Tummy Tuck and Lipo on 02/03/11 - St. Louis, MO

I just turned 40 1 week ago. my present from my...

I just turned 40 1 week ago. my present from my husband was a full tummy tuck that I have wanted for awhile. I'm very nervous and excited about the big day. I must say this website has help so much with many of my concerns and questions I have that only a person whom has gone through it already. I've read so many stories and you ladies look great. I can't wait for my big day. I plan to post my before pics a week before my surgery.

Wish me luck!!!


I am 3 days post surgery and not to bad. I would rate it about a 6. It only hurts when you get up or down. It is so worth it.
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:) :)
Good luck! I am one month PO and had VERY little pain at all - the whole thing was so much easier than I made it out to be beforehand in my mind. I am absolutely no regrets and think on a daily basis how happy I am that I did this. Best of luck to you!
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Today I became upset because I was told several...

Today I became upset because I was told several negative things about getting a tt. The worst comment was you could die. I'm so tired of my friends and family trying to change my mind.

I have 6 weeks before my surgery and they are losing it. Oh well, my mind is made up and I'm doing it...... Just needed to vent.

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Ok,I now have 37 days until my surgery(yeah)....

Ok,I now have 37 days until my surgery(yeah). I'm becoming a little scared and nervous. The one thing I'm having a problem with already is constipation. Can anyone advise of a gental laxative.


I'm going to try it. Thanks so much. And I know you are right about being happy with my new body. I'm so ready. I hope the next 37 days go fast. I want it done and over so I can start my healing process.
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It will be here before you know it.  Just keep on the website and read up on everything you can.  Education and knowledge are power!

Milk of Magnesia is a miracle worker.  That got me through the first 8-9 days post op.  I started taking it the day after surgery and continued as long as I was taking the pain meds. 

From now until your surgery just focus on all the positive and fun things about the surgery.  Make your list of things you will be able to do and buy when this is all over.  Seriously once you heal you are going to feel fabulous and love your body!  I have not been this happy in years. 
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Ok,I'm exactly (21 days) from my surgery....

Ok,I'm exactly (21 days) from my surgery. I'm so excited. I've taken pics but I'm still shy about posting them. My daughter said she was going to post them for me. I guess I will pack my bag next week. I do have a question? Since I'm having a full tt with lipo and muscle repair is 8 weeks enough off?


Well, I will havw to take another p.t test along with re-qualifying with my duty weapon because of the time off. Then I'll hit the streets. No more pooch for my gun belt to sit on lol. And having hips and a nice butt is actual the new trend. I know at least 3 females who had the surgery. Believe me you are blessed lol.
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LOL...you will do fine and pass all of your re-testing with ease.  After the surgery you will probably be like lightening and move like the wind on your feet. 

Chase those bad boys down quickly..LOL
yeah, it´s almost here 18 days and now counting. I just posted my pictures lol. And I´m so ready. I´m really blessed to have a mother and aunt that are nurses. So I should be ok with them and my husband around the clock. The count down has begun. Let me know when the post my pictures.
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Ok, I have less than two weeks left before my big...

Ok, I have less than two weeks left before my big day. Boy am I ready! Still a little nervous but ready to go and get it done.


Lol! He drank a half cup and is now behaving. I hate to tell u but I was tricked and got tossed in the snow last night while letting the dog out. Boy did I under estimate them teen girls. It was a blast. Before letting me in they made me promise to leave them alone. I agreed! Lol. I will be in touch soon.
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Well, in less than five hours I will be on my way to the hospital. I can't believe it is finally here. I suddenly have a calm over me. All my friends and fellow officers has called and wished me a speedy recovery (they need more tickets written)lol. I will update soon.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.
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I was just thinking about you!! 

You are going to do beautifully and be back in uniform in no time flat! 

So did your hubby drink his "Get Right Juice"....and which child ended up in the snow bank..LOL

You give me a yell if you need anything :)  I will be thinking about you and saying the prayers for ya!!

I made it! Not alot of pain but very uncomfortable...

I made it! Not alot of pain but very uncomfortable. I'm juat glad I made it. Still tired,will chat tomorrow


Hello everyone. Thanks so much for all the support. My nurses are on time with the pain meds. I only have discomfort. My pubic are is swollen.

I had the full tt,muscle repair,lots of lipo and a cute belly button that's new.just got up to potty.
The drainage tubes are at times annoying and discomfort.

Back to sleep. Once again thanks for the support
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This is MsDeeva's daughter.
Everything went well, she's in her room resting and sometime tomorrow she'll start back posting.

Thanks for all of the prayers and positive thoughts!
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Hurray!!!  I have been thinking about her all day.  Thank you for letting me know. 

Tell her I am sending her hugs :)

I can't believe it's been 4 days since my...

I can't believe it's been 4 days since my surgery. I'm so pleased with the outcome. I'm still swollen and my tubes are still in until the 18th, but it was well worth the money and time.

I even took a shower today : )
I thank this site for all the information and the people who has helped through the journey.


Holy cow tubes are out!?! How exciting! Can't wait to see updated pics! :)
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Just woke up from that nap ;)
Yes they are gone. Now I can really see my shape! Ladies I cant believe my eyes. I'm still swollen and somewhat tender to touch(lipo area) but I feel great.

When the tubes came out I didn't even feel it. I have taken pics but my daughter isn't here to post them yet ;)

Once again Money Well Spent!
Thanks so much. I'm feeling so much better today. My ps told me the morning of my surgery my incision would be very low. Thanks, that makes me feel better
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Today I'm 12 post op and my healing process is...

Today I'm 12 post op and my healing process is going great now that my tubes are out. I'm still swollen and bruised but the results so far are great. I was able to get into my size 6 jeans, which means I'm going to be a lot smaller once the swell hell leaves! Believe me when I say money well spent.

Ladies who are having second thoughts, what is normal. I even had them. But don't allow your negative fears keep you from being happy!! This website is the best and I love everyone I've become distance friends with.

I'm really looking forward to the trip to Tennessee with some of the ladies from this website thats being planned.


looking great Ms.Deeva314...hope you continue to have a great recovery...
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i'm hanging in there. But you look GREAT! You go girl. Your before and after pics are just remarkable.

all I can say is Wow!!
u r looking wonderful
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Ok, today I'm 18 days post op and my new...

Ok, today I'm 18 days post op and my new bikini is here.
I'm swollen somewhat but my daughter and friends are amazed!!!
I will post pic later on after i get home from the gym.

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Today is week 3 since my surgery. I have to say...

Today is week 3 since my surgery. I have to say I'm loving the changes my body is doing. I'm still swollen and my scare is just about scab free. I've started my 30 min massage rub on the scar with cocoa butter. I'm going to post my 3 week pictures in my new bikini tomorrow. I'm so happy with the results. No muffin top or a single stretch mark!

This was the best 40th bday present I could have gotten. I have started my training again. Slowly I've started doing my 30 minute walk and simply arms workout. next week I will up my game just a little more.


Do you wear your binder during the day. I was told too when I workout and just while I'm up. It helps a lot. I'm going to post somepictures of my bikini once I come off my cycle ugh:(

And even with that and water weight I'm not that swollen.
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Ya I wear the regular stage one binder pretty much 24/7, except if I go out and get dressed up then I wear the stage 2 cause it's more concealing!
Hey I see we had surgery around the same time? Have u started any exercise yet and how's your swelling?
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Tomorrow will be my one month anniversary and...

Tomorrow will be my one month anniversary and I'm very pleased with the results as I continue to heal.Today I went shopping for a pair of slack and I'm happy to say I am a size 6 with swelling ;)

My best friend couldnt believe her eyes on how small I have gotten along with my tummy is so flat, tight, and stretch mark free.

I've also started a slow run and it felt great along with 25 push ups! I'm still healing and my scar continues to look good. I'm about to start using my cocoa 3 times a day.


That's great!!! I'm in 13 days, nervous as hell, but getting excited. If you're a 6 now, what were you b4?
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I started off at a 10 and some 11/12. My tummy and thighs was the issue. I'm just so much happier.

You should be excited! This is a life change and you are going to look AWESOME!

Just posted my one month post op bikini pictures....

Just posted my one month post op bikini pictures. As you can see, still minor swelling, but i'm loving the outcome. I have started my intense training to finish sculpturing what my ps started. Money well spent.


MsDeeva!!!!! Your results are GREAT!! LOVE the bikini!! Good for you, you have to be thrilled!! A size 6!!! I can only dream. I am a solid 12 now, sometimes a 14. I would love to be an 8!!
I am so happy to see your updated pics, thanks for posting!!
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Thanks so much. I started off between a 9/ 10.I'm loving the new me. My husband said no boob job. He's loving it more than me almost.

You will do great. Just follow your ps orders. And listen to your body, it will tell you no to a lot things.
Thanks!! I'm at a 10 now, but feel the same, it's really just this big huge tummy!!! You look fantastic - I hope to have the same results!!

Well Monday I go back to work on light duty...

Well Monday I go back to work on light duty :)
My ps feels I cans do simple jobs around the department now. I'm so excited and ready to start back being active on my job.


I'm doing great. I'm 19 days post op.
My daughter is also graduating HS in June!
I'm so happy I'm back to walking straight! I try to keep my binder on 24/7. However the few days Hubby and I went out I had it off. My clothes fit SO MUCH BETTER now.
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You look great. Your scar is low.
what trip is being planned?
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Thanks, since my daughter is graduating from high school, before she leaves for college we are going to Barbados in June. :)

Most of my swelling has gone down. Wearing my girdle during the day and when I workout helps. How are u feeling. Your pics are great. I know u are loving the new u!

Well, next week will be 3 months since my surgery....

Well, next week will be 3 months since my surgery. I must say time has flown by. I am loving the new me. i am now a size 5/6 from a 9/10 and some 12. I will post pics after my daughters prom.



I'm a doctor Koo patient as well...love her! And absolutely love your boobs!!!
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You look fantastic!! Congrats!
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You look amazing! Mine is May 12th. I can't wait, and I hope my results are like yours!! Congratulations to you!
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