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Hi, I have wanted rhinoplasty since the age of 10...

Hi, I have wanted rhinoplasty since the age of 10 when my nose suddenly became way too big for the rest of my face. I was told by everyone, even my friends and family that I could have been so pretty if it weren't for my giant nose. As I aged I did grow into it more, but it's still the first thing I see when I look in the mirror and the sole reason why I hate almost every picture of myself. I haven't met with a PS about it yet. I want to get more familiar with this type of surgery and find the wide nose experts out there first. That's what brought me here :)


I don't think anyone answered your question . I live in Miami and I'm having my nose done by dr Jeffrey Epstein. He has offices in New York and Miami. I picked him because I liked his style and he clicked with me right away. I also picked him because he's triple board certified and a rhino and revision specialist. I also have a wide nose which is my main concern. I hate how big it gets when I smile so I avoid that. I told him I what I wanted and he did my morphs and we seemed to be on the same page. I think to find your surgeon try to go by qualifications first - you don't want a lipo or "boob god" operating on your face! I almost picked another doctor here in miami who try call the boob god because he was much cheaper and did okay noses. He had tons of awards- on the body. Thank god I kept doing research and is not settle. My doctor is pretty expensive but it's my choice because I feel I must do it right . I guess when your gut tells you something , you go for it right ? Objectively speaking you are a pretty girl but I see what you don't like about your nose and I'm picturing noses that will put the focus on your other features. Maybe a nose type similar to Megan fox? Remember we all have different face structures but bringing a celeb picture helps with visual confirmation. I have my morph pictures up and my story if you want wide nose support haha, my surgery is August 1. Be meticulous and do your research!
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Sorry for typos , I was hurrying:(
Thanks! That is super helpful. It seems like most nose docs just focus on the profile and not the front view.. which is my area of concern! i am willing to travel to see the right PS. I will check him out, thanks. :)

Nose morphing!

I found this super cool website where you can change your nose to get an idea of what you would look like post-op. The site is here: http://www.bevhills.com/cosmetic/facetouchup/
I'm having trouble uploading my morphed photo, but here a a few dream noses of mine...

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Morphed nose photos

Ok, I figured out how to get the photo to upload, so here are my side by side before and after, as I would fix it if I were a PS :)


Minka Kelly has a tinier version of your current nose. Your current nose isn't even bad. Your exact same nose with walls/nostrils pushed in and the tip refined would look wonderful. Kara Diguardi's is not ideal. In fact, your's is already better than her nose.
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I agree, Minka has the better nose, I just don't know if it's realistic that I could safely get my nose that small. I don't want to over do it and have my entire nose cave in! I"ve read some horror stories!!!
This is the exact same reason why I'm seeking to do surgery as well. You're already pretty and will be a doll post-op!
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Proposed Nose by a PS

So I asked the Docs on here if getting a nose like Minka Kelly was unrealistic and I had a mixture of opinions. Most said yes, one said absolutely no. One was nice enough to give me a picture of what he would do to my nose. I think his morph makes me look like Keira Knightly. I like my nose from the side actually. It is a bit long, but I wouldn't want to shorten as much as this Doc does.


Have you noticed some people after getting nose surgery ,their noses become much more wider ?? Thats crazy! Do your search very well to find the right doctor...I have the same problem as you (with the width and bulbous tip). Hope you can find a good surgeon and i think you're gona look amazing after surgery since all your other features are so good :) best luck xxx
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I have noticed that! I've also noticed that most surgeons focus on the profile. This is not my problem!!! Grrr! I just want to narrow what I have - is that too much to ask?!!! haha!
personally ive always admired minkas but even i used to say how small it was! it even made her lips seem duck-like and large cs its so tiny for her face. i say a small reduction like on the app you did was nice! might be a really heavy surgery though to break all the side bones of your nose. what did your PS say?

More Morphing...

So I sent some close up pics (which I never EVER take thanks to my giant honker) to a PS that I thought did some great work. He actually took the time to do some computer imaging on them to give me an idea of how he would correct my wide bridge and bulky tip. This is by Dr. Steven Denenberg, based out of Omaha, NE. Maybe worth a trip up north! I'm still looking at many other surgeons though. If I've learned anything from talking to experienced rhinoplasty patients, it's to do your homework!!!


I have the same problem as you! Please do let me know which surgeon you chose, I really don't know who to pick. You are already really beautiful, and will look amazing after the surgery! the morphs also look very natural
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In my opinion, you do not need a nose job. You're gorgeous already.
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Thanks, that's sweet of you to say. I go back and forth all the time on this issue. Some days I think I should be thankful for what I have, other days I think I shouldn't have to settle... I try not to be a shallow person, really. I just feel like I would look so much better with a smaller nose. Not even a tiny nose, just smaller.

I am torn between 2 surgeons

Dr. Anil Shah out of Chicago and of course Grigoryants in California. Chicago is much closer so I have a consultation scheduled to meet face to face and see what he can do. I found a cool app that lets you play around with ideas. I decided I want my nose, only all around smaller. Basically a 30% reduced version of what I have. I hope thats possible!!!!

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which surgeon did you choose?
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I'm thinking Grigoryants. I have an August consult with Shah that I still km plan on attending. I'm 90% sure I'm going with Dr. G though.
I saw Dr. Shah's website, his work looks amazing too! I've seen some nice work from surgeons in that area, lots of big Italian schnozes there! I don't think you could go wrong with either of those surgeons based on their work. I have only researched Dr. G though so my opinions of Dr. Shah are solely based off his website. You're already a doll and your generated after pictures look really good!! :]
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Emailed Grigoryants!

I emailed Dr. G and he got back to me within 2 days. He said he would narrow the bridge, take down the hump, reduce the tip and narrow the nostrils. Exactly what I was thinking! I love his aesthetics so I'm going for the long trip to Glendale. He's so worth it. I am posting some pictures of my nose at different angles so you can get a 3D idea of the proportions. It's quite wide and boxy. The lighting shows off the imperfections better in these pictures I think.


oh i hear you, i also make funny faces to contort my nose into it's almost desired shape, or maybe just a more acceptable version !
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Haha ! So it's not just me?!
go for it. i mean your heart is already set. isn't it?
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Jan 16th is the day!

I talked with Zara and scheduled my rhinoplasty for Jan 16th. What a great way to start 2015!


omgosh!!! we have the same issues and I have booked mine with him as well in december for the new year! :D
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Excellent! I hope you post pictures!!!
Wow how exciting!! Congrats on setting the date!! You are so pretty already this will just enhance your beauty even more! So happy for you :)
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No Makeup :)

I think it's important to see how faces look with and without makeup. So here is my no makeup submission.


Omg you look veeeery beautiful already :) I am sure people love you and i think your nose doesn't look bad at all. But that's personal. I have the same problem. I don't like my nose either but people tell me I look good. I am a guy though. Good luck anyways I hope you get the desired result :) Keep us informed.
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good luck ! you will love your new nose! be patient during the first month !
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You're in great hands!!
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Vladimir Grigoryants

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