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I have wanted great boobs since puberty failed me...

I have wanted great boobs since puberty failed me at 16! I'm finally going for it! When I had my consultation though, my PS said that my areolas were large and that I would look more youthful if he reduced their size along with my augmentation. I never really considered that my areolas were too big! My nipples, yes, I know they need to go, but my areolas too?!! Anyway, I was wanting an under the breast incision because I think the circumareola scars are ugly. Now I don't know what to do. I know that implants will stretch my skin, but is it worth the scar? I am definitely having the nipple reduction done, but I'm so undecided about the areolas. Thoughts?


honestly i don't think your areolas are large at all! now i have heard they will stretch after surgery, but i do think that the extra scarring may not make a reduction the best idea. yours are nice and even! did he mention how small he thinks they should be??
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Well, I do have loose skin due to three pregnancies and breastfeeding. If I stretch my skin tight they are fairly large. I guess I need to decide what's more unattractive, large areolae or scars. It's a difficult decision! What if the scars aren't that bad...
i know!! its a hard decision to make! what about having an areola reduction later on? i hear its a simple and inexpensive procedure. why dont you ask your PS if that would be an option? then you could wait and see how it goes and if they are too large for you after you heal from your BA you could take care of it!

Wish Boobs

So it was suggested that I include my "wish boobs" in my review. Not only is this a great idea to show the accuracy of my surgeon, but it's a great way to fill time as I wait for my pre-op appointment! (I know a PS cannot give every person exactly what they want, no matter how talented they are. Many factors go into the outcome of a BA, but just for fun, lets see how close I can get!) I love these boobs because they have a great shape to them, and they are not too big, not too small, and they just fit her frame perfectly in my opinion. I would love to have an outcome similar to hers


your wish boobs are just like my wish boobs. i hope we get them!
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Meeeee too!
I'm no professional, but I think your "wish boob" seem like a realistic goal for what you are working with! :-) Good Luck!!!
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Pre-op Visit in less than a week!

I'm getting very excited to discuss my concerns about the areola incision with my PS. I don't want to be that annoying patient who requires extra time and attention over what may be seen as a small detail in the surgical process, but I figure these are scars I will have to look at for the rest of my life... right? Any thoughts on what I should bring with me? (Besides my credit card, haha)


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Thanks, that's sweet of you to say. I think the same thing, who's gonna see my areolas anyway? I will and my husband will... and he is fine with them. We'll see what my PS has to say.
So do you want the periareolar incisions or crease incisions?
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SO indecisive!

So I've just spent the past hour looking at different scar photos - inframammary vs periareolar - and now I've done a total 180! Did you know that it's normal and expected for the inframammary scar to migrate up the breast mound as the implant settles in?! So it is not uncommon to have a big ugly scar across the bottom of your breast! Also, even if you are lucky enough to end up with the scar staying in the fold, that means you are very likely to be uncomfortable when wearing a bra because the bra is pressing and rubbing on your scar. I think I should trust my surgeon!


I also had my breast augmentation done in cosmetic surgery Philippines. Now, I feel sexier and fabulou since, at last, the scars are gone for good.
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Dear Goddess, I have never heard of the scar going up and the implant settles as a normal situation. There can be " bottoming out " but it is NOT normal. Most surgeons create a pocket for the implant, and secure the bottom. I have three sets of implants and never had bottoming out. Now you ask why three sets? Implants have a lifetime of about 10- 15 years then should be replaced. I am not sure how old you are, but for example if you are 30 years old, by the time you are 60 years old you will have replaced the implants two times. This is another thing to consider when you are choosing your scar sight. I chose under the breast fold. Now at age 60 very happy did not do aureole. I had implants totally remove, and did fat grafting. Now can not see the scar at all with out lifting breast. Ask your doctor how long the implants will last, and replacement surgery, and how it will affect the aureole area .
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I have to say, I was pretty alarmed when reading stories of women who ended up having migrating scars! Some doctors responded to their concerns by tellling them that it was normal!

Pre-Op Complete!

I had a great pre-op visit today! I talked to my PS about my concerns and we agreed to do a periareolar incision and nipple reduction. (NOT an areola reduction). I will have a scar that runs along the bottom side of the areola. I think this is the best option for me. Whew! Decisions are hard work!


I hope you have a great surgery day :] & i love your wish boobies they are exactly what i want mine to turn out to be!
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I think I picked out the same wish boobs! Haha! My surgery is scheduled for Aug 5 with Dr Prada so right behind you! I hope you keep posting as it helps so much to read others hopes, fears, challenges and overall experience. I'm having old implants removed and a lift with new implants. Whoa... So nervous as I am no spring chicken. 60 years old! I'm sure they will laugh at my "wish boob" pictures but I'm taking them to my preop visit anyway! Good luck. I'm sure you will have great results!
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Way to go keeping them big!!

Getting Scared...

So, my surgery is exactly one week from today. I stayed awake for hours last night worrying about what could go wrong during my procedure. I might never wake up! What if I die on the OR table? Is it worth risking my life for a great set of tits? Well, after hours of considering all of the possible adverse reactions my body could have from the anesthesia, I have decided, YES! Hah!. The chances of dying on the table are so small, it's not even really worth getting upset about. Plus, if I die, I will die feeling really good. REALLY good! I'm kind of a control freak, and I don't like putting my life in the hands of someone else. That's a lot to hand over to a total stranger. So, yeah, getting a little nervous....


Good luck for this Friday, can't wait to see your results. I can understand your nerves and laying awake at night worrying, my op is 2 weeks away....all the best
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Thank you so much! I am super excited. It's pretty much all I think about all day long now. I'm obsessed!
Yep, that sounds pretty much right to me. :-)

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!!

So, I'm not scared anymore, just really excited. I hope I sleep tonight! I decided to take some before and after pics in my "St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery" tee shirt :)


TGIB Day! (Thank goodness it's boobie day) Woohoooo!!!!! :-)
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I'm sitting in OR holding right now!!! I might have a heart attack! Haha
Yay thinking of you, can't wait for an update!!!
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I am in so much pain! I was hoping to be one of the lucky ones who felt great post op, but I'm not :( All I can say is thank God for the oxycodone and valium, they at least take the edge off!


I've pretty much been high on oxycodone since my surgery! hehe. Use it that's what it's for. I'm 3 days post op and just starting to increase the time between each dose. But I was the same taking the full dose every four hours, I'm making it to every 6 hours now. Rest up hunny, thinking of ya! xxx
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Thanks! I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one totally depending on these drugs for some sanity. This pain is pretty bad if you don't take your meds. I don't know why, but I was expecting to be able to handle it with minimal pills. Ah well! I'm doing my fair share of resting. Thank God my husband is picking up the slack around the house!
Just stay up on your pain meds & make yourself eat something before you take the meds & stay hydrated. I know how you feel. I threw up from being in so much pain. You will get through it.
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My Pain Pump, Ace Wrap and GIANT Belly!!!

Thought I would include the bloated, ace wrapped reality that is my life at the moment for those of you who are still awaiting your surgery day. My suggestion would be to take colace (a stool softener) a day or two before your surgery, that way you are less likely to get backed up. Narcotics are known for making you extremely constipated :(


             what size did u get? 
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400cc on each side
Thanks for the advice, I have started taking my benefibre daily and I have 9 days to go until my surgery. Hopefully some results for you soon in the loo department.
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Ace wrap is off, pump is out!

That ace wrap was so uncomfortable! I'm very very happy to be able to take it off. Here is a sneak peak of what's under the gauze and surgical bra that I need to wear for the next two weeks. (sorry about the blood for those of you with weak stomaches!) Also, I am still bloated :( I'm working on it though!


When am I supposed to start messaging my upper pole? Is it too early for that?
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Boom!!! Look GREAT for day 3! :-) How do you feel?
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awww, thanks! I feel like I'm wearing the tightest corsett ever made! I need a fainting couch, haha. The pain is getting better every day though. And taking off that ace wrap was the best feeling!

Feeling Better Every Day!!!

I'm off all my pain meds, my course of antibiotics is complete, now I just need to finish up my time with this torturous surgical bra and compression strap. I appreciate the support and all, but it feels like I have an elephant sitting on my chest. I'm not really complaining though, it's totally worth it!!! Dr. Prada did a great job and I couldn't be happier!


You look great, as I knew you would! Mine continue to look better everyday still at six weeks, so just imagine! :-) I felt the same way about the surgical bra and told Di at Dr Prada's office that it was a torture device! :-) I guess she probably hears that alot. The funny thing is... Now I sometimes wear it to sleep in because I feel more comfy and secure laying on my side when my girls are held snuggly in place. :-)
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Im so jealous! I can't wait to sleep on my side again!!!
You are looking better everyday! What kind of sports bras did you buy? How do you know what size to buy? I have heard the vx bra from VS is nice. I know I will be a full C or small D according to Dr Prada. I don't own a bra without underwire and will be sad to give away a few hundred dollars of beautiful 34G's
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7 Days Post-Op

I had my 1 week post-op visit with Dr. Prada! He removed the tegaderm film, cleaned up my incisions and added some steri-strips. He said I can stop wearing my compression strap because the implants are settling in nicely. That was a relief!!! That thing was killing me! I am so happy with my results that I told Dr. Prada that I thought he was a genius and that I would recommend all my friends to him, which I will. This was the best decision, I'm so happy! Shopping has never been so fun :)


Anes, you look fantastic! I bet Dr Prada is proud of those girls! What a quick recovery you had too! My 7 day post op appointment is Monday. I wish I were pain free. It's throbbing so bad now that pain meds are gone. My bra does not hurt at all...doesn't even feel tight. I mostly hurt at the drain site so maybe when they come out I will start to feel better. All the best to you and happy shopping. You look stunning!!
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Your updated pics look fabulous! You're ready to rock that triangle top! :-)
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How tall are you? I am 5'7" and am thinking 425-500cc.
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Feeling sickly :(

So, while the girls are healing nicely and I'm close to pain-free at this point, I am still having other symptoms that I wasn't expecting. I get these raging headaches everyday, I feel tired and dizzy throughout the day, and have horrible waves of nausea. I'm not sure if this is part of the normal healing process. Does anyone know anything about this?


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The recuperation time can be aweful. Hang in there. You look great!
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I'm feeling so much better, thanks :)

3 weeks post op!

I hit my three week mark today. I am still pretty sore actually! It still hurts to turn the wheel when I'm driving, to open heavy doors, etc. Oh well, totally worth it! I still have a bruise on my left breast too. Again, totally worth it. I need to go bikini shopping because the triangle top I had from the beginning of the summer is waaaay too small now :) So, triangle top picture will be soon to follow. I have my next Doc appt on Tuesday. I think I get to finally take off the steri strips! I can't wait to see my nipples. I hope they look like real nipples and not franken-nipples!!! Also, I had a nightmare the other night that my implants dropped and were all saggy and gross. Glad that didn't really happen!


Congratulations! You look fabulous...I love all your photos! Happy to hear you think your surgery was worth it and that you are pleased with your PS. (In fact, don't forget to rate your doctor's work. Just click the "edit" button next to his name in your review.) Be sure to let us know how your bikini shopping trip goes!  :)

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I am right behind you and still having pain too but yes it's worth it! You look great!! Makes wish I would have went with high profile... But probably not a good choice for my age but on you they are perfect!!
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They suit you perfectly!
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Nipple reveal :)

So here are my new nipples! I think they turned out very well considering what I started with. My Dr was right, the areolae are too large!!! Damn! I guess I'll just have to go back and have him make them smaller after a year or so. I want to totally heal up first. Overall, I think they turned out better than I was expecting, so I'm very pleased with my results. No franken-nips here!


You are soooo funny. I love your review. Happy Healing!
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Awe, dang it! Why does he have to be right all the time!?! Lol! I had my areola reduction at the same time as my lift/aug and the end result is about equal to what I started with, but they fit my new girls much better than the old ones. :-) If he wasnt cutting around mine for the lift, I would have waited and taken my chances like you did. A couple months later, and I'm very happy with his work and the scars are healing beautifully, so if you do decide to have it done, I don't think you'll be disappointed an the recovery time will be minimal. You still look great!
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i have rather big areolaes too did you lose any nipple sensitivity?
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Nipples healing quickly!!!

I'm so happy with the minimal scars that I have! I can see improvement every day.


I can tell they look even better in your most recent pics just 2 days later! Your shape is perfect too.
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You look great! I hope when my tape comes off my scars look half as good as yours because you don't have any :-) beautiful results...
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I use the mederma twice a day and the antibiotic ointment before bed. I know that scar cream is super expensive, but after paying thousands of dollars for surgery I think another $20 is totally reasonable! Good luck with your scars, so far I think your shape has turned out very nice :)

Almost 2 months out

I can't believe how fast 2 months has flown by. These boobs feel 100% mine now. I can't even remember what it was like to not have them. I


They look incredible! Congrats!
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You look awesome! I know how you feel, I forgot what my "befores" felt like! :-)
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Thanks! It's a great feeling. I love wearing tube top dresses now, that's my new favorite outfit, haha.

Almost 1 year post op!

Just thought I'd update the healing process one year post-op. The nipples turned out great, way better than I thought they would look the day I took the surgical tape off. I cried that day! I thought my nipples would look freakish for life, but I was wrong, thankfully! The implants have settled in and even dropped a bit. Eventually I will get the crescent lift Dr Prada suggested and maybe even go a little bigger. People say the biggest regret is not going big enough. I like the size I chose though. I think it fits my frame perfectly. One day, ten or 15 years from now, I will get a lift, go a little bigger and Poof! Instant full boobs again! For now, I couldn't be happier with my results.


Hi Alaska, good to hear from you! It's amazing the difference a year makes! You look beautiful and I'm very happy for you. Thanks for coming back one year post to update!!
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Dr. Prada listened to what I wanted and was easy to work with. He clearly has a passion for what he does, and his work reflects that. I couldn't be happier with my results!

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