it will help when I look back and read this stuff too- hoping I will be happy with whatever decision I end up making.

Some more pics...

These are a couple of the pics from yesterday's consult. The one of the left profile was touched up for my nose, just slightly. The one of the right side was only neck and brow, nothing to my nose.

Possible Sinus Infection?

I have come down with what I thought was a bad cold, but after seeing an ENT yesterday (this was planned based off of the advice of two surgeons so far), he said I may have a sinus infection. I guess its better to get this out of the way now!
It was an interesting appointment. First time anyone has fed a spaghetti tube up through my nose that I could feel down my throat. Yikes! The whole time he had me holding my tongue while he asked me questions, and at the same time forcing me to keep my eyes open wide. It was weird. He did confirm I have an infection and I have a deviated septum. He recommended a CT scan of my sinuses in a couple of weeks after the infection clears up.

So I have two more appts coming up. One in two weeks for the CT scan, and another in 3 weeks for another consultation with plastic surgeon number 4. I'm really hoping after this that I can make my decision. I will be going back to Dr C's office for a facial in 2 weeks also.

I am really hoping that after the rhinoplasty I will not feel pain like so many others have mentioned. If its anything like the sinus pressure I've been feeling this week it will be terrible. Ugh. More updates later...

Consult #4, am I ready yet?

Ok, so I had the CT scan a couple of weeks ago, everything looks good and I have a green light from the ENT for the rhinoplasty. No evidence of chronic sinus problems. I went for my 4th consult today. I really liked the doctor and the office.

Now the decisions need to be made. I have 2 closed rhino recommendations and 1 open. I've been researching open versus closed. I think I'm done with the consults. I still plan to have this done in the spring, hoping I can make a real solid decision soon.

I've been sick with this infection which made its way into my chest so that's been a good distraction, lol. I think i will wait to get better and let some other things in my life calm down while I make up a pros and cons list. I had to reschedule my facial at Dr. c's office due to being sick. I see them again next month now. My plan is to visit them again and make a definitive decision at that time.

Stay tuned...

Finally Made a Decision

It's been a little while so I thought it was time for an update. I went back to Dr.C today for a second consult and had a really thorough discussion. He helped me understand the differences to open versus closed rhinos and the pros and cons to each. He answered all my questions and really took his time making sure I was secure with my decision. I told him I'm confident in him and he is who I'm going with. When I asked if my case was complicated he said he didn't think so, but can't say for sure until he gets started. Regardless, I feel such relief with this whole process now that I've made up my mind. I go back to see him in march when I'm ready to put a deposit down, and will lock in a surgery date. Then it's on to pre ops pictures and treatments to help reduce swelling and bruising.

My wonderful hubby planned a trip for us during spring break so I have to push my surgery to this summer now. I think financially that will be better for me anyway. Dr.C was fine with that too. So by my birthday in June, it should be a done deal :) I want a new nose for my 40th birthday !

I'm also going to have something done about my neck. dr c recommended a filler in my chin instead of an implant. I like the non surgical recommendation. Something to consider later, since he will only do the nose alone.

Now I just have to hope my boss will give me another week off in June! I've already been off the first week of January and I will be taking off in march for spring break.

See you all online in March! By the time I get this done it will be almost a year from my first consult, wow time flies!

Surgery Scheduled!!

So I finally did it. I made my decision and locked in a date for my surgery in a couple of months. Actually its 7 weeks and 6 days from now....June 4th! This will be right before my birthday, which is on the 20th. I said I wanted this done by my birthday, and its gonna happen. Its the last day of school for my daughter, and she will be home with me that Thurs & Fri, and I plan to work from home the following Monday, Tues, and Wed. I should get my cast off on Wed and I plan to return to the office that afternoon if all goes well.

Can I say how scared I am now??? I know you all will understand, but no one who knows in my life will ever fully understand. My boss went on an on the other day about how I should not change anything, this is the way God made me, etc. It really made me second guess myself for a while. So honestly, I'm glad I put the deposit down because it was enough to keep me from changing my mind and backing out. I know I can do this, and I've wanted it for so long. I just have to do this now. But scared for sure.

So I have all these appointments coming up. I have a pre-op consult on May 22nd, then 3 lymphatic pre-treatments starting on May 31st. Its supposed to help with bruising and swelling. I will have 3 more treatments post-op.

So the official countdown is on and I feel like its going to crawl by. Please tell me it will go fast and I will have the guts to do this. I trust Dr. C and absolutely love love love his office staff. I know I will be in great hands.

I will update again soon :) Hope everyone else going through this experience is doing well. I love everyone's stories, it really has encouraged me to continue on with my plan. In the meantime, I've started an exercise program that will go through the next 90 days. Mostly to keep my mind busy and my body too exhausted to overthink this.

See you all soon!
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Going against the grain here, I think the surgeon who did the morphs actually made you look much younger. The neck lipo did so much for your profile. I know it sucks to hear things that we don't want to hear, but you have to appreciate honesty from a doctor.
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I agree, the morphs do look nice. But also I agree with the OP that, since u are set on changing the nose, nothing can make u go back
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I appreciate the honest feedback, thank you. I agree, my neck needs "fixed" too, and it is on my list. BUT, my nose is the most bothersome thing for me, so that is definitely getting fixed first, and Dr. C will only do one treatment at a time. I've talked to Dr. C about what he can do to make my neck tighter. He said possibly a small chin implant or fat injections in my chin. I will talk to him again about it next week when I go see him to get my first Botox treatment. Forgot to mention that on here, I'm getting Botox! The office said I could do that beforehand, no worries. So I see him next Thursday for that, and I'll talk to him about the rhino and the neck again then too.
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thank you, and you are exactly right. :)
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Good luck!
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thank you so much! I'm excited :)
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Good luck for your surgery! Mine is the day after yours!! :)
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Awesome! We are going through this together :)
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Hello !! I hope everything goes well in your big day . Plz keep update how thinks going before and after . I hope one day be strong like you and do it . Hugs !!
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Thank you very much. I will be sure to keep everyone updated. Everyone else's reviews have helped me, I need to pay it forward!
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I loved reading about your experiences! I am considering this surgery sometime in the next few years (I'm very cautious plus I am saving up the money) so I am so grateful to read Realself stories as I plan. I am in my early 50's and have always had a prominent nose but never used to mind it, but as I continue to age, it looks bigger all the time. I also recently spent weeks with my 85 year old mother and I notice how practically the only thing I can see on her face is her big nose. I'll be following your outcome. I'm excited for you! Thank you for all the information so far!
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Thank you! I have benefited from other stories so much I figured I need to share too. :-) I'm happy to hear that I may be able to make your experience easier by reading about mine! Stay tuned...
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Yeah be very wary of doctors that push other procedures for you that don't go in line with a rhinoplasty. I had a closed rhinoplasty and I barely had any swelling. They say that closed is usually less invasive than open. BUT if you have a lot of tip work to do that open is the way to go. Sounds like the first doctor is the person to go to. I would recommend my doctor but he is up in CT. It's important to have a good feeling about your doctor and to trust that he wants you to look like yourself still! Good luck and feel free to message with any questions.
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Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. It's so nice to talk to other people that are going through this. All my friends and the family I've told all say I'm crazy and too insecure. I just wish I had more consistent recommendations from the doctors I've seen. Yeah, CT is too far :) although I'm tempted to go far, just not that far. Actually the truth is I want a doctor somewhat close by in case I have problems after, since I'm so worried things are gonna go wrong! I looked at your pictures and I think you look great, and from what I've read from others it's going to take a few months to really see a big difference, only you can say for sure after that. You need to be happy when you look in the mirror, that's for sure. Your nose is nice and straight now, something I hope for mine very soon. I'm glad you mentioned being nauseous afterwards too, something i need to remember to mention to my doctor, I've had problems with that in the past from anesthesia. Anyway, thanks again, and for posting your review, it's helped me to be sure I want to go through with this.
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You need to be 100% positive you want to do this. I had a much harder time emotionally being cooped up all day with a cast on my face and feeling exhausted and bored. Physically it wasn't that bad. No real pain, the swelling and bruising was minimal. And yes I guess they say it takes a few months. I'm 5 weeks out tomorrow but I already know my shape won't change. I still think it's way too big for my face so I am hopeful in a year to go back and have it deprojected even more and perhaps give it a bit more of a slope. Be so clear with what you want and have your doctor show you examples of what he sees for you.
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Well , suggesting something else is weird enough , here.. I'll do it for you.. what if you dont touch anything I mean .. you look great the way u r .. think about it unless ur rich and have nothing else to do .. doing ur brow, neck and nose .. what else !? I look at the pictures and dont see much difference .. u r a good looking woman .. well enough for me :O) take care
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thanks :-) this is something I've wanted for a long time though so I know I'm gonna do it. I appreciate the compliment, hope my new nose will make me happy.
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I can't believe the one who suggested you get something done other than what you were in there for. It's not something I think a plastic surgeon should ever do unless someone asks for suggestions.
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I was surprised too. speechless really. I left there really down on myself. I've decided since then he didn't know what he was t alking about.
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You don't need it, he just wants money. The original surgeon who did my Rhinoplasty tried to suggest I get Botox and I never set foot in the place again after that. My nose didn't turn out the way I liked, either, I am having a revision with someone else next week. I think that says a lot about the surgeon and their abilities. They want easy money.
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thank you. I appreciate that, helps mgs feel better about myself. I'm definitely not going back there. good luck next week!
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Thank you!!
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Hey there, just some thoughts after reading your last post, this is just based on my personal experience.... I had a hard time find a doc I felt comfortable with, part of the issue is that I am doing two procedures so I need to find someone who has perfected both. Living in las vegas there are tons of docs good at BA but not as many skilled in Rhino. I actually went to five consults in las Vegas, scheduled my procedures with a doc her that I was 100% confident in his BA skills, his rhino images looked good but he too did not do a lot of them (15-20 a year). I ended up canceling my procedures with him the day of pre-op... Rhino is a complex surgery and there are a lot of ways to to do the same thing, some will look good short term but shift or drop and not look good long term. So... my I had to continue my search, feeling I had exhausted my options in LV I started researching docs in So. Cal. I did alot of reasearch up front on the docs on line so I didn't waste time with consuts and trips to docs 5 hours away. I ended up going on three consults in So. Cal, so were not up to a total of 8 consults. I had a strong feeling based on reviews research and the before and afters I would end up picking the doc I have and, his images just look SOOOO good. Now I feel totally at peace with who I have selected to do my rhino, I also learned alot going through all the consults. So, my tips would be to reaserch the heck out of the docs, contact previous patients if possible (I was able to do so here on realself), pick a doc who has a lot of experience in rhino, especially look for similar noses to yours, I do believe different rhino docs are better at different things. There is a lot of emotion that goes into this desicion but I think when you find the right doc, you'll know and feel confident about the desicion... thats how I'm feel now anyway : ) fells free to ask me a few months from now when I'm on the otherside and healing.
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Thank you for the advice. I really do feel exactly like you said...emotional. I thought that once I made a real decision to get it done I would feel good about it, and instead I'm starting to feel more and more insecure and unsure as this process continues. It has been interesting how different the doctors have been so far, and their recommendations. I like the idea of seeing a lot of docs and really researching but at the same time, I'm getting exhausted. My husband says I'm obsessed and he doesn't see why I need to do this at all. Especially when he has to see me sad leaving the doctor's office instead of feeling good about myself. I'm sure I'm driving him crazy! I sure wish we lived closer so I could go to where ever you've been. I only know one person here that has had a nose job, and I went to see her doctor last time. I don't want to tell a bunch of people I'm getting this done either, so its kind of a lonely confusing process for me. Thanks for helping me feel better, and with what you said, I still dont entirely feel at peace like you do, so maybe I need to see another doctor first. I guess I have nothing to lose, except maybe a little money, which is well worth it if I find that perfect peace I need. I feel pretty good about Dr. C, and if I end up going with him, I don't think I will be disappointed. I know he knows what he is doing. Maybe the next time I go in there I will have them show me some pictures of before and afters. They haven't done that yet there for me. Thanks again, I will be sure to watch your progress and check in with you too to see how its going for you. Good luck!!
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Hello, first you look very nice the way you are right now .. having said that I think you could benefit from a rhinoplasty , having a nice more feminine with a gentle slope nose will greatly improve the way you look .. even look a bit younger don't worry I'm 35 I know what I'm talking about .. I got gravity in the tip of my nose :) keep us posted and good luck
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