Just Had my Smart Lipo 3 Days Ago - St. Louis, MO

I took Arnica Montana 2 wks before (to prevent...

I took Arnica Montana 2 wks before (to prevent bruising). I was given valium & pain meds before as well. I had my whole front done (upper/lower abs) & my back done (flanks too).

I am 40 yrs- (3 kids) 5'5 140 lbs. I work out a lot but wasn't able to get rid of my pooch or love handles. i did not have a lot of fat on my upper back & that is where it hurt the most. No other pain. Everything went well. I am wearing 2 compression garments. 1 full body/torso one & a velcro ab one. I only take off to shower.

I still take anica montana & some pain meds. I didn't anticipate that i would be this sore on day 3! It is difficult to get up/down off couch.

My hubby /doc/nurses noticed the results right away- i see it a lil bit. I can't wait to have it all tighten up more. I am wearing band-aids on most incisions (5). the 6th one is still oozing so i have a pad on it under garment. I told no one so my friends think i just threw my back out.... His nurse called me 3 times the next day to check on me & twice the 2nd day!

I would do it again. I will post before & after pic soon! :)

4 days later- i am finally able to bend over a bit...

4 days later- i am finally able to bend over a bit to shave my legs!! still wearing 2 garments but they seem so tight- still swollen a lot & bruises are yellow & no bleeding which is all still normal. still taking arnica montana for bruising but no other meds.
Check up tomorrow. I don't notice much of a difference but my hubby does a lot- a few ppl asked if i have lost weight...

So 2 wks out now. i am a lil discouraged. Not...

so 2 wks out now. i am a lil discouraged. Not seeing much of a difference. I still have swelling a lot under my belly button area & flank area. The area is turning lumpy & hard so they told me to massage the area so i do that & apply arnica gel....

Added 6 wks pic. I have my check up today. I...

Added 6 wks pic.

I have my check up today. I still feel like i look lumpy & bumpy & not totally thrilled yet but i am impatient- he told me from the beginning it will take 2-4 mos to see my full results so i wait..... :)

They spent a lot of time explaining things & calling a lot to check on me after.

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Hello my name is Maria and im looking for a good plastic surgeon in St. Louis MO. Thank you so much.
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How much does dr. pignotti charge per area? thanks
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Want results!!! Go see Dr. Ricketts!!!! I was a size 12 and now a size 2!!!! Beyond my expectations!! Anyone who has lipo done needs to make sure and do Vella a week later!! My results were quicker and wow the tightening is amazing!! I have no hanging skin and look amazing!!! Michele knows all the tricks for quicker and best results!!! I sent all my friends there and they are to amazed how they look!! I recommend him to everyone!!!!!
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What does Dr. Ricketts charge per area? Is it smartlipo? thanks
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look great. you can tell 4 sure
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You look terrific. Thanks for responding to me. I will let you know what happens.
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well the swelling is a mistery...everyone takes a different time. I am 16 days out and am still swollen but again I had no bruising whatsoever. There is difference...and there will be more if you keep eating right and hitting the gym for some light workout. By summer you will look awesome!
btw for the swelling you can get the arnica gel and pass thru your belly after you take a shower. Ive noticed a big difference.
Goodluck :)
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thx. i got the arnica gel today at Whole Foods. I am still taking the tablets but not very often-hopefully this works faster. :)
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How long does this swelling last. I want to do this before June 4th when my twins graduate from high school, but not if I am going to be all swollen.
How did you find someone in St. Louis?
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well it's only been a week for me & i am still swollen. I believe everyone is different as to how long it takes.

I wanted surgery done before summer/swim suit time. Not sure how long swelling last but they did tell me i need to wear these compression garments for 4-6 wks afterwards. I got them at Target $34./ Assets & then a waist trimmer $12. I feel like i am wearing a corset night & day (only take off to shower at nt). It's annoying to wear- i have great posture now though! :) I use a anti-bacterial soap too & use vit e to put on incisions to prevent any scaring.

I will say that after the surgery- you can't get up or move around to easily for atleast 2- 4 days- my kids noticed i was moving slower etc. so we told them i hurt my back & i was wearing a back brace...

The doc. told me that it can take 2-4 mos to actually see the FULL results! which in 2 mos for me will be swimsuit time so i am hopeful it will be flat by then!!! :)

I called my OBGYN for referral & they actually do it there in his office (which i didnt even know)- i went there! :)

I will post more pic. next week & def. after 2mos! :)
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We're our own worst critics. I can definitely tell a difference. You look great. And to think there's still swelling that's hiding your results too... :)

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there is a big difference. congrats!
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Thank u. I personally don't see much (just lil ) of a difference yet but my hubby does. I want my tummy firm & curve in more on the front sides. I will see in a few weeks & hopefully it will be better. :)
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I am considering this. I have done crazy crazy diets for a long time and go up and down. I am not overweight, but am always trying to get rid of my tummy. I work out regulary, but it doesn't seem to do much for that area.
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I would do it! :) I am happy i did. I do pilates & work out a lot & could not get rid of my baby pooch or love handles. My doc said "you won't w/o lipo" so i started to look into smart lipo vs vela shape etc...the down time is really not that bad considering real lipo...my close friends don't even know!
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