22 Years Old. 4'9. 95 Pounds. 1 Child. In Need Of A Boob Job!! St Louis, MO

Ever since I was little I always pictured myself...

Ever since I was little I always pictured myself having big boobs! As I got older and all my friends were developing and filling out, I was still as flat chested as you could be. I've always been so insecure about my breast, my height, weight, just my whole body in general! Now that I'm older I know this is the right decision for me! I want to start living and being happy with my body! I want to wear a bathing suit and actually feel like a women! and not a 12 year old kid...

Wish Boobs!!

I feel like I have boobs on my mind 24/7! Lol I am constantly on Google looking and reading about breast implants. I keep imagining how amazing I will feel when I FINALLY get my implants! Once I feel better I will probably be playing with them for days! I hope my breast will turn out as great as these! These are a few of my "Wish Boobs" :)

Freaking over CC's!!

Ok so, I'm seriously freaking out over what CC I want to go with... When I had my first consultation my PS thought the best size to go with would be 200CC. I was completely comfortable with that. He said that he thought I would achieve my goal of a C with that. Now I'm having second thoughts; thinking that might be too small... I know my PS know WAY more than I do, it just sounds so small. I know I still have like 5 months before I have my BA and I'll have another consultation, but I can't help but constantly think about it! I think I'll try making some rice sizers and see how I feel with those! Biggest concern is going too small or too big... But I've always heard "go bigger". Any Thoughts, suggestions or comments would be so helpful! :)

Rice Sizers

So today I finally made some 300CC rice sizers. After putting them in my bra I still felt like that was so small. UGH!! Why does choosing a size have to be so hard!? I for sure thought I would feel comfortable with the 300, but the more I looked at them the smaller they felt. I'm really hoping at my next consultation I can try some different sizes and come to a decision. I just want to put my mind to ease about what size I want.... (sigh) :(

Boob Greed!!!

I'm having some SERIOUS boob greed!! I literally look and think about boobs ALL day, everyday!! It seems to be the only thing I can even talk about anymore! Gah! Everyone's boobs on here look AMAZING and I'm just so ready for that to be me!! I just want to have boobs and feel good about myself! I want to finally feel like a women! Why does the wait have to be so long!?!? I'm so desperate! Wah! :(

Worst news ever!!!

Gah! I don't even know how to process this! I feel like every bit of happiness I had about my surgery has been ripped away!! I applied for CareCredit (back in May) and was denied. I had applied for a person and found out today that yet again I was denied. :(((( The lady who helped me apply said everything looked great and to go ahead a book my appointment and not to worry. Now I'm unbelievable upset and just crushed! :( I was so close to having my dream come true and it was all ripped away! :( I know that within time my surgery will happen. I'm just so upset with myself for getting my hopes. I don't know why I put my trust into a banker. Oh well I guess... I'm still so unbelievably sad and upset. :((((( So with that being said, I probably won't be getting on realself for a while til I can figure something out! I'm still so thankful for all you lady's! All your help and results were amazing! :)

Getting excited again!

I'M BACK!!! Ok, so I totally fell off of this website a few months ago because I was so heartbroken over having to postpone my surgery due to financial issues. I have to admit, I did occasionally get on here and drool over all of the ladies and their amazing results. And let me just say that I am soo jealous!! Lol
So anyways... my finances are finally back on the right track and I'm ready to get excited for the surgery again. At least I think I am! Lol I'm still unsure of how big I want to go. I've heard it's always better to be a size too big than a size too small and personally I think I would agree to that! ( I'm a "The bigger the better" type of person) Haha But, I would like to know from you ladies your opinion. Do you wish you would have gone bigger, smaller? Also, if any of you ladies have any info on CareCredit and could give me some advice on possibly going through them would be a huge help!


I guess just about everyone goes through this, but I'm kind of having second thoughts on having my surgery... I'm still about 100 days away from my surgery, but the closer it gets the more bad things I'm hearing about it. Maybe I'm over thinking this way too much. It just seems like every time I get one the internet or turn on the tv someone is talking about how they regret getting their implants and wish that they would have never have gotten them. Am I just over thinking this!? Ugh! Why is it that one minute I'm so set on getting them done and terrified the next!? Please tell me I'm not the only one who's going through this...

UGH!!!!! Thinking too much and NEED HELP!!!!

I need help! I feel like I've thought so much about everything that could go wrong that I have literally thought myself out of having the surgery. And it doesn't help that everyone around me keeps talking about how I don't need it, the cost over the years, everything that could go wrong, and having to take care of my daughter alone after my surgery. My family will help with my daughter, but I definitely have to be the primary "care giver" of my daughter. I know I'm probably not the only one who feels like this. I'm just really freaking out and I honestly want to cancel it all together! I'm so confused on whether I should do it or not... :((((((( I don't know how I could go from being 100% for sure going or it to being 99% sure I don't want to do it... I've wanted this for so long and now I just don't know... I want to cry....

Great Update! :)

My surgery date has been moved up to March 12th instead of April 30th!!! And I am sooo thrilled!!!! Ah! I can't believe this is real life! I've never been so excited and so scared at the same time. I'm still scared half to death that something will go wrong or I will end up hating them, but more than being scared I'm so excited to finally have boobs and feel like a woman! This surgery date is working out perfectly, too! My husband is actually getting to come home and take me to my surgery and take care of me after. :) Which puts the cherry on top! :) I can't wait to have my surgery and finally be able to buy cute bras!!!

Post Op Help!

Ok ladies, I need help with post op supplies. What scar cream are you using? Did you buy any bras? If so what kind of bra? Ice packs? Did you have a special pillow to help you sleep? My surgery is 12 days away and I just want to make sure I have everything I need before surgery! Thanks ladies! :)
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