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Small Children and TT - St. Louis, MO

I am 36 and have two small children (ages 2 years...

I am 36 and have two small children (ages 2 years and 9 months). One of the things about the TT that I am most concerned about is caring for the kids after the surgery. I will have help for the first week, but my kids are very "mommied" and are always on my lap, in my bed, and, just, well, ON ME! Do any of you have experience with a TT while having small kids at home?

Can you tell me who is performing your surgery?
Sorry--just saw your question! Dr. Maclin is performing my surgery.
Well, I am booked for April 4. I have an 18 month old and 5 month old. My husband is taking 2 weeks off, my mum is taking over and taking 2 weeks off and then its my dad/sister. I guess it will be hard until we get the drains removed but after that, we can hang out with them and do stuff depending on how you feel of course just as long as you dont lift them and they dont SIT ON YOUR TUMMY !!

Ordered my pre and post op vitamins today. Still...

Ordered my pre and post op vitamins today. Still trying to get childcare ironed out, as well as my own post-op care ironed out!

Does anyone have a name/site for one of the crotchless support garments that I can use post-op? I really think I'd prefer to NOT have to peel a binder down each time I potty! Thanks!
glad to hear u found a ps that fits you! The name look familiar but I'm not sure. All my girlfriends went with Dr. Koo and they are loving her work and the results.
I know she is kinda high but it was worth it! Good luck on your up coming surgery. Keep me posted.
What county/city are you in.

Photo Update

Added pics today. Ugh! It's terrible to see...

Added pics today. Ugh! It's terrible to see yourself looking so bad! Today, I start the "2 week wait" until surgery.
I have an 11 month old infant who is always on me too! My mother, sister, and husband all helped me with my children and cared for me. I am 10 days post op and I have yet to carry him. After my drains were taken out, I had my mom put him on my lap so that I could at least hug him. I think I was more anxious to hold him lol He is very close to my mom too. My five year old is the perfect little nurse as well.
We are indeed belly twins! I'm so excited to see your after pics! Just 11 more days!! Can't wait to hear all about your experience :)
HI Surgery Buddy, :-)
My belly is very similar to yours and our date the same. I'll post some pics soon of my belly pre-op. I understand your concern about your kids. My kids are 13 and 11 so I dont have to worry about them crawling on me anymore. You will get through it though and will figure it out as you go much like you did when you had your little people. :-) I'ts great your doing this for yourself and will be worth it in the end. I'm excited to hear how you do as we do this at the same time. Thanks for writing me.

I had my surgery one week ago today. In my...

I had my surgery one week ago today. In my opinion, TTs don't hurt at all....liposuction HURTS! Honestly, I haven't needed really anything for the TT (pain wise), but the lipo on my back was so painful! Day 3 post-op was my "worst" pain day--I just couldn't get any relief from any meds. So, I called the ps and he told me I could take Motrin and, once I did, I was a whole new woman! :)

Now, I am just "annoyed" with recovery. I'm bored, I'm so tired of needing someone with me all of the time to help with my kids (especially the baby, since I can't pick her up), and I am just ready to get back into "normal life"! :)

I hope all of the other June 15th TTers are doing ok? I know I am SO GLAD it's done, and I'm sure you all are too? I will upload pics when I can.....
Hi, was $6200 the bottom line cost including anesthesia and facility?
My surgeon was Dr. Maclin with Parkcrest Plastic Surgery. He is AWESOME!
Good luck!
Located in st. Louis as well been looking around for great doctor to have my tummy tuck would you mind leaving your doctors name or location ? You look amazing! Already! Congrats :)
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