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My surgery is in two days!!! I am excited and...

My surgery is in two days!!! I am excited and nervous all at the same time! I really hope that I like the results. My nose is something that I have been insecure about for the last 18 years. A good friend of mine recently underwent plastic surgery. She loves her results. I confided in her how for so many years I disliked my nose and if I would ever get a procedure done it would be rhinoplasty. She encouraged me to look into plastic surgery for myself. I found a plastic surgeon in St. Louis who specializes in the face. He and his staff have been excellent to work with...so far the experience has been great. I will keep everyone posted!

Surgery went well. I am dying to see what my nose...

Surgery went well. I am dying to see what my nose looks like under all of this tape/gauze! :) It feels like I need to blow my nose really bad. It's kind of driving me crazy! My face is swollen and I have one black eye. My top teeth/gums hurt too. Pain meds and frozen bags of peas to help with the pain/swelling. I have been sleeping better than what I thought so that is good. (sleeping elevated on two pillows and then a neck pillow)Everything I am experiencing in recovery is to be expected...so far so good!

6 days post op: Follow up appointment with Dr....

6 days post op: Follow up appointment with Dr. Nayak. My cast came off and I could not be more happier with the result! My nose is pretty swollen, minimal bruising...but I already love it! I can't wait to see the changes as my nose continues to heal. I am so glad I had this procedure done. No regrets. I will keep you posted on how things are going as my nose continues to heal. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this procedure! :)

7th day post op...first day back to work. I really...

7th day post op...first day back to work. I really wasn't ready to go back to work but I have no vacation time left so staying home longer to heal was not an option for me :) My nose is so stuffy, there are times when I can kind of breathe through my nose for a minute every once in awhile. Majority of the time I cannot breathe through my nose. It sounds like I have a severe sinus infection when I talk because I am so stuffy. I normally wear glasses while I am at work, I had to keep taking my glasses off because it hurt my nose too bad and gave me a headache.

By day 8 post op I was able to breathe through my...

By day 8 post op I was able to breathe through my nose again. Thank goodness :) The swelling has gone down a bit. I was nervous about returning to work day 6 post op. None of my colleagues have said anything to me about my new look, not sure that they can tell the difference. (that is fine with me! :) )I can tell the difference and so far happy with the result.
Saint Louis Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Nayak and his staff are the best! Dr. Nayak made me feel comfortable throughout this entire process. I have no regrets in my decision to have plastic surgery thanks to the skill and expertise of Dr. Nayak. He took the time to personally call me the evening after my surgery to check on me to see how I was doing. I did my research and I am so glad that I found Dr. Nayak. If you are looking to have a procedure done on your face, I highly recommend this plastic surgeon.

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Wow. Totally different person post surgery.. Did the doctor tell you how drastic of a change in looks you were undergoing, before the surgery? I have a nose just like yours pre-op, but I don't want THAT much of a change and am actually *AFRAID* that they will take off too much, like yourself. Is this something you specifically asked for? Do you have any very recent pics?
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You look great!!! The picture of you in the glasses .. is that a post op pic or a pre op? Just was wondering because i have heard you can wear glasses for about three months after. Do you know if this is true? Thanks! :)
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Thanks Nosy!
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But it gonna look even better now. Looks great for six days post op! Love it!
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I think it looks good already!
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GOOD LUCK! I know you are very anxious! Keep us updated!
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Good luck! I am sure the outcome will be great!
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You're beautiful! What about your nose don't you like?

Good for you for finding someone who specializes in facial plastic surgery! Tomorrow is your big day. Please keep us posted.

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Thanks!! Yep, tomorrow is the big day. I have always felt that my nose is too wide/large for my face. I have a small dorsal hump on my nose as well that bothers me. I will for sure keep you posted!
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Good luck! I just had mine done as well, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! = )
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Thank you!! I hope that I am as happy with my result as you are with yours!
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Wow. You are a very attractive person before surgery. I really don't think you need to have your nose done, but of course it matters what you think, not what I think.I'm sure you will be even prettier after surgery. Good luck!
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Thanks so much! You are too kind :)
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